i was playing skyward sword for a bit & my brother came over to visit. he got me into legend of zelda into the first place but he’s moved way onto xbox now — all those football games & shooter things. i thought he was going to tell me to turn it off so he could watch football (like usual lMAO) but instead this time, for this series, he sat down, watched me play it, said how twilight princess is fantastic & still his favourite game ever above everything else, being a goof by pretending to orchestrate the music& was genuinely enjoying it & remembers everything — names, storyline. he’s  l ike 23 now & he played loz ten years ago before moving onto xbox. iDK IT JUST ,,,, made me so happy bc after so long & after me thinking he didn’t care abt it anymore, he remembers everything & still loves it l ike . the series rlly is that memorable.

“There should be an art meme that’s like you make a list of 10 series you love (game, cartoon, w/e) and you gotta make an OC for each one” @luxwing

Reblog (or create a new post) and make a list with 10 of you favourite shows/cartoons/anime/games/books
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Now choose or let you followers choose a number and one or more of those features below (interpret as you like)

now create an original character with the setting of you favourite story, add as many ideas as you like, have fun and draw /write / imagine the shit out of it. And most importantly: have fun !

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I've never played the sims 3 but I just got a new computer that runs the game pretty smoothly do you think it's work my time to download a bunch off cc and try to learn how to play the sims 3?😁

from a biased point of view, because it’s one of my favourite games, I would say it’s definitely worth your time :)

then again she is not a well behaved cat at the best of times. one of her favourite games is to pounce on people as they walk past and sink her claws/teeth into their foot and leg. then continue doing this over and over again while they back away. and if you try to give her a firm No she just. lets out a whiney ‘myeeeaarrrrr’ at you and attacks the hand you’ve probably reached down to waggle your finger with

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Name: Cali

Nickname: California

Star sign: Scorpio

Gender: Genderfluid

Height: Idek

Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Favourite colour: Black

Time right now: 8:28 am

Current location: Guess ;)

Average hours of sleep: 6-9

Last thing I googled: “thinking about everyone on earth dying"

Number of blankets i sleep under: 2

Favourite fictional characters: Light Yagami, Jean Kierchstein, Finnick Odair

Favourite books: Probably Hunger Games and Perks of Being a Wallflower

Favourite artist/bands: Green Day, BTS, Marilyn Manson

Dream job: Physicist, tattoo artist, psychologist, idek

What I’m wearing: Pajamas

Random fact: I have a dead snake in a jar and his name is Bobby.

Do I have any other blogs: My main is @therealbonedaddy

When did my blog reach it’s peak: Idk

Who is my most active: probably @diaryofdorriandoli

What made me decide to get a tumblr: I think it’s a cool place

Do I get asks on a daily basis: No

Why did I choose my url: It’s a lyric from Green Day’s Geek Stink Breath.

I tag: @diaryofdorriandoli @vaguelypoeticnonsense @afrocentrism23 @self-deprecati0n @amelialilly16 @god-fucking-like @gutnosher @bloodydoily @nonhumangod @kitti-milkwhore

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Favourite Anime: Baccano!, Princess Tutu, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Gatchaman Crowds, Level E

Favourite Game: Hatoful Boyfriend (if Visual Novel counts). Hearthstone, if just gameplay. 

Favourite Manga: Assassination Classroom, Yu Yu Hakusho, Magi, Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer, Spirit Circle

Last Song you listened to: La petite Mort - Coeur de Pirate

First Language: Mandarin

I tage @ayuki-master and @lebanasty


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favourite anime: Black Jack and Black Jack 21 are forever favorites, but I’ve been caught up in Polar Bear Cafe and Haikyuu!! recently. Tiger and Bunny, One Punch Man, My Love Story, and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun are also faves!

favourite manga: Classic Tezuka manga and Shokugeki no Souma! But I read a lot more.

favourite game: Undertale, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Deemo, Neko Atsume… I think that’s it for now. Oh, and can’t forget Ghost Trick!

last song you listened to: Wait For It - Hamilton

first language: English!

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1. What’s your favourite genre of games/movies/books?

fantasy or young adult i think? ya books are my not so guilty pleasure so

2. If you could live in whatever epoch you wanted, and not die in any sickness, what would you choose?

honestly i wouldn’t want to live in another time (except maybe the future) because of one simple reason: unequality!!! i’d love to see different time eras but i’d be treated badly in most of them sooo

3. Would you want to become one of the first people who colonized another world?

depends on the place, of it’s already inhabited NO i really don’t want to be a columbus 2.0, but otherwise,,, maybe???

4. What rpg class would you be?

mage!!!! magic is cool also i’m not a very physical person so swords or knives wouldn’t be my kinda thing. and i’d probably like to keep my enemies at a distance. also magic!!!!! so yes i’d be a mage

5. What do you like about your appearance?

i have pretty eyes and a very soft face and body which makes me look sweet and innocent 

6. What is your opinion of dragons?


7. Pirates or ninjas?

pirates because they have more charm 

8. Do you have a favourite game? If so, what?

i don’t play a lot of games but i love the dragon age franchise so much!!!

9. What’s your dream vacation?

roadtripping/interrailing with friends!!!

10. Say the first three things that come to your mind!!

my eyes are still so dry, there are children here and i love!!! my cat

11. Why do you like your favourite color?

i don’t have a favourite colour but i really, really like baby pink and like old kinda pinky tones right now and idk it’s just so pretty

my questions!!

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2. Something you’re really excited about?
3. Fuck/marry/kill with your top three fictional characters?
4. Last thing you drank?
5. Comfort food?
6. Are you tol or smol?
7. Last person you hugged?
8. Are you satisfied with yourself?
9. Least favourite movie?
10. Something you’re scared of?
11. Do you regret anything you’ve done?

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*weeps with joy because GARRETT YOU ARE BACK*