• South/Southeast Asians:Thank goodness we're losing a lot of Grounder culture, it's a racist appropriative parody of our genuine cultures and religions!
  • South/Southeast Asians:Umm... but almost all the Grounders are white.
  • Antis:Nuh-uh! What about Lincoln and Anya and Indra?
  • South/Southeast Asians:Lincoln and Anya were both offensively killed off to propel the agendas of white characters, Indra is constantly made subservient to Lexa...
  • And by the way, Lexa's costuming-- brown face and a bindi-- are insidiously racist, harmful, and offensive to us.
  • Desis:Nope, it's a bindi, which we, as Desis, can confirm.
  • Antis:But why are you all just attacking Lexa? She's treated as POC by the narrative, your favourite white boy Bellsodoknsi isn't.
  • POC:Putting someone in brown face is grossly offensive and doesn't make them POC in anyway. Bellamy is important Asian rep for many of us, please refrain from invalidating him. And twisting a MoC's name carries longstanding and deeply offensive connotations, please stop.
  • Antis:
  • POC:
  • Antis:
  • POC:
  • POC:Oh for fuck's sake...

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It's nice to see more positivity about Ghostbusters; I follow someone here and all he does is complain and tell people what to do while preaching others to not listen to others. So for example, he keeps saying that the new Ghost Busters is awful and makes and reblogs uncomfortable comments about how the women ruined the film. I'd like to form an opinion myself rather than be made to feel dumb for maybe liking it when I haven't seen it yet. He's actually making me hate one of my favourite films.

damn boy sounds like a jackass tbh. you should watch it for yourself and decide for yourself! also maybe unfollow him LOL

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How long have I listened to them?: since debut
Favourite song: fronting or still lonely
Least Favourite song: ah yeah
Favourite Album: boys be
First song I’ve heard from them: adore u
Have I ever Seen them in Concert? Nope :’)
Any merch I posess: Boys be album , Love letter album, some key chains , posters and photocards, soon the special edition repackage
Favourite recorded concert, If available: all of them
Favourite Single/Music Video: pretty u
Favourite Member, current: Cheol and Chan


I have a thing for their friendship. It is literally the cutest most precious thing in the world. Also, notice how they usually always have matching hair colour. They are my real OTP.

I love it when they are being idiots together and making each other laugh

i love how gentle minseok was being

playing on stage together

they are both stupidly attractive

i am also very thirsty boys

They are obsessed with each others bodies, always touching each other. Just kiss already

i love it when they fight like a puppy and a kitty. Minseok’s attack face is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen

they are both so damn attractive, look at their faces. ahhh.

stop touching his tattoo baek!

i told you to stop baek!

But deep down they love and look after each other

omg dead

Making sure everyone remembers that minseok has aegyo

ahhh im weak now. someone hold me.