fawkes legacy


Cleo: “Guys… My water just broke.”
Jack: “Cool.”
Kade: “It’s about time! Look at the size of you.”
Jack: “I predict triplets.”
Kade: “Don’t say that! We wouldn’t survive.”
Jack: “You would because I’m here and I’m cool Uncle Jack.”
Kade: “Five kids versus you doesn’t sound like a fair playing field…”
Cleo: “Umm, hello? Hospital maybe?”
Kade: “Oh yeah, right. Let’s go.”


Logan: “Dad…”
Kade: “Yeah?”
Logan: “She’s going to get her own way all the time. You know that, right?”
Kade: “I don’t understand what you’re getting at here.”
Logan: “She’s not punishable. She could do wrong to me, Molly or anyone and get away with it.  I’m not saying she’s done bad yet, but look at that face. How could you ever be mad at that?”

He does raise a valid point. Just look at how ridiculously cute she is!


Cleo hurries outside to meet Kade as he walks up towards the house.

Kade: “Cleo, what’s wrong?”
Cleo: “It’s Mom… Sh-she passed away this morning and now Derick’s on his way to the hospital after having what they think might be a heart attack. I need to go there and be with Jack.”
Kade: “Oh… I’m so sorry, Cleo…”