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“Every meeting leads to a parting, Nate. It`s the circle of life. Our good-byes were fated since the moment we met.”

“But…but I`m not ready…”

Okay, when I started the game I thought it would be cute and silly. It was, too, but I haven`t thought I would cry at the end of it…

642 Things to write: Kitsune no yomeiri

Note: So I am back with the 642 things to write,so I decided to give my Mononoke fanfic idea State to the test. So this idea that I came for the chapter called Kitsune which are my favourite Youkais to write (I have Takashi from Red Thread who is a Kitsune but angsty AF) which I write on my train to work,which I deal with the theme of perception and trickery like the creature itself. So I am introducing Lady Kaede who is like a Moriarty character to Medicine Seller’s Sherlock which he did not know that she is *spoilers*  I really like to write that simplistic words of him. That is pretty fun for me. 

Prompt: Alfred Hitchcock said that a mystery is not knowing what will happen to a bunch of guys playing poker; suspense is when only you know there’s a bomb underneath the poker table. Write about a banal event, but start by introducing something that will change everything and that only the reader knows it coming.

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