favourites: i have them and they are fierce

okay so, let’s attempt to round up my Holby thoughts tonight (i apologise in advance)

the roof scene with Serena was the biggest plot twist of ALL TIME, i loved it sososososo much. it felt like such a fitting end (for now) for her, and Serena Campbell getting drunk on shiraz in a deckchair on the roof listening to Blondie is my new aesthetic

the Berena roof scenes were SO much more than i expected!! they were so wonderfully sweet and moving and hopeful and i definitely did not cry

and the scene with Jas, wow. i wasn’t expecting that at all. finally both of them let go of their guilt and pain towards each other, you could see it was a huge relief for both of them. the way Serena spoke about Jasmine to her face was just beautiful and Jas’s reaction proved that all she’s wanted all along is to feel loved and appreciated (i may or may not have also cried at this)

Hanssen being all supportive and sweet to Serena was also adorable

Seeing Dom so broken and lost is hurting my heart, the scenes between him and Zosia were understated but seriously powerful and they’re all playing this storyline incredibly

and now we take a moment for the real mvp… JAC NAYLOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN

where do i even start??? it was so good to have her back anyway, the show never feels the same without her imo

the scenes with her and Mo were so good!! i love their friendship so much but it seemed extra special tonight, not only were they acting like total besties with the lunchbox etc but there were some genuinely sweet moments too. Jac reassuring Mo that she’s doing a good job balancing motherhood and work was such a lovely moment, especially given how much they’ve helped each other in the past when it comes to children, and how much closer motherhood brought them. their relationship is by far one of my faves on the show atm, Rosie and Chizzy have such great chemistry as a double act. plus Jac’s pirate line made me scream

and of course, the Jac and Jasmine scenes which i’ll honestly never get over. y'all know how much they ruin me, but tonight was GLORIOUS. it’s been clear (to me anyway) all along that Jac does care for Jas, she just wont admit it and that was obvious when she made the complaint a few eps back. but seeing her actually step up and protect Jasmine made me so emotional, you have no idea. she’s rarely been so defensive on someone else’s behalf or so fiercely protective of anyone, and the anger in her voice proved she cares about her little sister after all. i have a lot more feelings about this scene but honestly i cant even put them into words, it was just so beautiful to see her finally protecting Jas and it’s probably one of my favourite Jac scenes of all time. ill be talking about this forever and a day so if you wanna cry over them with me feel free

also, shoutout to the oysters/lesbians scene for making me die laughing

sorry this is long af and probably doesn’t make sense but basically, this was one of my favourite episodes of all time (of anything, actually)

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YOUR PICTURE IS BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE IT!!!!! Recently, I've drawn my oc's as characters from Heathers. I'm so obsessed.

As you absolutely should, Heathers is the only acceptable example of 80’s fashion that I agree with also the music is just 👌👌👌

You know what I’m so done with this. We can all agree that Moana kicked ass but can we quite acting like Frozen is the root of all evil? 

Y’all keep acting like Frozen is the worst movie Disney’s ever made but, as someone whose childhood contained releases such as Chicken Little, Home on the Range, and The Wild, I can tell you that it’s anything but. Frozen is great:

  • It gives us the most relatable portrayal of a sisterly relationship in a disney movie yes I also love Lilo and Nani but their age difference and care situation means Anna and Elsa are more relatable to most families
  • It has an incredible soundtrack with amazing broadway voice talent (again, my favourite soundtrack from when I was a child is probably Lilo and Stich. And it only has 2 original songs.)
  • Elsa is a great role model for kids, teaching them to accept themselves and confide in others when they’re having difficulties. She teaches kids that it’s okay not to be strong all the time and to open up to those who love you
  • Anna is also a fantastic heroine. She’s much less refined than previous princesses and gives a new meaning to ‘disney princess’. She’s fierce and determined and passionate, all things we should encourage in young girls
  • The story line is also compelling. I don’t care what you guys say when everyone first came out of seeing Frozen back in 2013 everyone was shitting themselves about the twist at the end 
  • While the character designs could have been improved on, there are still some moments of beautiful animation (Elsa building her castle in let it go in particular)

So yes, Frozen is severely lacking in diversity, and yes there are comedic characters that most people over the age of 7 could do without, but at the end of the day Frozen was a vast improvement on the movies immediately preceding it. Again, looking at the 2000s, there are many disney movies that wouldn’t even have passed the Bechdel test.

