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Just a question... Do you think Meliodas would have had the same "enthusiasm" if Elizabeth was a boy? 😏😏😏

ah yes, my favourite game “over-analyzing everything a character does to determine who they would fuck”

Hmm okay well in my opinion it depends on why you think Meliodas acts like that towards Elizabeth in the first place. For instance, you could argue that his motives are exactly as seen on the surface level: he’s a fucking pervert who finds her physically attractive. That’s all there is to it end of. If this was the case I would be inclined to say no as we have never seen him to act this way towards any men in either the anime or manga. But if I’m being honest I really doubt this is reason enough as it ignores a lot of what information we’ve been given in the series thus far. But that’s not to say Meliodas being an inexcusable pervert and physical attracted to Elizabeth has nothing to do with it.

There’s also the past relationship with Liz and how Elizabeth is canonically the reincarnation of Liz. Now, to be fair Meliodas does also harass Liz to a certain extent but not to the extent that he does with Elizabeth but I feel like that happened a lot less and another reason that he does it to Elizabeth is that it’s familiar, it reminds him of her, of a time before he committed his Sin (I 100% doubt that that was his only act of Wrath but we’re gonna save that for another post). Also if you try to tell me Meliodas’ feelings for Liz have nothing to do with his feelings for Elizabeth them I am sorry but you must be reading a different manga. 

But there’s something else I want to address, the actual matter of if Meliodas is actually interested in guys or not. Now I just have a hunch that he is bisexual but that is me and my need to make everything non-straight and you could say that we have no evidence to indicate if he is or not but you could also that we don’t have any against it either. I mean, the only girls we’ve seen him grope are Liz and Elizabeth and he outright refuses to grope Diane so it could just be the same case with Diane with guys. 

Also, we need to think about the society and age Meliodas is living in here. Meliodas is a 3000+ year old demon who has probably seen humans start of from tiny little clusters of people fighting with each other and the other clans to one of the biggest which gives them power and multiple kingdoms have grown from the places where there was probably just a few poorly constructed straw huts to begin with. Their opinions have more than likely radically changed throughout this time and even if Meliodas’ opinions didn’t change with them, he more thank likely knows what to say and do to thrive in their society and what topics to tread lightly on. We haven’t been given even the slightest bit of information about how this age views homosexual relationships. Do they condemn them and call out those who are in one as sinners who deserve to be burnt at the stake? Do they only see the sexual side of the relationship as a sin, as with any sexual relationship that isn’t in an effort to have children? Because if so, Meliodas could just have to push his attraction under the rug as it were, being the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins and all.

Honestly before I can 100% make a concrete headcanon about any of this I really need to know about their religious beliefs. We know that there is some kind of organized religion because of the church Gilthunder destroys very early on in the series. But just how big is it? Is it as wide-spread at the Catholic and Protestant Churches were during the middle-ages of Europe, when everyone believe and there wasn’t a shadow of doubt that there was a God? And if there is, do our characters even follow it? 

There’s a lot of things that could have an effect on all of this so really right now I’d like yes, If Elizabeth was male Meliodas would still have the same feelings towards her, given that he had the same relationship with Liz/was in love with her in this au and he might not show his attraction as much depending on how their society views that sort of thing. Just my two cents.

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What are the Arash's twins' favourite games? How easily do they get tired?

For what me and @warmachinesforhire-andworthless stated so far, they are VERY energic that so set their parents KO at the end of the day, and play any kind of games, they might risk their life or the life of others around them too. Always thought about a hide and seek game would be their favourite game, but I need to know what Warma thinks about it.


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