Riverdale Appreciation Week (and a half)

Day Three - Favourite Episode

Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!

“Another fun fact about fear, sometimes it grows up with you. Or it curls up inside you, tightens around your guts.”

Even though I love all the episodes this is one that jumped to mind as you get mega bughead, a little Veronica x Archie and a bit of Valerie x Archie, Polly Cooper and loads of Josie and the pussycats who are just so great!

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I want to start talking to my followers more so ask me anything! ^^
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1: Where are you from?

2: How old are you?

3: What is your zodiac sign?

4: What’s your favourite colour?

5: What talents do you have?

6: What kind of accent do you have?

7: Favourite song?

8: Favourite film?

9: Favourite musical artist?

10: Favourite TV show? (And favourite character? Favourite season? Favourite episode?)

11: Favourite sitcom?

12: Are you religious?

13: Single or in a relationship?

14: If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

14: Do you like to sing? Are you a good singer?

15: Have you ever smoked? Drank alcohol? Done drugs?

16: Do you swear? Favourite swear word?

17: Favourite quote?

18: The last movie you saw at the cinema?

19: Dream job?

20: How many followers do you have?

21: Favourite book?

22: Longest relationship you’ve been in?

23: Favourite youtuber?

24: TV show/film moment that always makes you cry?

25: Any tattoos/Do you want any?

26: Sexual orientation?

27: [Or make up a question and ask me anything!]

I’m so bored and I want to talk to my followers more! ^-^

leechbrain  asked:

1, 17, 21, 58, 59 star warses

1. Favourite Star Wars movie? (Episode 1-R1).

Rogue One

17. Top 5 favourite Senators? 

Well, Bail, obviously. Also Leia, Mon Mothma, Riyo Chuchi, and Padme

21. Where would you live in the Star Wars universe? 

Assuming you’re not there around 0 bby, Alderaan seems like a nice place, sketchy class system aside

58. Top 5 saddest Star Wars deaths? 

Oh boy. Um. All of the main Rogue One crew, which…is six people? But whatever. (There are a lot more deaths I’m mad about, but more because of shitty fridging than actually feeling sad)

59. If you could bring any Star Wars character back to life who would it be?


(also Tahl… Satine…. Siri Tachi….. Shmi……. Breha…………. Padme……………)

So I was watching episode 7 of yoi and I noticed a few important things (besides the kiss fam this is just my favourite episode of anything ever).

first we see that Guang-Hong is the main protagonist of this fight scene. But thats not where it stops.

more below cause this is going to be really long okay prepare yourselves.

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But like can we just appreciate the Doctor’s look when Hydroflax says “false wife” I MEAN WHAT A SMUG IDIOT.— @hegaveallhecouldgiveher