The Signs as Sherlock AUs
  • aries: kid!lock
  • taurus: ballet!lock
  • gemini: victorian!lock
  • cancer: fem!lock
  • leo: bee!lock
  • virgo: trek!lock
  • libra: potter!lock
  • scorpio: smaug!lock
  • saggitarius: fawn!lock
  • capricorn: punk!lock
  • aquarius: alien!lock
  • pisces: mer!lock

Here are some of the photos from my Fawnlock photoshoot at 221b Con! Isn’t he a cutie?!

Please do not repost!
Photography by my partner Harry (John)!

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Some of the awesome cosplays from this year at 221B Con!

Disguised-Boat-Captain Mycroft (I didn’t even recognize you at first! XD): @littleowls3

The most amazing fawnlock!: Bambi at @beelock-cosplay

Ice Prince Sherlock (other people had been telling me about your fantastic cosplay, I was glad I caught you and was able to see it myself!): @scienceofcumberbatch

The best Shitty I have ever fucking seen: @starwarsrockstars


Thanks so much for the many suggestions for the fourth quarter of the first “Sherlock x4”. Because there appeared to be a trend towards Piratelock I obliged (not that it was difficult ;). Indeed there were so many great suggestions that I decided to draw four additional Sherlocks. So now we have:

  1. Sherlock
  2. Femlock
  3. Fawnlock
  4. Piratelock (aka The Dread Pirate Holmes)
  5. Hatman/Detectivelock
  6. Retirementlock
  7. Otterlock
  8. Uniform/WWIlock







John thinking that Sherlock likes the flower a lot, so he often wander around the forest and bringing them back to Sherlock.
But actually, Sherlock just like them because those flowers looks nice on John and he likes seeing John all covered in them when he bring the flowers to him.
UvU <3