fawn legacy


sterling: okay princess, looks like you’ve had enough for the day.

pebble: …. not … tired … must … fight … nightmare monsters …

sterling: i’ll take the first watch, little gem, don’t you worry.

pebble: send them away screaming, yes? *yawns*

sterling: aye, aye. i’ll report to you in the morning about my victories.

pebble: m’kay … nighty night …

sterling: goodnight to you too, starlight princess. goodnight to you too.


Slowly they seemed to drift into a corner, further away from everyone else. London stopped suddenly, stepping closer. His piercing eyes looked straight into Archer’s, making him feel nervous & unsure. All he could think was that he had gotten himself wrapped up in a moment he shouldn’t be a part of at all. 

Are you really going to pretend like I didn’t say anything? London muttered just loud enough for his companion to hear. I told you that I have feelings for you. That doesn’t bother you? It doesn’t make you happy? Pissed off?

London, look I… Archer stuttered as he felt his back go flat against the wall, London’s body pressed lightly against his. As wonderful & attractive as London was, this was wrong, very wrong.