favourite youkai

“Every meeting leads to a parting, Nate. It`s the circle of life. Our good-byes were fated since the moment we met.”

“But…but I`m not ready…”

Okay, when I started the game I thought it would be cute and silly. It was, too, but I haven`t thought I would cry at the end of it…

Touhouary Day 10: Koishi Komeiji

Favourite Themes: Hartmann’s Youkai Girl

Favourite Theme Remixes: Haitoku no Agape-Yuuhei Sattelite (suggested by Anon)

The younger Komeiji sister and the girl who closed her heart to the world. Koishi’s character and backstory are pretty sad, but I guess that’s why she stands out to me. I guess her character as well is a kind of somewhat realistic take on how it actually feels to have mind-reading powers ):