Frozen was a stepping stone; incredibly white washed but progressing disney in terms of representation of women and returning to its high standard of animation. Moana and Zootopia have built on Frozen by adding a much more diverse cast and tackling more complex issues, but Frozen is loved by children all over the world and I for one am glad that a movie with such strong female characters is available for young kids to watch and admire

Little helpers (supermarket story)

My favourite thing as a cashier is when little children come through my till (little as in probably under 5), and they’ll light up and smile when I say hi to them (and their cute little laughs when I stick my tongue out at them). But my absolute favourite thing is when they insist on helping by holding on to something (to the point where I have to use my hand scanner cause they wobt let go so I can use the other scanner). These somethings can be anything from baby food to toothpaste and toothbrushes, but the one that made me laugh the most was when this one lil girl was fiercely protecting a box of frozen chicken breasts.

Abby Appreciation Post

re-reading the entire series in order to write this was totally a legit reason fight me
so i’m sure this has all been said but i love Abby so much????
like she seriously cares for her Foxes so much and tries her best even though as she says, she’s always too late and like??? she respects their boundaries so much, she so tender w them and protective over them and just
 Actual Fox Mom Abigail Winfield. this got heaps long oops

have some favourite parts/quotes bc i can:

  • that entire scene at her place in The Foxhole Court where she’s just taking none of anyone’s shit, not Nicky, not Andrew, not Wymack. 
    • she has to do this a lot tbh
  • “Abby jogged the last couple steps to Kevin and crushed him in a fierce embrace. Kevin held onto her for dear life
  • the fact that on multiple occasions Abby’s medical bag contains booze. i know that’s also bc wymack but whatever im behind it
  • this entire thing: 
    • “Sometimes I think this job is going to kill me,” Abby said. “Seeing what people have done, what people continue to do, to my Foxes. I wish I could protect you, but I’m always too late. All I can do is patch you up afterward and hope for the best. I’m sorry, Neil. We should have been there for you.”
    • “I wouldn’t have let you be,” Neil said. Abby folded her arms around him and pulled him into a hug. She tried to be careful, but it hurt regardless. It wasn’t pain that made Neil go still, but uncertainty. The only people who’d ever hugged Neil were his teammates, and those were quick squeezes throughout a good game. His mother had pulled him close before, but… She’d never held him like he was something to be sheltered…Even if she was here, she wouldn’t have comforted him for this. She wouldn’t have held him like he was a hard breath away from shaking apart.”

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Matt or Steph doing something that is unintentionally really attractive to the other and that person has a hard time keeping it together (suggestive without actual nsfw)

If someone were to ask Stephanie what her favourite feature of Matthew was, she’d say his eyes. She always loved how they would light up, or how when he was intently focused on research they seemed almost fierce in their focus. She loved how his mood shon through his eyes, and how much love she could see in them.

However, as Stephanie watched her boyfriend twirling a pencil between his fingers, she thought she might have to change her answer. She couldn’t help but stare, watching those clever hands, one waving around dramatically as he told a story and the other drumming his pencil against the table. Thank god Matt was so involved in the story, otherwise he would certainly have noticed the blush she could feel creeping slowly up her neck.

“…..and they were roommates!” Matt finished with a flourish, flicking the fingers on his free hand and making Stephanie swallow loudly. ‘Wait shit what was he talking about?’ Steph realized she had no idea what the story was about, yet he was looking at her like she was suppose to say something? What was she suppose to say?!

Steph coughed and deliberately avoided looking at Matthew’s hand when the tapping paused. “….oh my god, they were roommates?” She tried, thankful when he nodded and jumped right back into his story. Stephanie sighed and shot a mild glare at her boyfriends hand, fingers still wrapped around the pencil and tapping away. She sighed, looking back at Matt’s face and focusing on his eyes. Eyes were harmless, certainly better than distracting hands and attention grabbing fingers, she thought sourly.

