Favourite Actor: Sebastian Stan

“What makes me crazy is a good part. Something like the Mad Hatter, which is a good acting role, really makes me crazy. It gets me so excited when I find something that is juicy, complex, fun and I want to work on it. It makes me obsessive almost.” (x)

  • AX:How was it when you joined the cast? You started one episode before John Francis Daley, who had been playing Dr. Lance Sweets since Season 3, left and his character died. He was very beloved by the BONES company.
  • JOHN BOYD:Yes, absolutely. I was in John’s death scene and he actually took time out of his day to sit next to me and ask me how I was doing and welcome me and wish me luck, which I thought was really cool. And it spoke to how the BONES cast is and they’re just wonderful, kind people. So they were really warm and welcoming.