ok but fuck people who say that kids are dumb or active because thats “how they are”. this 4 year old kid was jumping around and screaming and his parent just yelled at him, when they were done with yelling, i went up to the kid and asked him whats wrong. he calmly said no one wants to play with him so hes lonely. LIKE THE FUCK OK ofc your kid is yelling, he wants some fucking attention. he had a power rangers dino force action figure and i offered to play with him and we ended up on the couch watching various power rangers episodes on my phone. at one point he hugged me and said “will you stay here forever” and my heart just fucking broke because obvs this kid doesnt get enough attention from his parents. i didnt have the heart to tell him that this may be the last time i see him, so i said ill try to be there as often as i can. and we just calmly watched power rangers dino force, jungle fury and this kid is smart and responsive and his fav ranger is the red one. and he cried when i fucking left and for crying he got yelled at again. and when we were alone, his dad asked “howd you get him to keep quiet??” i just smiled and said “he likes power rangers and i do too” while in my mind i fucking want him to know that his son is attention deprived and if you actually treat his feelings fucking right, hes smart and funny and loving and open minded and HIS FAVORITE RANGER IS THE RED RANGER. GIVE YOUR CHILDREN SOME FUCKING ATTENTION ASSHOLE.


quintis wedding countdown:
day one - favourite s1 episode: 1.16 love boat

Well, maybe she doesn’t want to jeopardize your friendship. Maybe she’s never had a best friend like you before and that probably means a lot to her. So don’t take it personally. You just have to be patient.

Lena Luthor Appreciation Week Day 6 (April 22)

Favorite Scene or Episode

Favourite Episode: 2x12 (and maybe 2x18 in a few days, haha)

Favourite Scene: Choose only one? XD …Well, I think I choose the great scene from the 2x15 episode “Supercorp Will Rise” (original gif’s post here). 

But I also want to share this one of the same episode, because it represents how much Lena respects Kara and how healthy their relationship is :)


This episode was such a nostalgia trip it honestly made me emotional, especially with the song. Felt like such a love letter to long time fans. Not to mention it topped off with such a great dramatic climax, easily my favourite episode of the season so far.

(I know Scotsman was in the previous episode but I felt I couldn’t make a post like this without him, I do hope there’s more characters from the past seasons who make an appearance in some form. Like the monks, the scientist or the briefcase burglar for example)

Episode XCVII was just incredible.

It was a love letter to all the old fans and the original seasons, and they couldnt have done it better.

They sure as hell know whose are the fan-favourite episodes. Because, my god was a freaking out the whole time.


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.