Faery Herbs and Plants

Here are plants linked to the fae and their meanings, which can be combined with the plants’ other correspondences.

  • Lavender - Faery attracting, faery sight, strengthens awareness to the fae, faery magic, faery dream work
  • Yarrow - Faery dream work, communication with the fae, faery attracting
  • Red Clover - Faery attracting, luck from the fae, breaks glamours, faery sight when crushed, protection amulet
  • White Clover - Faery dream work, connecting with moon/lunar fae
  • Wood Sorrel - Faery attracting, luck from the fae, joy, communication and understanding with the fae 
  • Thyme - Faery magic, fae attracting, faery dream work, protection charm, invitation to the fae when sprinkled, faery sight
  • Pansy - Faery magic, faery attracting, communication with the fae, faery sight, brings rain when picked under the sun, trooping fae
  • Bluebell - Sign of fae enchantments and danger, hearing one ring is to hear one’s death foretold, unlucky to pick, faery magic, Beltane
  • Acorn - Protection amulet, attracts fae, the green man, wisdom of the ancient fae, prosperity charm, connecting with the fae of the woods
  • Lilac - Faery attracting, faery magic, faery communication, wards against malicious sprites, faery dream work, awareness to the fae
  • St. John’s Wort - Protection against the fae, warding against the fae, breaks faery enchantments, heals faery inflicted illnesses 
  • Foxgove - Faery attracting, dangerous to pick, faery magic, connecting with fae of the earth
  • Forget-me-not - Faery attracting, faery magic, faery protection
  • Marigolds - Faery sight, faery dream magic, faery communication, ability to hear fae, sun/solar fae, Summer Solstice, happiness, faery attracting
  • Violets - Sign of the fae, Faery Queens, faery magic, awareness of the fae, faery attracting, Spring Equinox
  • Basil - Faery attracting, connecting with fire fae
  • Oak -  Part of the faery triad, a sacred faery tree, ancient faery wisdom, strength of the tree faeries, the green man, strong faery magic
  • Ash / Rowan - Part of the faery triad, a sacred faery tree, guards against malicious fae, warding fae, faery communication, strong faery magic
  • Hawthorn - Part of the faery triad, a sacred faery tree, threshold to the faery world, faery attracting, Betane, strong faery magic
  • Elderberry - Sacred faery tree, faery protection, threshold to the faery world, dangerous to break, faery sight, strong faery magic
  • Daisy - Protection from being taken by fae when worn as a daisy chain, luck from the fae, joy, faery attracting
  • Primrose - Faery attracting, warding fae, faery magic, communication with fae, faery sight, opening portals to faery land
  • Fern - Faery magic, faery sight
  • Heather - Opening portals to faery land, communication with fae, faery protection, luck from the fae
  • Oats - Repelling fae, protecting against fae
  • Rosemary - Warding against harmful sprites, faery wisdom, faery attracting
  • Snapdragon - Faery attracting, connecting with fire fae, communication with the fae

Art by Linda Ravenscroft


Faery Dream Jar

To receive dreams from the faeries 

  • Yarrow - vivid dreams
  • Rosemary - vivid dreams, attract faeries and repel ill-willed sprites
  • Thyme - faery attracting 
  • Lavender - lucid dreams, induces dreaming, faery dream magic
  • Lilac oil - faery attracting, faery dream magic
  • Sage - healing in dreams, peaceful dreams
  • Peppermint - vivid dreams, wishes
  • Cedar oil - vivid dreams, prevents nightmares, protection while sleeping

Mix your herbs and oils into sugar and charge under the full moon“Faery fair and faery bright; may I dream of you tonight”

Faery Gifts and Offerings

• Earth friendly offering dishes •

  • Eggshells
  • Acorn caps
  • Walnut shells
  • Hollowed out mini pumpkin / watermelon
  • Wide flowers
  • Milkweed pods
  • Small stones
  • Leaves
  • Shells
  • Garden stepping stones
  • Base from a potted plant
  • Buried in the earth
  • Snow shaped into a bowl
  • Mini flower pot
  • Bird’s nest
  • Bark
  • Origami box or bowl
  • Mini pastry shell

