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Sansa Week // DAY FIVE: Quote/Lyrics or Favourite Scene/Favourite Chapter

“This is just right,” she said.
He touched her face. “And so is that.”
Sansa did not understand. “And so is what?”
“Your smile, my lady. Shall I make another for you?”
“If you would.”
“Nothing could please me more.”


Cast Introducing The Favourite UK Premiere at London BFI Southbank


The one scene where she’s telling me why she has to free this creature, we rehearsed it forever. We rehearsed it day and night, day and night, because she wanted to practice sign, and I wanted to understand what she was saying so I didn’t get ahead of her or behind her. And when we shot it, it was nothing like we rehearsed, which is the best thing. She actually hit me, which we had never done, and it happened because I said [to myself], “I’m gonna look at my watch halfway through this,” and so I looked at my watch and she–wham! hit me–and I said, “You hit me!” You know, but that’s the take he [Guillermo] used. - Richard Jenkins

I can’t get over this scene in The Boiling Rock.

I love the dynamics of the entire double episode from the initial awkward silences, to the point where Sokka and Zuko unquestioningly follow each other’s lead, pulling off the entire rescue - constantly improvising.

They both have a history of terrible failures and best laid plans going awry, but as soon as they put their heads together, they are able to do the almost impossible.  And I think they are both surprised how easy trusting each other comes to them (despite being just days after the whole “we’ll never trust you”), and at parts how much “fun” they have working “undercover”.

And the amount of trust they build up just within one day of working together as a team culminates in this point, where Zuko just kind of leaps off of the platform over a frigging boiling lake knowing that Sokka will catch him - and he does, even if at that point he has no idea what Zuko was up to. 

And I love how this dynamic carries over once they return back to the group. Despite being the two oldest males, we never once see them competing for leadership - they take turns in leading (Sokka with devising the group strategy to take down Ozai, Zuko in the search for Aang) and they support and trust each other and value each other’s contributions. Zuko puts up with Sokka’s antics and Sokka tries to include Zuko into the group’s “fun” side.

Frankly, I love their relationship and I wish the show had done more with the two of them together.