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I don't know if my favourite fusion Smokey Quartz or Stevonnie?! Mindful education was so good!!!!!!!!!!! Steven is the best fusion partner!!!!

AAAAAA I KNOW I LOVE BOTH FUSIONS! mindful education is definitely my new favourite episode. Everything about it was great and I’m a sucker for good fluid animation

mindful education

oh my god

Rebecca Sugar,

Thank you. Thank you so much.

This episode summed up so well what anxiety feels like. It was so amazingly relatable. 

This was so important for me.

The picturing of butterflies swarming, as the thoughts in your head and the feeling in your stomach when it hits you

just absolutely perfect.

This has become one of my favourite episodes

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  1. Favourite Episode: The Empire Strikes Back. Followed extremely closely by Return of the Jedi. (and if I could extend this to mean favourite book too, I’d say The Last Command, because those should have been episodes anyway. Hmph.)
  2. Favourite Character: Grand Admiral Thrawn. I’m stoked he’s gonna be in Rebels, but fearful of what they might do to him. Also thrilled that in a few short months I’ll get a new Zahn book about him. \shrieking
    ….Actually within the movies for a favourite though, I have a hard time choosing between Darth Maul, Darth Vader, and Grand Moff Tarkin. I have no use for heroes.
  3. Favourite Ship: Imperial-class Star Destroyer. The Chimera in particular. My god that is a sexy ship. Followed closely by base-model TIE fighters. So much love.
    …. and if we’re talking shippy ships… Pellaeon/Thrawn, Thrass/Thrawn, Maul/Thrawn, (everyone/Thrawn, really), Hux/Kylo, and Tarkin/Vader are all ships I’m currently flailing over. I also have a serious thing for platonic Ahsoka/Maul, Ganodi/Grievous, and Boba Fett/Cad Bane. But honestly I ship so many ships I can’t really stop at just a few. I don’t think I actually like any of the canon ships all that much, lol oops.
  4. Favourite Actor/Actress from the Movies: Cushing and Daniels and Fisher and Hamill and Isaac and Ridley were/are all precious noodles, and I wish Cushing was still with us, because I would have loved for him to have had the opportunity to be involved in a bunch of the new things.
  5. Favourite Droid: R2D2 because nobody throws shade like that little fucker.
  6. Favourite Scene: The opening scene from A New Hope of the Devastator coming into frame will always give me chills. 
    If I can include book scenes though, the scene in The Last Command where Thrawn and Mazzic are standing there in the main hangar of the Chimera, and Mazzic is just tossing snark after snark at Thrawn as if he’s not a prisoner, in binders, and thinking he’s about to undergo torture. The man has balls. (We all know Thrawn decided to be a gentleman, forgo the torture, and opt for letting him go, but I mean Mazzic had no way of knowing that while he was there)
  7. Light Side, Grey Jedi, Dark Side? I’m a Dark Sider, through and through. I live fiercely, love fiercely, and I will without regret trample over anyone who tries to prevent me from getting what I want out of life. Strength is power. Self-determination is power. No one tells me what to do and you will pry my independence only from my cold dead hands. That being said. I’m also a pretty amiable guy. The two are not mutually exclusive. <3
    (…although if we’re just talking about which factions we’d align ourselves with, let’s be honest if I was suddenly thrust into the SW universe I would be applying for the Imperial Academy SO FAST you’d think I could enter hyperspace without a ship)
  8. First Movie You Saw from the Saga: A New Hope. I was smol. My folks had plugged in the VHS, and I came inside from doing something like digging in the dirt right at the scene where the dianoga pops its eye out of the trash compacter muck and then grabs Luke. One look at creepy alien eyeball and I was hooked. At that age I didn’t watch anything unless it was short, animated, and involved lots of animals, so getting me to sit down and watch an entire actual movie was nothing short of a miracle. The following days we watched ESB and RotJ and I was even more hooked because BOBA FETT and JABBA THE HUTT (these were the original releases so they didn’t show up ‘til ESB and TotJ then) and I remember being really upset that Jabba got choked and Fett got dropped into the Sarlacc and Vader threw the Emperor down the shaft. But then I started saving my allowance so I could buy the toys and recreate my favourite scenes the RIGHT WAY (it started early) and here we are. Adding way too much tl;dr to a simple question.
  9. SW Crush? ALL OF THEM. I mean. Well. My biggest ones would be Thrawn, Maul, Tarkin, Kylo Ren, Mazzic, Jabba, Thrass, and Cad Bane. But honestly I have to keep lists to keep track of all of my crushes, shit’s crazy. But a good bet is that if there’s an Imperial uniform on someone, I have a crush on them.