Cast comment on the Kuroko no Basket : Extra Game Poster

Ono Yuuki : There’s something there…
Ono Kensho : Ki–Kise…?
Suwabe Junichi : Isn’t…everyone  is wearing the same uniform?
Ono Yuuki
: Un…everyone have same uniform!
Suwabe Junichi : If you look at the left, there’s some bad looking people.
Ono Yuuki : They look dangerous right?
Suwabe Junichi : I wonder what are they…?
Ono Kensho : It looks like Kise older brother right? The piercing is also on the same place.
Kimura Ryohei : Kise’s one is cooler.
Ono Yuuki : You’re commenting on that…!?
Suwabe Junichi : Look what it says, ‘All of their ways will overlap?*

* : I’m not sure if the translation is correct! Sorry if it’s wrong. Since I basically translating from what I heard on the video. Which not so sure if I heard it right but seems so.