Cancer (F) x Capricorn (M)

[the parents of the zodiac, my favrorite opposite pairing, they both have a hard shell, the dominant capricorn takes care of the feminine & sensitive cancer and she supports him every time he needs her… BUT just like all opposites, they need to communicate if they want their relationship to last]

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This is my contribution to Jadefest 2014, for gloomytown! cross-posted from AO3. The original prompt was:

au where dave starts a dumb band and all the betas are in it and jades a really cool bass player and he falls for her but everyone else hates her because although she has some mad bass skills shes the worst singer ever………

Get to know you challenge

1. Name: Lily Claire

2. Nickname: Lala, LC

3. Gender: female

4. Star Sign: Aries

5. Height: 5'1”

6. Sexuality: Straight

7. Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

8. Favrorite Animal: Swan

9. Average hours of sleep: normally around 7 hours (I should get more)

10. Current time: 5:20 pm

11. Dog or Cat Person: Dogs 100% they are so playful and cute and actually interact with you haha and I’m allergic to cats so that helps lol

12. Blanket(s) you sleep with: thin sheet (it’s hot where I live) ocasionally a duvet

13. Dream Trip: Paris, it’s been a dream of mine for forever

14. When I made my blog: June 2017

15. Followers: idk probably 5 or less I do unrelevant it’s not even funny

16. Why I made my tumblr account: I wanted to be more connected in the fandom and be more up to date with everything

I tag: @lucybelle00 @24buffalos @fandomsrule23 @fanbows and I would tag other people if I knew anybody


TYHIS WAS MY FAVRORITE VIDEO IN MIDDLE SCHOOL (EDIT: uhhhh the r slur is in this im sorry i didn’t watch the whole thing before i posted it but just watch out the rest of them are funny. the kid with the brown hair dressed in green says it)

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"Yes?" Mycroft said answering his brother's phone call. "Do you remember when you started paying my rent on the flat and I said that it was the best birthday present ever and no one would ever top it?" Sherlock asked. "I do," Mycroft replied, "why?" "I was wrong," Sherlock told him, "JOHN PROPOSED! On my birthday! I'm getting married!" "Congratulations Sherlock," Mycroft said happily. "We're having people over in an hour to celebrate can you come?" Sherlock asked. "Of course, I'll get a cake."

having a favorite child actively harms both the least favorite child and the favorite child and there is no fucking excuse for constant obvious favoritism. every single kid caught in the crossfire of a parent’s favoritism is going to be harmed by it, and if you are a parent it’s a fucking requirement to treat your children equally, no matter what personal connections you might have to one over the other, or you risk damaging all your kids, not just the least favrorite

Pregnancy Series #3: Cravings

Harry: It had been almost a month since you found out that you were pregnant. Your stomach rumbled as you rummaged through your fridge. You found nothing appealing, even though you were starving. Then you found a small can. The small can contained pickles, which was a type of food that you never ate, and never liked. But as you opened the lid, you couldn’t help but find the sour smell of the pickles more appealing and appealing. You started gobbling up those pickles. The sour taste made the hunger in your stomach disappear. The small can was empty within minutes. You grabbed your phone, which was hanging out in your back pocket, and dialed Harry’s number. Without even bothering to say hello, you said. “Get me some pickles,” “What?” Harry said in a confused voice. “Run to the grocery store and get me some pickles, please?” “Pickles, why?” “Strange cravings of food are a common pregnancy symptom,” you explain. You could feel Harry smiling from the other line. “Of course, love, I’ll be there in a minute,” he said.

Liam: You were out for dinner at your favorite restaurant in London. Whenever you went there, you always got your usual: grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce. It was your favrorite dish in the world. When you went out, and saw the menu and looked at the grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce, you suddenly felt nauseous. “Hun, you okay? You look pale.” Liam said. “I’m fine.” you managed to choke out. “You’re getting your usual?” Liam said. Expecting you to say yes. “Well, actually…” you trailed off, flipping through the menu, when you came across a dish that would never appeal to you, but you wanted it. Super hot spicy chicken with hot sauce and hot peppers. “I want this,” you said, pointing at the picture of it on the menu. “You hate spicy food,” he noted. “It must be the pregnancy,” you said. “Pregnancy? How? I mean, pregnancy doesn’t change your taste in food,” Liam objected You laughed lightly. “Yes it does. Don’t you know, women get attracted to strange foods they’ve never liked before when they’re pregnant?”

Niall: You scooped a spoonful of vanilla ice cream into a small bowl. Then you opened a big party-sized a bag of cheddar cheese-flavored doritos. You dipped a dorito into the ice cream. Normally, you would’ve considered this as “disgusting”, and it looked pretty disgusting. Cheese didn’t go well with vanilla. But your stomach begged for it. You knew this was going to happen once you got pregnant, and it was still weird to you. You jumped when you heard Niall walk in. “Love, what are you eating?” he said. Once he glanced at the vanilla-dipped doritos, he made an “ew” face, which was something he never did. He loved all kinds of food, after all. “Don’t judge,” was all you said. “How said I was judging?” Niall said innocently, but you could tell that was fighting back the burst of laughter that was close seconds away from being erupt from his mouth. “Why are you dipping your chips into ice cream?” he asked rather calmly then he seemed. “This is what happens when you get pregnant,” you said. “You want to eat disgusting stuff,”

Louis: You were kneeled down in front of your fridge, your arms searching for that long, orange thing your stomach craved for. Carrots. You knew how ironic this situation was. four years after Louis said “I like girls who eat carrots.”, there you were, searching for carrots in your fridge. Finally, there were some carrots sitting in your fridge. You took them out, washed them hastily. You bit into the hard, orange surface, admiring the taste and the texture that you’d never actually found quite appealing. Louis poked his head inside the kitchen, and his eyes widened at the large pile of carrots.“Why are-” he started, but you interrupted, “Food cravings,” you crunched the har, material with your teeth. This was the only thing that could quench your hunger completely. “I found her” he said quietly. “S'cuse me?” you said. “I said four years ago, that I liked girls who eats carrots. I was joking, but I guess I wasn’t.” “How?” you asked, looking fondly at him. “‘Cause I surely like you,”

Zayn: You and Zayn strolled down the aisles at the grocery store closest to you and Zayn’s flat. You grabbed things off the shelves as Zayn pushed the soft cart, humming softly under his breath. You were in the fruit aisle. Bananas. You’d never been a big fan of bananas or other fruits, but this time it was different You didn’t want bananas, you needed bananas. You snatched them off the rack and dropped it into the shopping cart. One didn’t seem enough. You grabbed more. “Why do we need two?” Zayn said, staring at you oddly. “'Cause I want two,” you said. “You don’t even like bananas,” Zayn pointed out. You looked at the delicious-looking yellow fruit you wanted so much, and an idea sparked at the back of your mind. “What was it called- it started with a c… Cravings.” you said. “Is that what girls get when they’re pregnant?” Zayn asked. “Yup.” you said. “You can’t finish those bananas. They’re too big.” “I can finish it,” you said. Before you and Zayn went to bed at night, you had finished eaten two bananas. and you had won a bet.