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I have a question for you.... do you think shawn would mind having a girl that really likes rock music, like the kind where there's screaming? I have always wondered.... -🌶💀


Chris&Eva #7 pt.2 (Skam)

Hello, lovely readers. Here is the second part. It’s quite long, sorry for that.  I don’t think I will do two part fics again. I am not very good at romance… I hope you won’t cringe too much.

Hope you enjoy it



Eva’s  reaction when her mother told that there was letter for her left on the porch, was confusion and  disbelief.  She went outside and there it was, white envelope with her name written on it. She didn’t recognize the handwriting. Maybe it was ment for some other Eva? But it wasn’t mailed, sender had brought it to her house. She opened envelope, taking out the sheet of paper that was in it, and started reading.

Dear Eva
I don’t know what I have done to make you avoid me like a wildfire… What ever it is, I want you to know how sorry I am. How can I fix it? What even is “it”????
Fuck this.
Anyway, I am not good with words. Not when it really matters… Thank God, there are people who are. So, quoting Jonathan Safran Foer…
“I love you also means I love you more than anyone loves you, or has loved you, or will love you, and also, I love you in a way that no one loves you, or has loved you, or will love you, and also, I love you in a way that I love no one else, and never have loved anyone else, and never will love anyone else.”
That is all.
Please call me.

She read and reread the letter standing on the porch, laying on her bed at two in the morning, in classroom. It took her two days to reach out to Chris via text and ask him to come to her house, so they could talk. Talk about what? Was it how he really felt? Or was he just messing with her?

She was anxiously pacing the room, frantically checking her phone. Minutes were slowly dragging one by one until she heard a knock on her front door. She quickly hurried upstairs to open it, but once she reach it, she hesitated. What should she say? How should she act? This was so confusing.

She opens the door revaling disheveled looking Chris. His hair was all messy, shirt was wrinkled and he had dark circles under eyes. He looks lost and broken. She almost can’t recognize the Chris Schistad that she’s used to seeing, but then he smiles, that beautiful smile of his that always makes her heart beat faster, and she sees him, she sees he boy that she can’t help but have feelings for.

“Hey…” Chris began. He was afraid that if he said more, his heart would leap out of his chest. Chris wasn’t sure of what he should say next.Hey, I confessed my feelings for you through a letter. Do you feel the same or should I just leave? By the way, you look as stunning as always.
“Hi. Do you… do you want to come in?” Eva asked,awkwardly tugging at her sweater dress.
“Do you want me to?”
His question surprises her. Did she want him to come in? Yes What was it, that she truly wanted? Him, she wanted him so badly.
“Sure,” she said, hoping that she sounded more careless than she actually felt.
She led him into kitchen and turned the kettle on. Her mom always said, that there are no problems that can’t be solved over a cup of tea.She felt his gaze on her, while she was making two cups of peppermint tea. Her favourite… But what if Chris hated peppermint tea? She hadn’t even thought to offer him what kind of tea he wanted. And she had already put teaspoon of sugar in his tea, just like she had put a teaspoon of sugar in hers. She realized that she didn’t know how he prefered to have his tea, maybe he didn’t even like tea. She had just assumed that he did. That’s how it always was, her assuming things about Chris. Reality was painfully obvious, she didn’t know anything about Chris. Sure, she knew he loved to party and his drink of choice was Heineken, and that he was fiercely protective of his friends. But anyone who had went to school with him knew that. She didn’t know the little things, like, what his favourite color was? What was his favourite season? Was he a cat person or a dog person? She didn’t know these little things about him, the things that mattered.

She turned around to face him, he was still leaning against the kitchen doorway, unsure of  whether he was allowed to come any further. She took both cups and headed for the living room. She heard him follow her. Eva’s house was quite spacious, but in that moment she felt like there was no space big enough for both of them.  She put both mugs on the coffee table and sat on the sofa putting as much distance between them, as she could, because if he did as much as place his hand on hers, she was afraid that she would dissolve. That’s how much power he had over her.

“Listen, Eva, in my letter I told you how I felt about you,” Chris began suddenly unsure of himself. It was easier to write down his feelings  using other people’s wording, but now he was looking at this girl, this gorgeous girl, who in just few short months had changed his outlook on life, love,  relationships and inspired him to become a better person. And now, here he was, wearing his heart on his sleeve and asking her if she felt the same way he did. “And I just want to know if… if you might feel the same way about me?”

