anonymous asked:

Book of Mormon!

Have I seen it: Yes!

When and where: Broadway, April 2015 (WITH GAVIN CREEL OH MY LORD)

Favourite song/scene/element: I love the Orlando reprise & pretty much any time where Orlando is mentioned, but my absolute favourite song is You and Me (But Mostly Me). And if Gavin Creel’s accent on “G’day” counts as an element, then definitely that.

(My mum and I cracked up when that happened because he puts so much emphasis on it)

Least favourite song/scene/element: Hmm… Maybe the scene where Nabalungi is talking to her father after the guy is shot? I don’t really DISLIKE the scene, but it’s not one of my favourites bc not much happens until the song

Rating: A- (my Catholic side made it an A minus SORRY)