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Midoriya Izuku and Bakugou Katsuki’s faces here make this look like a third wheel pic, so I took the liberty to blur out the third wheel. It worked too well, I had to do it. I would say sorry, but I’m not sorry.

OTP Idea #908

Imagine Person A is a Kitsune who is known in Person B’s village as a spirit of trickery and mischief. No one knows who exactly Person A is, until B ventures out to discover the motives behind A’s mischief. Once Person B finds Person A, A attempts to woo B into being their spouse with promises of power and freedom.

anonymous asked:

May I ask for some first meeting prompts? :))

Third time’s the charm…

1. Person A runs into Person B in the grocery store and Person B drops everything

2. Person A is a cop and pulls Person B over

3. They have kids at the same school and their kids got in a fight, so they were called in to the office

4. Manager/New hire AU. Person A trains Person B

5. Person A has a few too many shots at the bar and Person B keeps buying them for Person A

6. Both miss the same flight at the airport, chat it up at 2am in a slow airport

7. Person A walks into the bathroom to find Person B getting sick, goes to their aid

8. Blind date put in by friends

9. Person A’s car is broken down in the middle of a storm and Person B is the one to find them, stop, and help

10. Person A’s dog got loose and chased Person B, who was getting their mail