“Chris… You don’t really know me. How can you say that you love me?” Eva asked puzzled, it was true. He didn’t know her and she didn’t know him. Whatever, he thought he felt for her wasn’t real. And whatever she thought she felt for him wasn’t either. 

“What are you talking about? Of course I know you. I know you better than I know myself.” His voice hoarse, his expression blank.
Eva knew that she had to be careful choosing her next words. She knew that no matter how hard Chris tried to hide behind the mask of bravado and carelessness , his heart was just as fragile as hers.

“ What is my favourie movie, then? How do I like my eggs in the morning? What do I want to do after I graduate? What country do I want to travel to? You can’t answer these questions about me, and I can’t answer them about you. We don’t know each other. All  we have is lust.”
“Those things don’t matter!” Chris retorted, standing up.
“They matter to me!” Eva replied, standing up as well,”Why me? There are plenty of girls just aching to be with you! What’s the difference between them and me?

“The difference? The difference is that I love you! I am so terribly in love with you, that I don’t even pay attention to anyone else. I might not know what’s your favourite movie or where you want to travel one day, but I know that you are fiercely protective of your friends. And that you miss your mother when she is away on business trip, even though you would never admit that, and that you would do anything to have Ingrid as your friend,again because you still can’t forgive yourself for going after Jonas behind her back. And because I have never given speech like this to anyone in my life before, until you.  It has got to mean something right? If you-”  Chris didn’t have time to finish his sentence because Eva grabbed his face and kissed him, making him forget what he was about to say. Only thing on his mind was Eva. Eva kissing him. Eva’s hand in his hair, her other hand sliding under his shirt, making him involuntarily shiver. They broke apart after what felt like forever, yet it didn’t feel long enough. Their foreheads pressed together, neither willing to open their eyes.’

“So, I take it, my charm and good looks finally won you over?” He said attempting to joke.
“Oh my God, you are annoying beyond belief. You know that, right?” She said trying to pull away from him, but Chris just pulls her closer enveloping her in a hug.
“You love it,” he replied with a laugh.
“Yes, I do. I love it,” she said.
Somehow, they both knew it wasn’t his annoyingness, she was talking about.

I'll Be Your Safety

The first time James Potter kisses Lily Evans is at a funeral.

It is a press of his lips to her temple as her grandmother’s casket is lowered into the ground. She is leaning against his side, but the ground is shifting beneath her and he could be anyone, so his gentle lips are telling her, I am here.

The next time, she kisses him, on the playground where she’d once played with her sister, the day before they leave for Hogwarts for their final year. He is wearing a Muggle t-shirt and jeans, and for some reason that makes her want to cry as her fingers curl into the fabric around his neck.

He’s never been very patient so their second kiss turns quickly to their third, and then fourth, pausing only when the streetlights and sunset remind her she needs to go home. Home is not tucked up in his gangly frame. (Not yet.) 

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crooked kingdom countdown challenge | week one: favourite ship(s) → matthias helvar x nina zenik

“I loved your laugh, Nina. And your fierce warrior’s heart. I might have loved you, too.”
Might have. Once. Before she had betrayed him. Those words carved an ache into her chest.


AKA the fic that will make you cry, laugh, and cry again.

The author: the amazing @determamfidd ! Who is fantastic and great and everything ! Even though she will break your heart repeatedely, which is not okay at all Dets, really, why do you do this to us? I kind of imagine her as being half buried under a mountain of books and reference (because of all the research that goes into her story), one hand typing frantically (because long chapters) and the other writing music (because there are songs to go with the story, and they are amazing!), all the while working on her khuzdul and elvish pronounciation (because languages! are! important! in! Sansûkh!)

The story: The battle was over, and Thorin Oakenshield awoke, naked and shivering, in the Halls of his Ancestors.The novelty of being dead fades quickly, and watching over his companions soon fills him with grief and guilt. Oddly, a faint flicker of hope arises in the form of his youngest kinsman, a Dwarf of Durin’s line with bright red hair.(Follows the story of the War of the Ring).

