fawn trager

I often wonder about Dawn and Fawn Trager. If maybe the reason they both left Charming, besides their parents split, was because similarly to Jax, they were never going to be anything other than Tig Trager’s daughters. Jax has been referred to as “That Teller Boy” a couple of times, or as JT’s son. Fawn and Dawn are around the same age as Jax and Tara and Opie, right? Or at least a few years younger. They would have seen Jax and Tara’s relationship right from the beginning and possibly saw it crash and burn. They would have known Kozik and Missy.

But imagine Dawn and Fawn Trager growing up (I’m assuming Fawn is older just by how she talked about Dawn). Their mom seems a bit flaky, or a lot to handle at least, and I think maybe Fawn was picking up the slack. and then one day Fawn realizes with stunning clarity that if she doesn’t get out of Charming and take her sister with her, they are never going to be anything but Tig Trager’s daughters. They are never going to be able to escape that. Maybe Fawn sees things in Dawn, like their mother’s flakiness, their father’s wayward spirit, and knows if she doesn’t get Dawn out she won’t ever have a chance to be anything but a croweater or something else affiliated with the club. They won’t have any stability. So Fawn takes her sister and she leaves. It ends up being for nothing in Dawn’s case, but Fawn got out. and Maybe that’s why Jax can’t ever really get out, because he can’t do what Fawn did and shed everything to do with the club, her father, and probably her mother.

I care about the Trager girls a lot.