favourite: harry potter

so like does nobody realize how extremely heartbreaking it is that harry literally heard the last few moments of lily’s life when the dementors were around him?? that he literally hears his mother getting murdered?? and like what’s worse is that harry feels so guilty about fainting, he feels so alone and embarrassed and it actually makes me want to cry. people call harry whiny and dramatic but my heart honestly breaks for this boy, this poor boy who never even knew his parents, who never even heard his mother’s voice until he has to hear her screaming and pleading for harry’s life and i just….i’m really emotional

I think a lot about the “other” jobs in the Wizarding World. Specifically I think about the time the Weird Sisters performed at the Yule Ball.


Are there wizard techs? Do they use magical microphones? It would make sense to, rather than just using ‘sonorus’ because then they could be connected to a magical soundboard for specialized magic mixing. And what about their instruments? Are they like muggle ones, or entirely different? Are there magical amps? And are there witches that specialize in lighting charms for special light shows? Is there a magical equivalent to laser shows? And someone’s gotta make sure it all runs smoothly: witch stage manager, with an actually accurate quick quill. And a pyro-wizard. Do they all just show up ten minutes before a gig and magic the stage up together? or are there Union wizards for that? Do they wear black, or disillusion themselves so they won’t be seen? Or does it matter, since they’re all magical?