(Bagginshield, Gimli/Legolas) In which recovery takes time, the dead members of the Company take to watching Gimli as though he’s a soap opera, the living struggle with being left behind, Legolas is confused, Khuzdul is abused, and Thorin is four feet and ten inches of guilt and anger. 

(summary taken from the story itself)

Why I love it (and went as far as inflict more heartbreak upon myself by rereading it and finishing the available chapters at two in the morning this morning)

- It’s well-written. Both in term of grammar/style and in term of plot, this story is nearing perfection

- the characterisation of the various characters is spot-on and credible. Characters are not static, they change with time and events.

- The characters themselves are varied, well-written, with a lot of thought and research going into their backgrounds

- A+++ representation of the LGBTQA+ community

- A+++ sass by some characters

- Frerin. If nothing else, you should read it for Frerin, who is an adorable cinnamon rolls that needs all the hugs and another serving of his grandmother’s dumpling soup (and he is not being paid enough to be the psychologist for the rest of the dwarves. Protect Frerin)

- The Dwarrodams. Oh the Dwarrowdams. They deserve a glorious song because they are the pinnacle of badassery. Dìs is frigging amazing, Hrera is terrifying (and I fear for Mahal if she decides to make good on her promise), and the rest of the fierce dwarrodams do not demerit either.

- The dwarflings. The dwarflings are very close to being my favourite characters and will probably end up taking over the world.

- Thorin’s recovery. It’s a long and harsh road, and that’s what makes it credible.

- Daìn. 

- The songs, both written and performed and I will never get the Iron Hills for me out of my heart.

- Basically everything? Even the heartbreaking parts? Especially the heartbreaking parts? Because they are so well-written that it’s a pleasure to have your heart broken by them?

SO GO AND READ IT! It’s 44 chapters of greatness, with still a few more to come, and it’s soooooooooo worth it! Just make sure you have some tissues ready, because trust me, there will be tears.

hufflepunq  asked:

1, 8, 9 (had to, go /off/), 23, 25, 30

1. what is your hogwarts house and which of that house’s traits resonate the most with you? i think the bravery aspect of gryffindor resonates with me the most, as i am quite daring, especially in the face of danger. sometimes it’s not for the bravery or courage itself, but because i’m quite stubborn and if someone tells me “listen, you might not want to do this” - guess fucking what, i’ll do it, which is a very gryffindor thing to do. i’m also fiercely protective of my friends and usually put them first in anything i do, you’ll have to majorly fuck up for me to end a friendship. if i really really love you, there’s nothing i wouldn’t do for you. also a big fan of chivalry. 

8. what is your favourite quote/passage? oh, but there are SO many. the first that always comes to mind is “of course it’s happening inside your head, harry, but why on earth should that mean that it’s not real?” because it just means a great deal to me. apart from that i absolutely love “you care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it” because it’s just so utterly, utterly heartbreaking. the talk dumbledore and harry share after sirius dies is one of my favorite talks they ever had, it makes me cry and it makes my blood boil and it makes me feel so many things for dumbledore and harry. 

9. who is your favourite character and why? listen, i’m gonna try and keep this short but you damn well KNOW i could write an actual book about my love for sirius black. sirius is my favorite, above all, because i see myself in him a lot. he’s stubborn, he’s loyal, he’s angry, he’s so full of love, his family sees him as the biggest disappointment walking this earth.. sure sounds familiar. and apart from that, his story will always be the most heartbreaking to me. he would’ve died protecting his friends, especially james, who was the most important person in his life, and what he ended up with was nothing but himself in a prison cell with the world believing he had betrayed him and killed another friend. FOR TWELVE YEARS. twelve goddamn years, whilst the world mostly enjoyed a carefree time. but he came back from it, because there’s so much stubbornness and love and resentment in him and sometimes i think that’s all you need to survive. listen, i can’t articulate my feelings about sirius without rambling, so i’m gonna stop here.

23. what do you think your boggart would be and what would it change into? friends and family telling me they do not love or care for me. definitely. and what would it change into? phew, no idea? how do you make that into something ridiculous? it’s one thing to put skates on a spider, but actual emotional issues are something else. maybe i would try the ‘put snape in granny clothes’ way.

