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For the character thingy: chaol westfall aka the love of my life

  • First impression- Grumpy, grouchy, overly-serious #relate. 

  • Impression now- None of you deserve my dear hufflepuff son. He belongs to me now. 

  • Favourite moment- OOOOOOOOH. His entire existence is my favourite tbh but “I love you” is right up there, so is…Literally every interaction he has with Nesryn. And the final scene with the king, he is so brave, my dear boy is so brave and good. JUST EVERYTHING OKAY. EVERYTHING. I SUPPORT EVERY SINGLE THING MY SON HAS EVER DONE. 

  • Idea for a story- Hmmmmmmm. I would like to see him when he was younger and I would like to see him go home to Anielle at some point and also see his mother again. I would also like someone to send the boy on holiday and force him to chill and enjoy himself. Just make him happy okay???? Also Chaol/Aedion just. Like. Just. Give. 

  • Unpopular opinion- He is dear to me. He is a fascinating character. He is a deeply important character. He deserves better from literally everyone. He also…Is not…….Prejudiced. He had entirely reasonable grounds for arguing with Aelin in QoS that had literally nothing to do with her magic/fae heritage and literally everything to do with her appearing unstable, unreasonable and trying to murder his best friend in cold blood without giving him a chance like ??????????? 

  • Favourite relationship- Chaol/Nesryn on the romantic ship side of things and Chaol/Dorian on the non-romantic side of things (because they must both be mentioned but also ot3 Chaol/Dorian/Nesryn is…..stunning. Best of both worlds.) 

  • Favourite headcanon- He probably has an incredibly dorky, incredibly secret little hobby that he’s really passionate about but that he never shares with anyone. Like bird-watching or collecting old coins or just something that he knows an inordinate amount about and everyone is just ??? Dude where did that even come from? Bonus points: this boy is not even a tiny bit straight. He’s not even pretending to be. 

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computet jack, lana, and sanjit??

Computer Jack -

first impression: meh

impression now: he deserved better tbh

favourite moment: I liked it when he went on a search for water with Sam and Dekka bc it meant that I got to learn a lot more about his character

idea for a story: no idea :)

unpopular opinion: idek

favourite relationship: Jack x Brianna I guess

favourite headcanon: once again idk

Lana -

yayy I love her sm

first impression: I honestly thought she was gonna die before we discovered she could heal so idek, I think I felt bad for her

impression now: badass queennnnnn!! PROTECT HER

favourite moment: when she went to see the gaiaphage in Hunger and started to humming hello darkness my old friend, that just gave me life

idea for a story: so basically after the FAYZ her, Patrick and Sanjit live together and it would just be super cute

unpopular opinion: idk

favourite relationship: Lanjit :) I do ship Quinn x Lana a little bit though

favourite headcanon: her favourite tv show character is Lana Winters from ahs bc she is just as much as a badass as Lana is

Sanjit -

first impression: I thought he was pretty brave for standing up to Caine like that

impression now: aww

favourite moment: when he was helping Dahra at the hospital when no one else would, I just thought that showed what a brave selfless character he is :)

idea for a story: same as Lana’s probably

unpopular opinion: I seriously don’t have any unpopular opinions for any of these characters damn

favourite relationship: lanjit

favourite headcanon: idk



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cardcaptor sakura openings (requested by @tachibana–chan)


So I decided to christen my new blog with some bisexual Ransom because why not

“Ransom: Remember when Mashkov said hi to Jack and then looked at me and there was, like, a connection?
Holster: that was yesterday”

“Sometimes Rans will stare at pictures of Alexei Mashkov on his phone and go ‘Tater’ and sigh.”

my favourite vines

Amis and co. as things customers at my (fast food) job have done

Bahorel: tipped me 10$ on a 9$ meal because I made “the best fucking fries in history”

Joly: ordered our largest size (which is enough food for two-three people) with extra gravy but then added peas on top because “I’m trying to eat healthy”

Feuilly: ordered, paid, and then just. Fell asleep. Right there at the till.

Enjolras: got legitimately angry when our card machine didn’t have a tip option and got even angrier when I said I was working through New Year’s eve until 5 am. Offered to call head office and complain about it.

Cosette: also on New Year’s eve, gave all of the staff chocolate bars and thanked us for working so hard and so late

Montparnasse: came in to the shop twice a week in the summer while we had a limited time meal called the Mac Daddy and only ever ordered that. Never came in again after we got rid of it.

Combeferre: lives in the flat above the shop, comes in every week with a ceramic bowl and asks me to make his meal in it (instead of our paper boxes) to reduce waste

Jehan: reads, considers, and takes a picture of every single quote I write on the blackboard. Always asks for extra pickles.

Gavroche: had an actual laughing fit when I squeezed the cheese sauce bottle and it made farting noises 

Courfeyrac: came in around 3 am on the weekend before Halloween dressed as David Bowie. Picked up a feather boa a customer had left behind, put it on and kept it

Éponine: started yelling at some idiot who was catcalling another customer. It got so heated they had to take it outside 

Musichetta: nice regular who just comes in to write Instagram handles on the board, chats with us for a few minutes and leaves

Marius: apologized like five times even though I was the one who messed up the order. Tried to pay with Euros (in Canada)??

Bossuet: came in slightly drunk at 2 am on a snowy day so the shop floor was wet, fell down literally more than ten times even after I mopped

Grantaire: stared at the menu of poutines for 10 minutes, gave up and asked me “which one’s the most dank”