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Andy: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One. Ann, code name: Been There, Done That. April is Currently Doing That. Donna is It Happened Once In A Dream. Chris, code name: If I Had To Pick A Dude. Ben is Eagle Two.

Ben: Oh, thank God.

‘Bus Tour’ Parks and Recreation, 4x21



Paramount Pictures 75th Anniversary party - Los Angeles, 1987

From left to right
- front row: Martha Raye, Dana Andrews, Elizabeth Taylor, Frances Dee, Joel McCrea, Harry Dean Stanton, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Beals, Marlee Matlin, Danny de Vito.
- second row: Olivia de Havilland, Kevin Costner, Cornel Wilde, Don Ameche, Deforest Kelley, Tom Cruise, Charlton Heston, Penny Marshall, Bob Hope, Victor Mature, Elizabeth McGovern, Robert de Niro.
- third row: Andrew McCarthy, Henry Winkler, Anthony Perkins, Robert Stack, Mark Harmon, Faye Dunaway, Buddy Rogers, Gregory Peck, Debra Winger, Timothy Hutton.
- fourth row: Jane Russell, Mike Connors, John Travolta, Janet Leigh, Charles Bronson, Ted Danson, Lou Gossett Jnr, Ryan O?Neal, Rhonda Fleming, Leonard Nimoy.
- fifth row: William Shatner, Peter Graves, Molly Ringwald, Dorothy Lamour, Olivia Newton-John, Cindy Williams, Matthew Broderick, Gene Hackman, Walter Matthau, Robin Williams.
- back row: Ali MacGraw, Burt Lancaster, Scott Baio, Rhea Perlman, Bruce Dern, James Caan, Glenn Ford, Fred MacMurray, Shelley Long, James Stewart. 


Pics from Matsuricon. Lots of pics taken, lots of potential pics missed. Either way fun con would go again.

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