25. which of the deathly hallows would you pick and why? o b v i o u s l y the cloak, the books taught me that. the wand would most likely get you killed out of pure envy, and even if you didn’t parade it around, what would i even really do with it if there’s no war? where’s the challenge if you win any battle? the stone is proven to be quite depressing in the long run, so no thanks. and hellooooo, invisibility? yes, sir. 

30. if you could ask jkr one question, what would it be? i’ve always wondered how many different endings she had in her head. i know she settled on harry succeeding over voldemort quite early on because it was the only right choice, but there must’ve been other ideas. 

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Aldebaran: What’s something you care desperately about? Vega: What’s something you’ve done that you wish you hadn’t? Centaurus: Favourite holiday? Pegasus: Favourite place to be?Cigar Galaxy: How’s your flirting skills? 

Aldebaran: What’s something you care desperately about?

I’m afraid I’m rather boring on this answer: my family and friends are few but I am fiercely loyal to them.

Vega: What’s something you’ve done that you wish you hadn’t?


I’m had a night or two of irresponsible drinking that never ends well. I regret not cutting off a few toxic relationships (friends and/or family) sooner.

Overall, I try to use regrets for learning opportunities and not dwell on them beyond that.

Centaurus: Favourite holiday?

For friends: Halloween. It’s an excuse simply to have fun.

For family: Christmas. I can get mildly sentimental about Christmas because I don’t see my immediate family as often as I should.

Pegasus: Favourite place to be?

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Because I know I’m going to get an ask wanting details:

Cigar Galaxy: How’s your flirting skills?            

Not entirely nonexistent, but whenever I manage to say something smooth, Qrow looks at me as though he doesn’t recognize me.

But otherwise, yes, mostly nonexistent….


Stef & Lena → 30 Day Challenge
Day 2: Favourite character - Stef or Lena

(feel free to delete the caption if you just want to reblog the gifset)

Took a bit of thinking but ultimately I’d have to say that Stef is my favourite character. I just relate to her that wee bit more. (Although I feel that Stef and Lena are almost a character of their own. Like an entity, if you will. You can’t really separate them.)

I love that underneath the sometimes rough exterior there is something almost fragile about Stef - not sure if that makes sense. It’s something in the way Teri chooses to portray her at times. She has this big, big heart, and there is the goofy humour, and her fierce sense of protection when it comes to her family but more than anything I just love her devotion to Lena. She loves her almost to a fault. There was this really beautiful description in one of the AfterEllen recaps which I think is still one of the best ways to describe Stef. And ultimately her relationship with Lena.

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Joan/ Moriarity, Moriarty invites Joan along like she did to the restaurant in s1, but this time Joan sees all the paintings of her and starts to FEEL THINGS

It’s almost exactly the same as last time. Moriarty reclines on her couch, nose buried in a newspaper, no doubt sniffing out the latest movers and shakers in the world of crime; (not that any could compare). Joan is here for a case, like last time, and she doesn’t approve of it, like every time. In fact, there are really only two differences. A: Sherlock isn’t here, and thank God, because, B: there are even more paintings of her on the walls.

The largest oil painting is still there, but it’s now surrounded by others of varying size; Joan in profile, Joan reading a file, and disturbingly, Joan leaning over a dead body. Analysing it, she hopes, not.. the other thing. It takes a polite cough, once she’s done staring at them, for Moriarty to look up.

“Joan!” Her tone is delighted, her smile wide. Her eyes flick around, as if to say, where’s Sherlock? Joan stands defiantly on her own and if anything, Moriarty seems to smile even more. “I was told a delegate from the New York police department would be arriving shortly after my request. If I’d have known it was you, I’d have tidied up a bit.”

“You mean, the paintings-”

“Oh no,” she cuts herself off with a short, tinkling laugh, “they’re fine where they are. What do you think of them?”

It takes Joan a while to respond, because she’s been staring at them for the past few moments, trying to answer that question to herself. They’re good, of course- Moriarty has proven herself to be an incredibly talented artist, (as well as a criminal mastermind, Joan quickly reminds herself.) But there’s something… off, to her eyes. There’s a rustle from the sofa as she looks at the second largest, (her face again, staring her real self down as she looks into the eyes of her fierce, painted counterpart,) and before she can fully register it, Moriarty is at her side.

