fawks the phoenix

harry potter books rated by the mention of swans
  • philosophers stone: no mentions. 0/10
  • chamber of secrets: fawkes is described as the size of a swan. a heart stopping moment. 8/10.
  • prisoner of azkaban: no mentions. 0/10.
  • goblet of fire: fawkes again mentioned as the size of a swan. just as exciting as the last time. 8/10.
  • order of the phoenix: fawkes once more mentioned as the size of a swan. a happy occasion as always. cho's patronus is a swan. a thrilling and heart warming moment. 10/10.
  • half blood prince: no mentions. disgusting of a book this size. 0/10.
  • deathly hallows: when neville opens the portrait of ariana the portrait is said to have 'swang open'. When the only mention of a swan is inside another word you know it's a bad read. 1/10.

Minerva McGonagall has an unusual christening gift for Harry and Ginny’s second child - something that never felt quite right in her office, something she knew would be loyal to the Potters as the Potters had been loyal to it’s last owner, something that believed in cycles and reincarnation enough to devote its next several lives to the care and keeping of Albus Weasley-Potter. 

Which is how, shortly after Albus’ birth, the family acquired a new pet - Fawkes the phoenix: the most beloved family bet in the history of family pets. 

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Have you ever encountered a phoenix in your travels? (This blog makes my day. Thank you so much!! ^.^)

I have, as a matter of fact.  He even travelled with me for a time.  I left him in the care of one of my previous professors however.  They took quite a liking to each other.  


The original work on the Captain American Shield / Winter Soldier Shoulder tattoo, as well as other additions to the “Sleeve of Nerdom” in progress. Includes Fawkes (Harry Potter), the Golden Snitch (Harry Potter), Elven Brooch of the Fellowship (Lord of the Rings), Elvish Script with Beetle Juice quote, the Swordfish (Cowboy Bebop) and the Anti-Possession Symbol (Supernatural). All the same artist, WIP.

Harry James + Pets

During the year Hermione and Ginny are at Hogwarts, sharing a dorm and Hermione’s cat, Harry and Ron get a dog. When Ron and Hermione move out a few years later to find their own place and start their lives together, Ron & Hermione and Harry & Ginny write up a custody agreement for their shared pets, switching the cat and the dog week by week. Harry spends a lot of time with their dog on his weeks, taking her on runs and spending evenings petting her while reading the paper. He never quite talks to her, though, the way he’d always confided in Hedwig. 

Crookshanks’ weeks at their flat with Ginny don’t have much effect on Harry. He’s annoying, but it makes Harry smile to see Ginny’s entire small lap filled almost entirely with a ball of orange fluff. She and Ron have an ongoing list of insulting epithets for the cat, hers borne of affection, his not so much. 

Myrna and Rhea own a dog - a vicious bulldog bred by their Great Aunt Marge that Dudley claims no part of - that seems intent on killing Harry whenever he (reluctantly) visits Dudley’s home. It brings back some childhood memories he could really do without while visiting with someone who already puts him on edge. 

After Hedwig, who Harry went through so much with and trusted with everything, has a hard time getting attached to new owls. They have various ones throughout the years, but though Harry always gives them treats and straightens their feathers before and after sending and receiving letters, he never names any of them - that’s Ginny’s job.

Fawkes the phoenix is the most beloved family bet in the history of family pets. He was gifted to the Weasley-Potters at their second child’s christening by Minerva McGonagall, who knew the bird well enough to know that its belief in cycles and reincarnation would be enough for it to devote its life to the care and keeping of another Albus. The whole family loves him, and he gets more attention in their home than he ever got in his three lifetimes in Dumbledore’s office. He heals many of the children’s wounds, listens to all their woes with eyes that seemed to understand, and followed dutifully to Hogwarts. 

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Anyone else like the idea of homoromantic (of course) ace Dumbledore?

“What do you see when you look in the mirror?” Harry asks, sounding so young.

“I? I see myself holding a pair of thick, woolen socks,” he replies without having to think twice. 

Dumbledore, of course, lies to Harry about what he sees. He sees many things in the simple picture, none of which literally have to do with socks. For many reasons, Dumbledore uses socks to represent freedom, and he does certainly wish for freedom from such impossible desires as he sees.

Dumbledore sees Gellert, the first and only man (though they had been yet boys at the time) he’d ever let himself love. Losing Gellert had been such a heartbreaking loss, he never let himself worry of the folly of dating again. Not after it had blinded him to Gellert’s violent ambition.

Gellert and Dumbledore have aged together in the mirror. They smile at him as they hold hands and occasionally give each other a chaste kiss. It was with Gellert that Dumbledore discovered he was asexual. It was with Gellert that he found self-acceptance for being gay. Gellert had been judgemental of many people but never of powerful and ambitious Albus.

What Dumbledore doesn’t see is just as important to him.

He doesn’t see the Elder Wand. Neither of them have it, neither of them having sought it out.

But Dumbledore is very old. He’d like to think he’s wise. He’s certainly tried to learn from past experiences. He knows this is a wish that can never be fulfilled. It’s not something he wishes to dwell on either.

So Dumbledore tells Harry, “one can never have enough socks. Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.” 

And when he finds a rather plain pair of childishly wrapped socks waiting outside his office door on Christmas night, Dumbledore is genuinely tickled. Fawkes re-adjusts on his perch as Dumbledore’s easy laughter echoes through the room.

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Today’s #potterweekprompt is Flora & Fauna. If I could befriend one magical creature in the HP universe, I would choose Fawkes the Phoenix. This bird always amazes me by page and by screen.