• Offering Ideas

  • Any tea (hot or iced)
  • Milk or cream (you can add honey, spices, herbs, etc)
  • Honey
  • Bundle of fae flowers or herbs (thyme, lavender, daisy, pansy, yarrow, etc)
  • Sugar (you can add flowers or scents)
  • Flower crowns
  • Butter
  • Strawberry roses
  • Apple slices with cinnamon
  • Baked goods (cakes, cookies, pies, bread, jams and jellies, etc)
  • Candy sticks / rock candy
  • Paper stars or hearts
  • Dandelion or Elderberry wine
  • Strong spices like ginger, basil and cinnamon
  • Bowl of water
  • Pretty stones
  • Art and poems
  • Candied fruit or flowers
  • Candles (don’t leave unattended)
  • Painted rocks
  • Bubbles
  • Garden decorations
  • Pretty shells
  • Feathers

• Things you should NOT put outside!

  • Chocolate: I see lots of blogs recommending this but do not leave it outside! It’s bad for any animals who could eat it.
  • Glitter: It’s basically spreading lots of tiny plastic pieces that will not decompose and will end up in water where it will be eaten by fish. Some companies like EcoSparkles make biodegradable glitter alternatives.
  • Salt: Will kill any grass, moss, and plants it falls on.
  • Jewellery: Unless it’s natural stones/shells/wood beads strung on a biodegradable thread, don’t do it.
  • Glass jars: They’re the same as if you tossed a beer bottle into your yard. If you really need to bury one, put it in a plant pot and dig it up again the next day.
  • Plastic trinkets
  • Essential oils: Strong oils like peppermint and rosemary will burn or kill plants.

• Things faeries don’t like as offerings

  • Man-made mirrors
  • Clothing (not cloth)
  • Bread (some fae are fine with bread, others it offends)
  • Metals (excepting silver and gold)
  • Tomatoes
  • Money

On Consistency: I’ve seen lots of people saying you must always leave gifts at the same time, but you don’t need to worry or feel guilty about this! Just do it when you can, and refresh things when you remember.

Faery blessings! 💜


- Faery Communication Charm Bag -

  • White, for positive communication with faeries: Zinnia - rose - anise - chamomile - ginger
  • Yellow, for faery magic communication and understanding: Daisy - yarrow - snapdragon - marigold - wood sorrel
  • Purple for faery magic communication and second sight: Lavender - chives - lilac - pansy
  • Salt - small white sachet - purple dye - rain water - faery offering such as candy, a bundle of faery herbs, shells, crystals, etc

Mix drops of purple dye into a handful of sea salt, add oils if using any (recommended lavender, lilac and ginger), and pour into white sachet with your fresh or dried flowers. With each flower, focus on the intent of the colour.
Set your offering outside in a garden or under a tree, and holding your charm bag, say or think three times:

“May I hear you crystal clear
May I feel that you are near
May your blessing on me be
And in return, these gifts I leave”

Sprinkle the rain water over the charm bag and hang it in your room.

24 Ideas to Celebrate The Autumn / Winter Faery Court

Originally posted by pluviobrew

  1. Make a charm bag to protect you home from malicious fae
  2. Carve a jack-o-lantern and fill with spices
  3. Set out apple slices dusted with cinnamon for passing fae
  4. Decorate with bows of autumn leaves or pine branches
  5. Light spiced candles in you home
  6. Collect acorns for charms and acorn caps for offering dishes 
  7. Go outside a feel the fall wind blow around you
  8. Listen to more moody or “spooky” music
  9. Have a bonfire
  10. Walk through the woods and collect pretty leaves
  11. Visit again when the leaves have all fallen and have begun to decay
  12. Go mushroom spotting
  13. Leave out seeds for the birds and squirrels 
  14. Bake pies and pastries to celebrate the harvest, and leave some out with cream for the Autumn Queen
  15. Roast the pumpkin seeds from your jack-o-lantern
  16. Write out all your negative feelings on paper, burn them and bury the ashes, visualising them dying with the season and yourself being renewed
  17. Hang iron bells on your door to protect from malicious sprites on Halloween, or decorate with silver bells during Yule to attract fae
  18. Hang a pine bow in your room to sharpen your senses and give you clarity
  19. Press and dry the last flowers of summer
  20. Make a wreath for your door from pine bows and corresponding herbs (like rosemary and sage)
  21. Make a snow sculpture as an offering to the fae
  22. If you like making Christmas cookies, leave some out for the fae
  23. Stand under the winter moon
  24. Anoint a candle for the Winter Queen

Companion post to: 24 Ideas to celebrate the summer court

Faery Symbols

Holey Stones

A stone with a naturally formed hole though it. When peered into with one eye closed, you may see through glamours and obtain faery sight. Carry as a connection to the fae, good luck, or as a protection stone.