“Yes, that one’s my favourite too,” she continues, despite Joan’s silence on the matter. “I found I wanted to capture that wonderful determination you have. Do you like it?”

“It’s very good,” Joan is forced to agree. “But I don’t think- I can’t see myself in it.” She’s taken unawares by the surprisingly calloused hand trailing down her cheek, through her hair. Moriarty positions her, gently, next to the painting of herself, and surveys each of them intently, a little furrow in her brow. It’s almost exaggerated, the way Moriarty acts and plays out her own little scenes, and Joan wants to laugh, but she’s spellbound.

“I can. I think I’ve had quite enough experience to capture you perfectly; look. This is your hair, is it not? These, your cheeks. These, your eyes.” Said eyes are staring; she knows they’re staring, but she can’t seem to look away. Moriarty; dangerous, twisted genius, studies her like a painting, but there’s something else there. Respect, admiration… not words she’d choose, but things she can see in the other woman’s face.

Moriarty laughs again, claps her hands, and the silent spell is broken. “Now, Joanie,” she continues once more, as if it had never happened, as if Joan’s heart isn’t doing weird things in her chest, “you must tell me. How’s the hunt for a soulmate going?”

Book Recommendation of the Week: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

What It’s About: Ari has always been a loner, never letting himself get close to anyone. A Mexican American growing up in El Paso in 1987, he was born after his father returned from Vietnam with a part of him broken. While the war still casts a shadow over Ari’s life, the absence of his older brother does the same, ever since he went to jail twelve years ago. Ari’s brother is never mentioned, and Ari has learnt to take after his parents and never discuss things. Ari is a master at distancing himself from those around him. But when he meets Dante at the local pool, he finds someone he can connect with. Dante is nothing like Ari. He loves his parents and art, reads big books and seems to be able to do anything. To Dante, the world is a great place and he can’t understand Ari’s darkness. Dante is a boy who knows so much and still wants to know more, and would risk his well being just to rescue a bird. Ari is hard and has always known how to hide what he feels. Together, Dante and Ari try to find a way to understand the mysteries around them, and along the way they might just save each other.

Who Will Love It: If you’re feeling disenchanted with YA novels or are having trouble finding a book that can live up to your favourite, then read this one. Also a great candidate if you’re looking for a more diverse read, since the characters are Mexican American and LGBT.

What I Loved: The characters are full of depth and intelligence and will make you love them. The story was well paced, and although there was a lot of discussion and thinking and less action, I read it quickly and fiercely. It’s a coming of age story that still manages to feel unique.

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Who are the parents' "favourite" kids? I know it's not cool to have a favourite child but 90% of the time there's a favourite kid. If there really aren't any, who do the kids think is their parents' fav?

