They say Messi doesn’t talk much. They’re wrong. He’s been preaching to us all along. If you look, you can hear him. He’s saying, “Don’t go down, brothers and sisters. Don’t. Go. Down. When life kicks you, when it tries to tackle you, don’t go down. When your legs are heavy and your lungs are burning, don’t go down. When you have every reason to go down–Do. Not. Go. Down. You can’t defy the odds when you’re down. You can’t make someone a believer when you’re down.”

Messi is spreading the word. Don’t let things on the outside be stronger than what’s on the inside. Because life has more in store for you.

If you just stay up+


Happy Birthday, Philipp Lahm

Under the cut you will find #150+ small gifs of the Turkish actress, Merve Boluğur. Apologies in advance for duplicates, though there should not be any. I did not make any of these gifs and take no credit for them. If you see one that is yours and would like me to remove it, please let me know and I will do so right away. Please like/reblog this post if you found it to be helpful or if you use any of the gifs. 

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‘’I’m so desperate for a canonized, detailed Vaas backstory or at least a quality fanfic. His youth and early days with the Rakyat. How he met Hoyt. How he ended up working for him. How Buck started out as a mercenary. Hoyt’s own early days inside the pirate consortium back in Johannesburg, betraying and murdering his own boss and usurping his place. Discovering Rook Island. Like, everything! Please! Give me some answers before I start making them up on my own!’’


Speaking of YNWA, I think this might be my favourite sounding one ever.

I’m not sure at which point the music stops, because the crowd is just too loud. It’s phenomenal.

I am so glad Germany won. I am so sad for Italy. Both of the teams gave their best but probably it was just all about luck today.

But, I want to talk about Jonas Hector. The guy who assisted and scored a winning goal. Honestly, I, as Jonas big big fan thought he wouldn’t make it. And he did it. And he gives so much in matches. I want him to be remembered and I hope this is one of many things he will do for his NT. And maybe he isn’t MOTM, but he is making me more and more proud day by day and just please respect this guy. He deserve it.


soarleader  asked:

❢: Your favourite icon of your muse's FC // ♘: Your favourite icon of your Mun FC


❢: Your favourite icon of your muse’s FC

Well anyone who’s followed me long enough probably knows this is by far my favourite icon. Giovanni’s smug as fuck smirk. This is a man who knows he’s in control and he loves it. Just gotta love it when a villain is enjoying himself. Also I might find Giovanni’s evil smirk kinda sexy what is my life?

♘: Your favourite icon of your Mun FC

I don’t really have one Mun FC, I just use whatever suits my mood. But I guess if I had to pick it’d be Hades. And that icon is basically it. Lord of the Underworld thinking really deep thoughts right there.