The Faery Star

The seven points of the faery star represent earth, air, fire, water, above, below and within. It has been used for protection, dreams, opening portals to the faery world, and a symbol of faery land. Be careful what you mark with it as it is very powerful, and sacred to the fae.

The Faery Cross

Said to be faery tears that fell to the ground and crystallised into Staurolite at the news of Christ’s death in one version, and faery tears caused by the destruction of nature, and an omen that iron machines and weapons would be used against the earth in another version. Carry for protection, dreamwork, grounding and anxiety.

The Faery Triad

Oak, Mountain Ash and Hawthorn. Three sacred faery trees, these plants have strong magic qualities. When bound or grown together they form a powerful protection, and when separate they attract fae and may aid one in opening a door to faeryland. Carry as an amulet, or for faery blessings and connection with the fae. Plant by your home to invite fae and provide a strong ward.

💜☁️ To Tune Into Fae Around You ☁️💜

This is useful for “seeing” faeries if you struggle with faery sight, or simply want to connection with them in a different way. The art you create in this exercise will be of the fae you meet!

  • Paper
  • Watercolour pencils 
  • Water Jar (you might prefer using sun or moon water)
  • Paintbrush

Go outside to the place where the faeries you want to connect with are. If you’d like to do this indoors, surround yourself with natural items relating to the type of fae. Turn on some music that helps you feel peaceful and dreamy.

Now focus your mind on the fae, their presence and nature. Beautiful, strange, wild, terrifying, strong, magical, wise, etc. Listen for them, pay attention to any ideas that suddenly pop into your mind, and you may catch a glimpse of the faery world. 

Take your pencils and quickly sketch whatever you feel inspired too. It may be a full form, or simply swirling colours.  Go over the pencil lines with water, blending the paint together, and imagine yourself flowing and becoming part of all nature too. Once you are ready and your painting done, thank the fae, turn off the music, clean up, and set it out to dry. You may want to leave out a gift for the fae too, such as strong tea, fruit, or cream.

🍃🌿 Small Acts to Acknowledge Earth Faeries 🌱🌿

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Ideas for experiencing the magic of gnomes in your life

  • pick up rubbish you find in nature
  • practice grounding techniques 
  • support your local beekeepers
  • visit a farmer’s market
  • make small rings of stones outside for the earth faeries
  • spend time getting to know different plants’ personalities
  • commit to building strong friendships
  • treat your houseplants to a little extra fertiliser
  • take care of your health first before attempting to heal others
  • try walking barefoot outdoors
  • learn to identify your local fauna and flora 
  • leave out seeds for the birds and squirrels
  • go herb foraging seasonally
  • start a collection of interesting leaves/rocks/pinecones/eggshells you find
  • try growing your own vegetables
  • make your own natural cleaners
  • wear stones and crystals as jewellery
  • learn up about ways you can help the environment 
  • drink black tea or coffee
  • press leaves and flowers in a book
  • learn how to make simple herbal remedies
  • try to keep your goals realistic
  • make sure to stay hydrated and take time to eat
  • take a break from trying to solve a problem that’s stressing you
  • read a book under a tree
  • set time to exercise (hiking, dancing, running)
  • straighten your back, stop and stretch 
  • make your own ink from pokeberries
  • wash out and reuse any food jars you buy
  • any health and self care magic
  • make herb sachets or bundles to hang in your home for protection
  • visit a favourite spot in nature at different times of the day 
  • give your plants a boost with solar or lunar infused water
  • write growth sigils on paper and mix them into the soil of your plants
  • dance round a tree together with a friend
  • draw protection sigils on pebbles and place them in your garden
  • let a portion of your garden/yard grow wild
  • keep a small flower pot of earth near your bed (you can add sigils or crystals)

@heatherwitch thanks again for letting me use your idea!!