fay d fluorite

It’s been a long time since I last drew KuroFai fanart. This was for an art trade with a dear friend 💕

Brief explanation: dude is Fay D Fluorite from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I was so, SO obsessed with him. Second anime waifu (first was Yue from Cardcaptors; I was a huge CLAMP fan and still am). Rocks because “fluorite." 

This is the first time I’ve drawn him and Posted it, because when I was Young and Small I also sucked at drawing those beautiful flyaway locks and that crap-eating grin. Only now am I able to capture his likeness in a non-cringeworthy manner, so here it is.

the-sakura-dragon  asked:

Oh my goodness I love your art so much!! <3 It always makes me smile and feel so happy! And it's just *so beautiful* :)) Also if you want, ♥ Fai and Kurogane ♥ :)

ahhh not at all!! thank you so much for liking my little doodles that dont make sense ahahah// here’s a fai and kurogane!

Important (Minor) TRC PSA

Readers of Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE all most likely know that CLAMP put out new story and character guides about half a year ago. All-around fandom champion @eternal-bond has gradually released translations of most of the new character guide, while I’ve put out my own translation of one of the two new interviews with CLAMP here. (The translation for the second, longer, more important interview is an ongoing project, and I’m continually apologizing to @chibiyuuto for dragging my feet on it.)

Both the story and character guides have an interesting omission of information that personally changed the way I understood a major plot beat in TRC. Given that there’s ongoing confusion about this particular issue, I figured I’d share with everybody.  Tl;dr version: Feiwang Reed’s origins are an ongoing mystery. Clow Reed may not have created him at all, contrary to majority opinion among readers.

Obviously there are spoilers below!

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TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLE - Fay D. Fluorite - During our travels, there are a lot of painful spots, but there are also fun times. And when I see those two giving it their all and smiling… I can’t help but think they’ve changed. - If you think that, then you’ve changed too.