Brace yourselves…

I just came up with a theory.

A while ago, someone came up with the theory that Dumbledore had a horcrux - Fawkes. The SuperCarlinBrothers talked about this theory before being bluntly shot down by J.K. Rowling.

But the joke’s on you, Jo. I was already torn apart by you when you said that all disabilities in your world would be “fixed” or “overridden.” You can’t hurt me anymore! Haha! I’m as immortal as Harry!

“Wait, as immortal as Harry?”

What do I mean?

Well, I’ll tell you!

I think that the original theory was onto something. I think that Fawkes was a horcrux. But I don’t think he was Dumbledore’s horcrux. No, no…

I think that Fawkes was Harry’s horcrux.

Now, before I begin, note that this is just a theory and that it’s midnight, I’m tired, and there’s a good chance that I might not get everything right. But I’m going to try. I await your many many many messages in my inbox to explain why certain things I bring up can or cannot work.

First of all, let’s get the shakiest part of this theory out of the way. The prophecy. The prophecy has always confused me but I’m pretty sure it can still fit into this theory. I’m just not exactly sure how. Again, I’m tired. So let’s just assume that the prophecy fits perfectly. 

And here we go…

To repeat: I think that Fawkes was Harry’s horcrux.

A horcrux, of course, being an object in which a person stores a minuscule piece of their soul which keeps them alive.

And I believe that Harry has unknowingly stored a piece of his soul in Fawkes.

And I know what you’re thinking.

“Ah, marauders4evr, you truly are tired. Don’t you know that you have to kill someone in order to create a horcrux?”

I do know that.

“Little tiny innocent Harry Potter is a pure cinnamon roll too good for this world. Surely he has never-”


Remember that time little tiny innocent Harry Potter stabbed a gigantic snake?

I do!

And I think that after he does this, a little piece of his soul jumped ship, merging with Fawkes’ soul. After all, Fawkes had landed on his arm in order to cry Harry back to life.

“No, wait, no. J.K. Rowling said it herself - in order to create a horcrux, you have to perform a ritual so disgusting that her editor nearly vomited when hearing about it.”

Clearly her editor has never read fanfiction but I digress.

It is true that usually some big dark ritual is performed in order to create a horcrux.

Except for one occasion.

It’s widely accepted that the reason why Harry became a horcrux is because Voldemort’s soul was so splintered (from the amount of horcruxes that he created) that a piece of it just broke off and went into this child.

“So, wait, Harry’s soul was splintered?”

Well it certainly wasn’t stable. You’ve got two souls that have been suddenly fused together faster than Ruby and Sapphire. And we know that Harry’s soul has always been unstable. That’s why the Dementors affected him more. That’s why he kept having weird dreams wherein he saw into Voldemort’s mind. That’s why his scar hurt whenever Voldemort was nearby or angry or existing or…you know that part was never clear. But the point is that we know that Harry’s soul is corrupted. So much so that I think it’s safe to say that it’s splintered, splintered enough that after murdering a snake in cold-blood, a part of it flies off and attaches to Fawkes.

“Okay, marauders4evr, take it easy. If Harry’s soul was so splintered that a piece of it could break off after he murdered someone without the need for the dark ritual, then why wasn’t a horcrux created when he burned Quirrell to death hmmm?”

Okay first of all…why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the fact that Harry straight up killed his professor? I mean it was in self-defense but still…you think anyone would talk about that but they don’t, not in canon or in the fandom. But I digress.

Who’s to say that Harry didn’t accidentally create a horcrux after killing Quirrell?

“Okay, now you’re full of it.”

Probably but hear me out.

What if a little tiny piece of Harry’s splintered soul did break off and go into an object in the room? Maybe an object he was holding like…

…oh snap.

Yep. If you want, you could also argue that the Philosopher’s Stone was briefly a horcrux. I say briefly because Albus Dumbledore states outright that Nicolas and Perenelle destroyed it. (Note: Not the Nicolas and Perenelle from my books, although wouldn’t that be an interesting twist?) 

So the Philosopher’s Stone is gone. Kaput. Which means so is that little tiny piece of Harry’s soul. Which stinks. But it’s not really relevant to this theory, it just provides a safety net for lingering questions. 

But I digress…

I think that Fawkes is Harry’s horcrux. Which explains why Harry seems to be drawn to him so many times in future books. The others seem comforted by his songs but Harry has always had a genuine connection with him which isn’t really explained. What if this is that connection? Two souls reaching out to one another, causing a subconscious connection?

“Okay so Fawkes is Harry’s horcrux. What does that mean?”

That means that if Harry were to say, walk into the Forbidden Forest to stare Voldemort straight in the eye and accept his fate…

He would come back.

Because really, it’s never explained how Harry comes back. There have been a few feeble guesses. This is mine.

The reason why Harry came back is because he couldn’t die because a piece of his soul was in Fawkes.

As long as Fawkes is alive, Harry cannot ever truly die.

“Wait a minute…Fawkes is always alive.

And now you see the best part of the theory!

No matter how much Fawkes dies, he always comes back. Fascinating creatures, phoenixes.

Fawkes can never die. Which means, if you believe in this theory, that neither can Harry.

Which means that Harry can never die.

Which means that Harry Potter will always be The Boy Who Lived.

And really, what better way to symbolize his eternal life than a phoenix? It’s literally the representation of Harry - someone who ‘dies’ multiple times but always comes back. Harry and Fawkes. The Ones Who Lived.


“i was reborn from the ashes” is so much more badass than “i’ll never be that girl again”. like instead of just saying oh yeah, you changed me, it’s like. YOU THOUGHT I WAS A PILE OF DIRT, DIDN’T YOU? NOPE. I’M GOING ALL FAWKES ON YOUR ASS AND COME RISING OUT OF THESE ASHES, MOTHERFUCKER.


Introductions! Part 2!

This is Fawkes, (aka. Spaz, aaka. Meowshawn) and he’s coming up on 4 years old. He’s been brought up with the costuming so he finds it normal. He’ll even crawl into some if you hold an end open.

When we adopted him we had hoped he would make a great shoulder cat. As a kitten he always climbed up you. Sadly as he got older we realized he has a mild case of kitty CH. He stomps everywhere. Runs into anything at high speed. Constantly slamming his poor head into things. He also is terrified of sudden noises. And he’s such a mommas boy that he cries and sits at the door everytime my love leaves the house. He can’t perform like Nak outside due to his excentricities. But we love our little guy tons! He’s most famous as Meowshawn Lynch on twitter.

I think it’s time for another Harry Potter theory that is extremely stretched/forced but is presented in a way that makes it seem 100% canon.

Today’s Theory:

Ariana Dumbledore is really Fawkes.

…Hear me out.

We know that Ariana Dumbledore was attacked by three Muggle boys after they saw her doing magic. The word ‘attacked’ has many different meanings but I have the tendency to think the worse. (Especially since I’m watching Law and Order SVU as I type this.) But regardless of what actually happened, we know that it was enough to traumatize her. It was also what caused their father to attack the Muggle boys in return (and possibly kill them?). He was shipped off to Azkaban, leaving Albus, Aberforth, and their mother to look after Ariana.

And not just look after her.

We know that they had to hide her from the rest of the world because she was so unstable that she was causing accidental magic. Dumbledore even thought about hiding her beneath an Invisibility Cloak. But then he started to hate the fact that his sister needed their constant care.

So what if Dumbledore had an idea. Perhaps it was an idea whispered in his ear by his kind-of-sort-of boyfriend. Perhaps it was an idea that he came up with on his own.

I think that Dumbledore turned his sister into an Animagus.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“Nope, no, not a chance. Ariana died. Dumbledore said-”

Exactly, Dumbledore said.

And we all know how much he told the truth, right?

Dumbledore lied through his teeth throughout the entire series. And this time, he would actually have a fairly good reason to lie. When he did talk about Ariana, he told everyone that she had died, so that nobody would ever go looking for her. And certainly nobody would ever suspect that Dumbledore’s new pet phoenix was really his sister.

“Okay, marauders4evr, you’re really stretching here. I mean there’s no possible reason for Dumbledore to want to turn his sister into an Animagus.”

Yeah, you’re right.

There’s no advantage that could come from being an Animagus.

I mean, it’s not like turning into your animal self helps control your emotions or anything.

Oh my god turning into your animal self totally helps control your emotions or anything!

My proof?


Sirius said that he transformed into a dog when he was in Azkaban because it somehow made the Dementors have less of an effect on him; it made the emotions easier to control.

So if Ariana was an animal (like, say, a phoenix) it would make it easier to control her emotions, making her less likely to display accidental magic, and less likely to be caught and taken to St. Mungo’s and/or Azkaban.

“Okay, I want more proof.”

Unfortunately, I don’t have more proof.

I mean, it’s not like, had she been an Animagus, she would have been extremely loyal to Dumbledore and would have stayed by his side for decades, protecting him, protecting Hogwarts, and protecting the people that he loved.

Oh my God if she had been an Animagus, she would ahve been extremely loyal to Dumbledore and would have stayed by his side for decades, protecting him, protecting Hogwarts, and protecting the people that he loved.

Plus just imagine that conversation between Sirius and Dumbledore in Flitwick’s office during POA. When Dumbledore curtly asks him how long he’s been an illegal Animagus and Sirius coolly replies that, yeah, an illegal Animagus certainly is a terrible crime isn’t it, Bumblebee? (Sirius would and you know it.)

And I know what your final argument is.

“Oh, marauders4evr, Fawkes is a boy phoenix and Ariana was a girl.”

Well, that is true.

But it’s my contrived theory and I can do what I want!

Besides, is there any indication that Fawkes is a boy? Other than Dumbledore using male pronouns? Which he could have easily used if he was doing everything in his power to hide the fact that his pet bird was really his sister?

Ariana Dumbledore is Fawkes probably.

Case closed.