  • Fleur: Victoire and Dom “know for a fact” the favourite is Louis since he gets away with so much, but I think it might be Victoire. When they’re all grown up, Fleur and Victoire are very close and have the mother-daughter friendship where they can do anything together as though they’re best friends
  • Bill: If the trio had to put money on it they’d say Dominique was the favourite, but I honestly don’t think Bill has one. He has a close connection to Dominique, but he has a lot more fun with Victoire and he loves Louis’s sense of humour, too
  • Rolf: When the twins become proper best friends (around the age of 14), they start bugging Rolf endlessly to find out his favourite. They use so much reverse psychology and manipulation to find out — “Go on, Dad, I bet it’s ‘Sander!” … “No, no, I absolutely insist it must be my bro Lorc here!”. Rolf doesn’t really have a favourite, though. He’s nicer to Lysander because Lorcan can be a bit cruel sometimes growing up, but he doesn’t prefer one over the other
  • Luna: She’s not sure. She has a better bond with Lysander because Lysander’s more open to hearing about wonderful things, but she also admires Lorcan’s loyalty and how he sticks up for her once he matures
  • Harry: He has to be nicer to Al since James and Lily tease their brother a lot, but he’s always laughing at the things that James comes out with every now and again, and he finds Lily endearing. I guess it is quite equal
  • Ginny: Lily. She adores her sons and likes them so much, but the fierce love that Lily has for her is something that you can’t replace, and Ginny sees herself so much in Lily sometimes that she can’t help but be slightly biased. She’ll always stick up for Al if the redheads are teasing him, though
  • Percy: He’s closer to Lucy since they both have massive amounts of ambition and determination and pragmatism, but he gets on well with of his daughters so he doesn’t have a favourite. Lucy loves her father more than anything else in the world, though
  • Audrey: She doesn’t have a favourite, but the two girls joke about it with each other and Molly always says it’s Lucy because she’s creative like their mother and has similar interests. Audrey’s the biggest fan of both of the girls, though — she supports Luce when she feels lost in the world and overshadowed; she goes to every Montrose Magpies game with Molly, before and after Molly begins to fly for them
  • Ron: Rose. It kinda makes him put a lot of unspoken pressure on her, because she feels like since she’s the perfect daughter who supports the Chudley Cannons, it’s wrong for her to be in Ravenclaw and love to party and kiss strangers
  • Hermione: She doesn’t have one, but she can relate to Hugo a bit more even though Rose is more bookish. Hugo goes to his mother for help more whilst Rose goes to her dad more
  • George: Both! Fred and Roxanne can be so alike sometimes that it’s scary, but Roxanne’s more strong and Fred’s more soft, and George loves that about both of them
  • Angelina: Possibly Roxanne. The two kids are both equal, but Angelina admires her daughter’s feminist values and how, even though Roxanne doesn’t care about much, she always fights for what she believes in and protects her friends without ever feeling afraid

Just because I happen to stan some groups from SM and JYP doesn’t mean I’m a Big 3 stan. I wish certain people on here would stop with that mindset. In fact, I don’t even pay attention to what group/soloists comes from what company at all. For example, I didn’t know that BoA, my first Kpop bias, was from SM for a veeery long time (10 years)–all I knew about her was that she was an extremely fierce dancer. If their music is good and it appeals to me, I’ll stan them regardless of what company they come from. It’s why I have a wide range of favourite groups/solos from various companies, INCLUDING the smaller ones.

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Are you still taking prompts? If you are, could you please write spiderman!au where Stiles is Peter and Derek is either Gwen or MJ (although I prefer gwen) if not it's ok :)

“C’mon,” Stiles swings them down from their apartment balcony, grins rakishly when Derek continues to pout, “I meant to get the groceries, but I got caught up; there was a bank robbery!”

Derek glares at him upside down, “You couldn’t have stopped for milk on the way home?”

“I’ll make it up to you,” Stiles promises, sweeping across the block and landing on the bridge overlooking the park. “I’ll get twice the amount of milk, next time.”

Derek snorts, sits and dangles his legs over the edge of the bridge, leans into Stiles as he joins him. 

“I am sorry,” Stiles adds earnestly, “I’m shit at this whole living together thing, I know, and I want to do better.”

“‘S’okay,” Derek cuts in, tangles their fingers together, “You’re doin’ something pretty important.”

“You’re important,” Stiles insists. 

Derek smiles softly at him, squeezes his fingers, “Face it, tiger, you hit the jackpot with me,” he murmurs teasingly. 

“Don’t I know it,” Stiles agrees, deciding the city can wait just a few minutes longer whilst he enjoys this. 

Sometimes, I get sad. It’s this deep, boney sad.
Imagine the distance in the howl of a lone wolf
The colour of the ocean floor
There are hints of fear like the faint brushes of blazing orange
just as the sun goes down.
There’s also this dark, not so kind part that brings the ugly green,
the thorns of the rosy intoxicant.
You can’t define it as one thing.

Imagine the tingly pinch your hands feel when you watch
your favourite character hurting on the screen.
The nebulous twists in your stomach
The soreness of your throat.
There’s the scribbled pangs of fierce red and dull grey
on the senselessly empty canvas.
There are light streaks of bitter sweet memories.
Faint blue where clouds used to be.
The empty home you have to say goodbye to.
The crumb of the last treat.
The wear of the black leather jacket you tore.

It’s a mixture of red, white, blue, and green.
Sometimes, I think there’s only one shade,
or that I’ve see them all, but your eyes say
There are more.

—  md-journal