Vampires have heightened speed and strength, and while these advantages are capable enough, Favre also has extensive training in evasive maneuvers such as disarming an opponent of their weapon and subduing the foe while inflicting a minimal amount of damage. This is usually handled via binding, sleeper holds, takedown-and-flee, or pinning. On the opposite end of the spectrum, he’s also educating in how to inflict maximum damage in the shortest amount of time, as Le Conseil members do not waste time on brawling. ( or, they’re not supposed to. )

status – conflict AVOIDANT.


Magic of all kinds, including their breeds. Being part to a organization that nurtures the growth of technology and other societal innovations, Lucien is comfortable with concrete concepts that can be measured. He is, despite his conditioning, extremely anxious about magic for all it’s unpredictability and wide-ranging possibility. Because Le Conseil is oriented to human society, he has actually never met a witch, fairy, siren, or nymph in his two centuries of living.

status – connection not preferable.

HAZARD – clairvoyant witches. witches with mentalist powers.

Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli holds transfer talks with French club Nice

Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli is holding transfer talks with French club Nice. The out-of-favour Italian has been told he is surplus to requirements at Anfield and has, therefore, travelled to the south of France to try to thrash out a deal with the Ligue 1 side.

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The two parties are, however, still some way off reaching an agreement over a transfer. Nice coach Lucien Favre has also issued a warning to the enigmatic forward, who has previously played for Inter Milan, Manchester City and AC Milan.

“I don’t know him personally, but if he runs and wants to help the youngsters, then why not?” Favre said of the Liverpool striker, according to Sky Sports. “If he doesn’t want to run, then there’s no way he’ll come here.”

Meanwhile, Swiss side FC Sion have also expressed an interest in signing Balotelli. However, their interest is not being taken too seriously by Liverpool, who are keen to offload Balotelli before the summer transfer window closes.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has previously admitted the striker does not have a future at the club, where has scored only four goals in 28 appearances since joining in 2014. Balotelli returned to pre-season training with Liverpool earlier this summer – but Klopp insisted Balotelli needs to leave Merseyside for the benefit of his career.

“The talent is still there – no doubt about it,” Klopp said, as quoted by the Liverpool Echo. “When we have done the crossing, heading and stuff (in training), he’s been world class.

"But this is not a situation where he should be battling with other players like this for one position so it’s clear we need a solution. There will be a club around who would be happy to have a new Mario Balotelli if you like,” he added.

“I have spoken clearly to the player about that. I know we can’t talk about a lot of things because one agent says ‘we want to stay’, and another says 'we have had 10 offers so we have to leave’. But in this case it’s obvious. It’s now time to make decisions and I try to help Mario to get in the best shape he can be in and we will see what happens.”

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