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This is the third Christmas in a row that I’m spending apart from my family, but I am still in love with the preparations. 😊🌲

Arts inspired Asks!
  • Painting: If you could decorate a house, which colours would you paint the walls?
  • Sketch: When you doodle, what do you draw the most?
  • Sculpture: Do you have any figurines in your bedroom?
  • Film: When did you last go to the cinema? What did you see?
  • Photography: Do you use Instagram often?
  • Pigments: What did you wear today?
  • Literature: What's the last book you read?
  • Music: What's the last song you listened to?
  • Ceramics: Do you have a favourite cup/mug?
  • Theatre: Do you prefer plays or musicals?
  • Dance: Have you ever had dance lessons?
  • Architecture: If you could live in any kind of building, which would you pick?

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  • Dumbledore: Slytherin wins the house cup.
  • Dumbledore: lol, jk. Really Gryffindor wins.
  • Dumbledore: Man, you should see the look on your faces! I got you so good.
  • Dumbledore: I wonder why so many Slytherins go bad.
  • Dumbledore: We have to stay united in the face of evil. Remember; we’re one school, not just four houses.
  • Dumbledore: 10.000 points to Gryffindor because I like Harry’s new shoes.

17/1/17 || I’m finally starting my core reading for next semester’s class, ‘World Archaeology’, with ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’ by Neil MacGregor. I’m curled up with my favourite blanket and a cup of coffee, ready to read what looks like an interesting book: what better way is there to spend a quiet evening? 


Summary - Ethan cuddles you out of sadness on your whim.

Word Count - 598

Warnings - Fluff

Pairing - Ethan x Reader

Characters - Ethan, Reader

A/N - This is done for my lovely friend, baby Sam, also known as @pengirwinthepenguin ! Have a good day, baby Sam!

A/N 2 - Cuddly fluff from a cuddly corner! Everyone have a good day!

A/N 3 - (I love A/Ns) Send me a request if you’re feeling like doing so, I need help with inspiration. Also, A/N - Authors Note, Y/N - Your Name.

♥ ♥ ♥

It was a long day for you. Everything went wrong! Whatever you did, it ended up going wrong! Make a tea? Broke your favourite cup! Eat banana? It fell on the floor as soon as you opened it! Texted a friend online? They are busy sleeping 24/7! Made a video with Ethan? Camera fell and lens broke within 5 minutes of the video! You just can’t bare this day anymore.

You run into your room, defeated by today’s unluck, drowning in an ocean of imaginary tears. As soon as you walked into your base from the world also known as your room, you fell on your bed exhausted, hoping to pass out and wake up when luck came back from vacation.

Silence filling your room was broken by footsteps letting you know, that intruder came into your room.

“Hey, Y/N don’t worry about the camera so much! I’ll just change broken lens,” you heard blue boys beautiful voice and automatically was kicked out of the bad mood into reality.

“It wasn’t a lens that broke. It was my life,” you say, facing into the pillow, still hoping to sleep through the day.

“Maybe I can help you patch it up somehow?” Ethan asked jokingly, concern for you obvious in his voice.

You didn’t even think of what you were doing after this, just letting go of everything in this world, motivated by blue boys presence and aura. You slowly turn your face to him and quietly say “Will you cuddle me?”

“Huh?” Ethan was suddenly confused. He was expecting anything but that. You were always so shy around him, getting red even from a little touch.

Suddenly, you sit up on your bed, legs crossed, and look at him with all seriousness and confidence you could scramble in yourself. Then you repeat yourself, but louder and more demanding, “Cuddle me, Ethan.”

For a second, he stands there, digesting information you just threw in his adorable face. Then he starts laughing as if you said a really old and not very funny joke, “you almost got me, Y/N. I thought you were serious….. but…. you are?” last words were more of a statement than a question.

Your patience started running out. So was your confidence. You were almost certain that in this unlucky day, even Ethan himself won’t be able to make it better. But here he was, leaning over to you and hugging you tightly to himself. You hug him back almost instantly, snuggling your suddenly burning face into his shoulder.

“Of course I’ll hug you, Y/N/N,” he says gently, his voice filled with joy, his embrace tightening even more, as if you would start running away, or a monster would get you if you moved even an inch away from him.

“Does this help?” he asks, unsure of himself now, that you were quiet for so long.

“Greatly,” you say, grinning into his shoulder, making Ethan grin himself.

Blue boy let’s out a little cry of success and falls on the bed, taking you with him, so you two were lying comfortably on your small bed.

“Y/N?” Ethan whispers.

The only thing you could respond right now was quiet “Mmm?” cuddling your blushing face to his chest, feeling his arms on your back hug you protectively.

“Are you ticklish?”

You don’t get the time to respond as you feel his hands starting to tickle the hell out of you. Uncontrollably laughing, pleading him to stop and trying to to push his hands away, you feel like this day was one of the best in your entire life.

Make a super hot cup of tea. I mean boiling hot. So hot it could burn your soul. Take it with you to the bathroom and leave it while you shower. When you finish, it’ll be at perfect temperature. Enjoy it being wrapped in a towel. Enjoy it while combing your wet hair. Enjoy it while applying that body milk you love. Enjoy it. You’re welcome.
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