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Isn't Hinata really pathetic for a main character? It's already over 200 chapters and he's just at the level of a fucking ball boy. He will probably want to kill himself when he sees the skills of everyone at nationals and that his jump is worth less than shit. LMAO!

Ngl I don’t know how you read 200 chapters of this manga to come to such a conclusion, that is just…. super unfortunate because I’m quite sure that’s not the message Furudate sensei was trying to get across to the readers.

Hinata is one of the most inspiring characters I’ve seen, well Haikyuu as a story as a whole. Episode three of Haikyuu s1 where Kageyama first tossed to Hinata is probably one of my all time favourite anime episodes! I almost cried beautiful tears… wait who am I kidding I did cry.

I would be inclined to see things from your point of view had your facts been correct, but may I respectfully point out to this learned anon that I don’t think you have your facts right.

It’s already over 200 chapters and he’s just at the level of a fucking ball boy.  

(1) Hinata is a ball boy, but he’s not at the level of a ball boy.

He’s only a ball boy at the Shiratorizawa camp because Washijou Sensei didn’t want him participating. Washijou Sensei has a sort of personal vendetta against Hinata because Hinata is proving him wrong at every turn, and he’s making Washijou regret his life choices of giving up too easily just because he felt physically inferior to the other taller players. Anabara Sensei, for example, would have easily accepted Hinata as a participant of the camp. Hinata is a ball boy because he chose to be one. It doesn’t necessarily follow that his skill levels are that of a “ball boy”, being a ball boy and being skilled at volleyball were not mutually exclusive last I checked. I’m personally very impressed Hinata would toss his pride to the side and become a ball boy for his peers, and have such a positive and grateful attitude towards everyone - even those who dislike him, ie. Washijou. It’s more than I can say for a lot of people, including myself.

He will probably want to kill himself when he sees the skills of everyone at nationals and that his jump is worth less than shit.

(2) Hinata’s jump is not worthless.

Sure, Hoshiumi can jump higher but Hoshiumi is also taller. Also, the game they are playing is volleyball, not high jump… you know, that sport where you run up and jump over a horizontal pole… so… just jumping high doesn’t mean much if you can’t put a good use to your jump. It’s not really how high you jump but where and how you use your jump. Victory in a volleyball game also takes more than one person madly jumping up and down, so if Hinata keeps doing what he’s doing and works cohesively with the rest of Karasuno I don’t see the problem. Hinata also has a lot of good athletic reflexes and he’s not arrogant or harsh on others, I think he’s very likable. :)

Last thing:

He will probably want to kill himself

No one should ever want to kill themselves for … this … for feeling inferior just because there’s someone better at one arbitrary thing, there will always be someone out there who is better than you but you gotta press on and do what you do, if it makes you happy you should be proud. Life isn’t about being better than every other person out of the 7 billion people on this earth at something, but being at peace with yourself and being kind to yourself and others. Don’t go around saying so and so wants to kill themselves, suicide ain’t a joke buddy. : )

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Gimple talking about how he was like a fanfic writer when he was laying the foundation for Richonne left me with this question: is Siancore Gimple in disguise? Are you Gimple? Don't lie to me. You're him aren't you?

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This had me laughing so much! Trust me, I am not Scotty G. Though, if I was, I would definitely refer to myself as Scotty G.

Gosh, he really is Richonne Trash, isn’t he? He wasn’t even running the show then, but still had the vision for Richonne and planted the seeds for their relationship to flourish later. Clear will forever be one of my favourite episodes and I am so glad SG wrote it. I’m so glad he cemented the possibilities for Richonne early on with his ‘fanfiction’ LOL Bless him and his zany neckties!

Just quietly, if I had any say in it, we’d have had our Richonne sex scene already! That’s how you know I am not he who runs the show.

Thanks for this :)

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so I watched Alone at Sea aka new Steven Universe and it felt so creepy.. Great episode visually, yay to seeing jasper again but the situation felt so gross.. I guess it was realistic though. I’m so glad Lapis refused to fuse in the end and stood up against Jasper, but altogether not a favourite episode of mine.

“Hi April. It’s me, Andy. Just stay sleeping, I’m going to be here when you wake up. I’m not going to leave your side… You could asleep for hours, maybe I’ll come back later. Hope you feel better, okay. Oh, and I know you think that I’m a jerk but I hope you can forgive me. [He kisses her forehead] Gross. Your forehead is all sweaty. That’s gross… but I still like you. Oh, that’s disgusting.”