Tag 10 people you want to know better!

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Favourite drink(s) : sewage water, wait no i mean pepsi or cola but its probs just as bad for me

• Favourite color(s) : black n white.. i think light pastels too r nice

• Smoke : i might sometimes… rarely when im feelin stress

• Alcohol : mm m mmm maybe sometimes… 

• Favourite music genres : idk anymore i like a bit of everythin. but mostly cute j-pop n anime music bc im loser

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Tag 10 people who you want to get to know better!

Favourite Drink(s): Coffee, juice, and sometimes wine.

Favourite Colour(s): That’s a given; red and black.. but I am quite a sucker for blue.

Ever smoked?: Still do. A very nasty habit, mind you.

Ever Had Alcohol?: Yup. I don’t drink as much as I used too.. don’t do to well mixin’ alcohol and meds.

Favorite Music Genre(s): I’m into a ton of shit, really.

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Tag 10 people who you want to get to know better
favourite drink(s): coffee, tea (any herbal stuff and black), orange juice, lemon lemonade
favourite colour(s): red I guess
smoked: yeah, only to calm my anxiety and help me sleep
alcohol: occasionally if I feel like it
favourite music genre(s): punk, alternative, rap, britpop, indie (according to my ipod)

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⋆ sensory asks ⋆


1. favourite colour(s)?
2. least favourite colour(s)?
3. do you wear glasses/contacts?
4. are you colour blind?
5. what are you seeing right now?


6. favourite band(s) or artist(s)?
7. top five songs?
8. favourite instrumental track(s)?
9. favourite non-musical sound?
10. what are you hearing right now?


11. are you very sensitive to smell?
12. favourite scent?
13. opinion on the smell of blown-out candles?
14. what does your shampoo smell like?
15. do you like to wear perfume/cologne?


16. favourite fruit?
17. favourite non-alcoholic drink?
18. worst thing you’ve ever tasted?
19. do you enjoy any unusual food combinations that others find unappealing?
20. what flavour gum do you usually chew?

T O U C H 

21. do you often rip/cut the tags off of your clothes?
22. any specific textures that bother you?
23. do you have a high pain tolerance?
24. softest article of clothing that you (have) own(ed)?
25. are you a good hugger?


26. do you ever feel like you have a sixth sense? in what way(s)?
27. any prophetic dreams?
28. have you ever had your fortune told? (did it prove to be accurate?)
29. has anyone “read your mind” before?
30. have you witnessed any “miracles” or strange coincidences?

aesthetic asks

raindrops: what’s your favourite song to unwind?

scented candles: do you enjoy reading? if so what’s your favourite book?

chai latte: your starbucks/coffee order?

fairy lights: do you sleep with the lights on or off?

peaches: do you enjoy photography?

summer nights: summer or winter? or perhaps something else?

neon lights: describe what you’d do at 2am with your best friends

winged eyeliner: do you wear makeup?

bath bombs: what’s your favourite lush product?

soft kisses: ever kissed someone of the same sex?

fire crackles: describe your ideal winters evening

spring flowers: what’s your favourite flower/plant?

messy buns: if you could dye your hair any colour what would it be?

warm tea: what’s your favourite tea? if you don’t like tea, what’s your favourite drink?

full moon: do you prefer the stars or the moon? tracing constellations with your eyes or picking the petals off of flowers?

constellations: do you have freckles? any that resemble anything celestial?

young love: have you ever fallen in love? if so describe how you felt

holding hands: kisses or cuddles? stay-at-home dates or out-and-about ones?

cold mornings: what time do you wake up? are you an early bird or a night owl?

sleepy cuddles: lace or silk? nights in sheets with the one you love or afternoons hand-in-hand?

November Asks
  • Fog:Perfect November weather?
  • Grey:A book that you want to read this November?
  • Thanksgiving:Favourite thanksgiving food?
  • Mittens:Your must have November item?
  • Euphony:Three songs that make you think of November?
  • Photograph:A photograph you took last November?
  • Warmth:Your favourite November outfit?
  • Deer:Favourite November activity?
  • Baking:Favourite thing to bake in November?
  • Poetry:Do you like to write? If so, what do you write?
  • Gingerbread:Favourite type of cookie?
  • Frost:Are you excited for it to snow? Why or why not?
  • Chill:Favourite warm drink?
  • Skating:Do you know how to skate?
  • Cabin:Some things that you associate with November?
  • Forest:What's the best part about November where you live?
  • Lights:Do you put up your christmas lights in November? Or do you wait until December?
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🎀 Little Questions 🎀
  • Caregiver:How did you meet your caregiver?
  • Little:Post a little selfie?
  • Paci:Do you have a pacifier/ suck your thumb?
  • Stuffie:Do you sleep with a plushy?
  • Blankie:What makes you feel safe when your caregiver is away?
  • Treaties:What's your favourite treat from your caregiver?
  • Spankies:What's your "favourite" punishment from your caregiver?
  • Sippy Cup:What's your favourite little space food/drink?
  • Tea Party:Do you have any little/caregiver friends?
  • Rubber Duckie:Does your caregiver bathe you/ wash your hair?
  • Onesie:What's your favourite thing to wear when you're in little space?
  • Time out:How long have you been a little for?
  • Story time:Do you enjoy being read to by your caregiver?
  • Telly:What is your favourite little space show/movie?
  • Nap time:Do you have a set bedtime?
I wish someone was into me. I mean really into me. I wish someone would ask me how I am more than once a day. I wish someone could hit me up and ask me what’s important to me and what I’m passionate about. I wish someone would want to know what my favourite songs are and how I feel at 2pm and 2am. I wish someone would care about me enough to call me when I’m sad. I wish someone would stalk me completely on Facebook, stalk my favourites on Twitter, find my personal Tumblr and look at everything I reblog. I wish someone would be eager in taking my phone and going through my likes on Tumblr and going through all my photos and notes. I wish someone was interested in what I constantly think about and how I feel about certain things like nature and animals and the change of seasons. I wish someone would ask me what my favourite thing to do is and what my favourite food and drinks are. I wish someone would want to know what my hobbies include. I wish someone would care when I’m sad. I wish someone wanted to ask me about my future and what I want in life and want to be. I wish someone wanted to get to know me, I just want someone to be interested in knowing me, I want someone to love me for who I am. I wish someone would want to know me
—  My 11:11 wishes never come true