fawn troll

I wasn’t going to post this, but @tealbull81 threatened to kick my ass if I didn’t… So, here’s this thing. I dunno, I like deer hybrids or anything with antlers really. I jokingly call these things fawn fauns.

The reason I wasn’t gonna post this was, it donned on me that @silvergoldwolf ’s fic “The hind who cried wolf” might feature a deer hybrid Poppy, but I wasn’t sure cuz I haven’t read it yet. (though now that I know more about Branch in it, I’m definitely gonna read it, finally a fic that combines my two favorite things!) So my apologies if there’s any character similarities, they were not intentional and I just did this for funsies.

On a side note, troll Branch with sideburns is an addiction now. (I call them wolfchops)