Can we all just appreciate this amazing AU switch off? I really do and love the one with the onesies. I totwlly forgot what it’s called which makes me hella sad cause I want to do fanart of it.

But yay first post on this tumblr. Feel free to also follow my main tumblr, @fawkesie so yeah. Hmu if u like!

And yes this is a IchiKara base for all you fangirls out there like me.

And I am not afraid to show it but I’m a karamatsu girl always H Ah

New Years Follow! Part (1/5)


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How can this not be taken as a joke?

Are all these SJWs, anti-#GamerGate, Calgary Expo staff and apparently comic book writers that gullible?

Do they really believe that 6 women & 3 men spent DECADES studying comics, video games, etc., just to “infiltrate” a Women in Comics panel at a convention in Calgary Alberta Canada?

They didn’t choose Comic-Con or Toronto’s SFX but a convention in western Canada.


If you believe this you probably have an issue with reality and should get some help.


Here are a group of pretty famous comic book writers that are buying this as a fact.

Mark Waid
James Tynion IV
Scott Snyder
Greg Rucka
Ray Fawkes

typewriter-is-holy  asked:

How is Simon doing? I was thinking about him and you all morning.

I was just about to make a post about him. Simon is still hanging in there, unfortunately. :(  I was really hoping he’d pass away quickly. He still doesn’t seem uncomfortable, so I’m very grateful for that. I’m halfway considering syringing some water or Ensure into him right now, because I know he’s dehydrated, but I don’t really want to disturb him because he is sleeping very peacefully in his house.

I feel weird going up to the cage hoping to find him dead, but he’s three years old & has a huge tumor on his face, there’s not really a good alternative other than a peaceful death. I’m so glad that he seems comfortable, because my other natural death was a seven hour ordeal that was incredibly traumatizing…he had seizures & strokes all night & it was awful. If Simon’s still alive by Monday afternoon when I get out of class, I’ll probably go ahead & take him in to the vet to be euthanized so he doesn’t end up starving to death.



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