Four years of Sherlock

Over 500 pieces of fanart, eight fanfics, three Sherlock fanbooks, two Sherlock coats, many trips to London (including cosplay sessions) later … today marks my fourth anniversary of watching Sherlock for the first time. Like last year, I’d like to thank all the friends I’ve made in this beautiful, inspiring fandom. Thank you to all who have made these four years so enjoyable, to all the brilliant fanartists whose works constantly amaze me and push me to practice harder. Thank you to all my followers on tumblr and readers on AO3 for their support.

Many of the artworks above were inspired not only by the series but by the top notch fanfic authors we have in this fandom. If you want to know which piece corresponds to which story and have a bit of time on your hands, I’d recommend going through my #drawing tag where all the artworks above are listed and the respective stories and authors are linked in the posts.

Here’s an updated and hopefully comprehensive list of those authors whose works or comments have inspired me so far, or whose works I simply enjoyed reading: