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Parting Glass ft. Woodsman and The Beast (Over The Garden Wall Parody)
Parting Glass ft. Woodsman and The Beast (Over The Garden Wall Parody)

Written and Sung by: Perfectlyvindictive

Instrumental by: fawi-music


Of all the mistakes that I’ve made
I’ve spent years making up for them
And all the people, that i’ve chopped up
Alas they’re all dead and gone
And all i’ve done, for the girl I carry
For her memory, is still with me
So hide from me, for lantern burns
Good night and peace be with my dear

Oh all the friends that i’ve abandoned
They are all gone with my sanity
And all the days i’ve watched them walk
They are lost and within the woods, they’ll stay
And since they’ll fall, the trees will wait
So they shall die, and she will not
I’ll help you woodsman, i’ll keep her soul
Good night and work be with my host
Good night and peace be with my slave

(i’m glad this was requested!) :)

7 things I hate like about us ❤

Tomorrow we will be celebrating our 20th month as a couple and I just want to post something before that day. So I thought of listing down the 7 things about us. Actually dapat 20 things yun kaso magiging sobrang haba na.

  1. Mahilig kaming mag wacky kapag nag pi-picture together. I don’t know pero halos lagi na lang kaming may wacky at never yun nawala. Wala sa amin kung mag mukha man kaming ewan o katawa-tawa sa harap ng isa’t isa basta para sa amin nag eenjoy kami. :)
  2. We cooked together. Fried chicken, pan cake, pancit canton, mga pritong ulam haha at maski nga mango graham cake gumawa na kami before. Aamin ko failed luto namin minsan pero ayos lang kasi masaya naman. :D
  3. Mahilig kaming manuod ng movies, mapa-online man o mismong sa sinehan. Kapag may gusto akong panuodin sasamahan niya ko (Twilight for example haha) saka ganun din naman siya kapag may gusto siyang panuodin, sasamahan ko siya syempre.
  4. Nag kakantahan kami. Trip na trip namin kumanta ng kaming dalawa lang. Minsan kapag nag de-date kami, talagang kasama sa plano namin ang kumanta sa KHUB o sa Timezone.
  5. We play games together. Sa Timezone nakahiligan naming laruin yung sa gitara. Pataasan pa kami ng score niyan. Nuon naman kapag nasa bahay nila ako, nag do-dota kami. Tinuturuan niya ako dati kasi sabi ko din naman sa kanya yun. Nakapag laro na din kami ng LOL (league of legends) tapos sa Facebook din yung ibang games dun minsan napag ti-tripan naming laruin. :)
  6. Nag sasakitan kami. Oo yung sabunutan, kurutan, hampasan, tadyakan at kung anu-anu pang sakitan. Enjoy kaya yun kahit mukha kaming mga tanga tapos after nun sweet-sweet-an na naman. 
  7.  Nag de-date pa din kami minsan. Basta may pera kami pareho, lumalabas kami. Hindi nawawala samin yun. Kahit kami na, nag pa-plano pa din kami mag date pa minsan-minsan. :“>
over dramatic backstories.

DON’T. DO. IT. It doesn’t give a character depth. It doesn’t make us feel sympathetic to your character. It doesn’t make us go ‘wow what a strong character for dealing with all that’. It’s unnecessary, and just really stupid. Especially when it isn’t important to your character at all. Cause and effect. Nature and Nurture. If your character’s personality hasn’t been changed, shifted, or informed by their past, you’re doing it wrong. 


Profesor Falkowicz, oskarżony o przyczynienie się do śmierci Ludmiły , zostaje uniewinniony. Wygłasza oświadczenie dla mediów i ubolewa, że nie udało mu się uratować narzeczonej Przemka i przeprasza bliskich zmarłej dziewczyny.

Lekarze z Leśnej Góry są oburzeni faktem, że Falkowicz uniknął kary. Dodatkowo profesor odzyskuje wpływy w szpitalu i postanawia ubiegać się o stanowisko dyrektora. Świętując swój sukces z Adamem  wyznaje młodemu lekarzowi plany na przyszłość. Przypomina również Michałowi Samborowi, który ma wyrok w zawieszeniu za kontakty z mafią, że on nie może ubiegać się o fotel Trettera …

Shemay coincidence ‘to! :D 

Natuwa ako sa picture na ‘to. Eh kasi ganito yan, kasama namin sa picture na yan yung 2 tao na malaki ang naging ambag kung bakit hindi na ko single ngayon. Si Dan saka si Bens, sila yung may pakulo nung “phone conference” na naging dahilan ng pag uumpisa ng ligawan stage namin ni Willfred. :”) Mahabang kwento siya, pero basta thankful ako sa kanila at saka never kong makakalimutan yung ginawa nila for us. Part na sila ng love story namin. Kung wala sila, baka wala din “kami”. Sa lahat lahat nang nakasaksi at naging part ng love story namin, sila yung may pinaka malaking part dun at forever kong aalahanin yun. 

lets clear up a few gender/sexuality misconceptions
  • The gender you were born is not set in stone - but the gender you identify as is. Suggesting people’s gender is not set in stone and they are free to hop between them is really offensive, and makes the ‘it’s just a phase’ argument seem valid when no, it’s not. 
  • Gay people weren’t straight before they came out, they just weren’t out. Suggesting that because someone dated, fucked, had a relationship with someone of the opposite sex is proof that they could be straight for the right person is only showing how truly ignorant you are, and how you have no idea what it’s like to force yourself to date someone society thinks you should. 
  • Sexuality isn’t fluid. For some people, it might be, but for most people, they know if they want a taco or a banana and you can’t change their mind. 
  • You have a social obligation to be a decent person in everything you do. When you erase a character’s gender or sexuality, you are adding to the very hurtful and harmful message that it’s ‘wrong’ and you need to stop, take a step back, and realize that it doesn’t matter if you are the media or not. Queer people, Trans* people, people who are different, are bombarded on a daily basis from all aspects of their life with negative messages made to make them feel like they are wrong, or weird, or not normal. Don’t be a dick and add to that. Lets make our community a safe place. For everyone. 
As someone who works in the childcare/education industry.

I find it really unsettling to see a list of indicators of child abuse being re blogged around by rph blogs. If you’ve ever actually done any child protection training, you’ll probably understand where I’m coming from. For one, those indicators actually depend on the sort of abuse, so you can’t just pick a few and use them without realizing why a child acts that way or the psychology behind particular responses to particular abuses. 

But what is even more unsettling is the fact that people actually need this information for roleplaying. I mean, okay, we rp a lot of dark and twisted things, but where is the line anymore? Child abuse is not something to be romanticized about in writing, or something to just throw into a backstory for drama. Can we just not?