My friend showed me a live action Game Gumps video and I saw this character walk in and I was thinking “oh my god. Who is this??? Did they hire her just for this episode? Whoa what a fox, they sure cast her well, I hope she appears in other videos too”

And then my friend said, “I really love how you can tell that Suzi did Arin’s makeup, it’s totally in her style.”

And I was like, “Where’s Arin? …. THAT’S ARIN??? EGORAPTOR?????? ARIN’S PLAYING THAT HOT FOXY LADY??????”

Brain = (explosion sounds)

Here’s to one of my favourite game critics and what a HOT DAMN SWEET HOT LADY he makes, good job egoraptor and grumps team, A+


Final Fantasy IX Week (Day 1) → Favorite character(s) or relationship

Yes, I’m totally going to do this challenge, because FFIX is like my favourite game of all time, and it needs more appreciation.

Anyway I like way too many characters, but I decided to confine myself to this two guys because yes, they are so different, but I’ve always loved Zidane and his silliness the same way I’ve always loved Kuja and his diabolic gay elegance (???). Besides, they are brothers, and this means Zidane doesn’t wanna give up on him. The scene where he comes back to Kuja on Iifa Tree still gives me chills.

I guess this count both as favourite characters and relationship.


So on the urging of shadowcow I made a video game 3x3 as well - these are games that mean a lot to me in some form or another. These are in no particular order too. 

Going from the top:

Sonic 3: technically it’s more Sonic 3 locked on with Sonic & Knuckles that I played…a lot. Like…A LOT. Sonic 2 was the first game that got me into Sonic, but I put an inhuman amount of hours into S3/S&K. I was a huge Sonic weeb for probably 13+ years after Sonic 2.

Final Fantasy III (VI): YES I know it’s actually VI but I went by the NA cover art and the version I played. It was a tie between this and Chrono Trigger, but these were the first games I played that made me realize games could have a deep and meaningful story - something that was entirely foreign to me at the time.

Final Fantasy XI: my all-time favourite Final Fantasy game. To this day I still can’t put into words what I like about it so much. I don’t even know how “influential” it was on me…it just…stuck with me. Don’t know why.

Journey: a more modern addition, Journey was an experimental indie game that touched a part of my soul I didn’t even know what hurting. It was such an incredibly serene and otherworldy experience, I had to include it. The first time I played this game I cried for an hour and a half straight after beating it. It felt like the game, the little pilgrim I was “travelling with” said to me “Don’t worry, everything will be okay. Things may seem tough now, but there’s beauty in this world, and once you reach the summit, you can rest.” I’m tearing up even as I type this.

World of Warcraft: I’ve been a fan since 2008, and have since involved into a prominent community memeber, fan artist, web comic artist, and one-time employee of the largest WoW fansite in existence. Yeah, this game has shaped my life as a person and as an artist. :)

Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne: My first foray into the dark and bleak world of SMT, this game taught me that not only can stories be dark, but they’re allowed to make you question the very order of the universe. This game - and many other SMT entries before and after it - aren’t afraid to treat their audience like mature, thoughtful adults. With a surreal artstyle assisted by the legendary Kazuma Kaneko, and the far-reaching inclusion of lore and religion from every corner of the globe, Nocturne became a real cornerstone in how I saw [video game] storytelling.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: I put the first one here because it was my first one. I have since played all but the second Ace Attorney Investigations (I need an R-Type chip or whatever it’s called to play the fan translation). The AA series is an incredible narrative that makes ordinary people into heroes. I’m hard pressed to think of a game series with so many beloved characters. 

Okami: I played the original PS2 version, and later the sequel, Okamiden, on the Nintendo DS. This, along with Journey, are definitely on my “games are art” list (not that I ever thought otherwise). A gorgeous, sprawling world, steeped in Japanese mythology and a stunning art style. This game really left an impression on me. 

Battle Arena Toshinden: The game that sparked my love of fighting games (even though I did start on SF2), I spent countless hours of BAT3 - Ellis was my favourite. I even own the anime OVA of this… I’m never good at fighting games, but I love the wacky characters and designs.

Thanks for the tag f1rabbit
Name: Quentin
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Gay
Height: 1m70
Birthday: 5th August
Favourite movie(s): Senna
Favourite TV show(s): Teen Wolf, HTGAWM, Friends
Last movie I saw: I don’t remember
Favourite Color(s): Blue
One place that makes me happy: My room
How many hours I sleep in a day: Usually 9
Favourite song: The Do - Sparks and X Ambassadors - Renegade
Last thing I googled: Something to have an answer for a phone game
Favourite food: Chocolate
Dream Vacation: Somewhere where there is F1
Dream pet: Koala
Dream wedding: I don’t really know

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Yes I’m a girl ;)

Yes I cry myself to sleep every night because Konami cancelled Silent Hills, marking the death of my favourite video games series ;)


Tell you about a city girl
She’s surprising
Never get the better so totally amazing
Dont worry about nothing she’s gonna be free yeah
So won’t you don’t you
Try to mess with me, no
They cant tame us so they blame us for everything
But I say hey
People don’t know who I am
All they can say
“She’s a bad girl”
But they just don’t understand
No they don’t know who I am
No no

P.S. The favourite song from the favourite game of 10-year-old me, and recently I found it thanks to my friend! It inspired me to make a photoshoot with Gvaddy.

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Name: Vithuya 

Nickname: Vithu

Birthday: November 13

Star sign: scorpio

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: idk
Romantic orientation: ^^^

Favourite colour: Black, Silver, Red

Time at current moment: 11:28 PM

Average hours of sleep: 8 

The last thing I googled: synonym of omniscient 

The last book I read: The Maze Runner

First word that comes to mind: Uh
Most used phrases: you don’t say

One place that makes me happy: Forest

Favourite fictional character(s): Jem Carstairs, Mamura Daiki, Dipper Pines, Newt, etc etc

Celebrity crush: Avan Jogia all the way

Favourite games: don’t really play any

Favourite food: sea food

Favourite beverage: tea

Favourite book: anything from the Shadowhunter Chronicles

Favourite anime(s): Fullmetal Alchemist and Hunter x Hunter

Favourite manga(s): I am Furaba trash 

Favourite movies: dunno

Favourite musicians/bands: ?

Favourite tv show: Steven Universe and Gravity Falls

last movie I saw in the cinema: can’t recall

My dream pet: kitten

My dream holiday: no clue 

My dream wedding: Tamil weddings tho

My dream job: anthropologist maybe?

What are you wearing right now: pyjamas pants and a gray t shirt 

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genderfluidstarchild asked:

Trafalgar Law!

T: Where are they ticklish? 

On his neck and sides.

R: What are their hands like?

Warm, not too soft or hard. The type of hand you could comfortably hold all day. 

A: What are/were this character’s best subjects in school?

Sciences, specifically biology and anatomy.  

F: What’s one thing they’re really bad at? 

Openly expressing emotions, such as crying.

A answered above ^

L: What is their favourite board game?

Operation, of course!

G: How do they flirt?

With seductive eye contact, pet names and obvious favoritism when in a group of other individuals. 

A answered above ^

R answered above ^

L answered above ^

A answered above ^

W: Can they dance?

Not the type to dance in public, but low key is a pretty good dancer in private.