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I feel like people tend to imagine achilles as being big and hairy and muscle-bound but I just want to remind y’all that he apparently spent quite a long time disguised as a girl and nobody could fucking tell?? including Odysseus, who had to trick him into revealing himself, but was apparently not smart enough to figure out which of the beautiful women in front of him was a man in a dress???

so like please consider: petite fine-boned achilles. achilles with killer cheekbones and big dark eyes w long eyelashes. ppl meeting achilles and being all “you’re the one who’s supposed to be a scary warrior?” and then later he he picks up trojans twice his size and flings them across the battlefield and they’re like ‘oh’. achilles being significantly shorter than hector and needing to tilt his head back to yell at him. patroclus being able to sling achilles over his shoulder. patroclus giving achilles piggyback rides. achilles needing patroclus to reach stuff down for him sometimes. achilles being the little spoon. tiny pretty achilles okay

Voltron Instagram Headcanons (pt. 1)

this post is a bit different. :3

part 1 | part 2

Keith’s Instagram:

  • Keith doesn’t have much of a formula/ethic on instagram
  • It consists of lots of red things, lion related merch and occasional photos of Lance being annoying/adorable/everything in between
  • He’s curious on why he has so many followers because, why would 9k people want to follow him?
  • Keith likes to post his injuries online for fun just to watch the disgusted comments roll in
  • Every selfie of his has the same comment, ‘cut your mullet’ by Lance.
  • Every selfie.
  • Ever.
  • Favourite hashtag to use: #dafuq

Lance’s Instagram:

  • Lance really loves Keith.
  • A lot of his photos are of Keith being aesthetically pleasing
  • This counts when Keith wears blue, plays with animals, or gives Lance affection in public.
  • Lance also really loves aesthetic
  • Most of his photos are his legs because, DAYUM, those legs are leggy
  • He also just loves blue so, random blue shit is sprawled out on the page
  • Bi and VERY PROUD.
  • Makes white jokes in every caption
  • Makes puns in every caption
  • Generally makes fun of Keith in every caption
  • Refuses to put bible verses in his bio because ‘what if it’s not funny enough?’
  • Keith knows his bf is going to hell
  • Favourite hashtag to use: #everythingisblue

Shiro’s Instagram:

  • Lots of photos overall.
  • Most of them are of himself, Allura, or space.
  • Sometimes all three.
  • He just loves posting about his gf
  • People follow his blog bc either ‘relationship goals’ or ‘oh no, hes hot’
  • Shiro is hot tho so…..
  • All his photos are very candid
  • Almost all of them have no filter
  • His favourite day is Woman Crush Wednesday because ALLURA IS ALWAYS HIS WOMAN CRUSH.  
  • Every Wednesday, without fail.
  • No wifi?
  • Too bad, Shiro will somehow get a photo of her up.
  • Favourite hashtag to use: #shallura
  • He is honestly such a dork.

Bechloe: That time in PP3 when Beca is forced by Fat Amy to confess to Chloe…

Setting: towards the end of PP3. The Bellas are celebrating the final night of their USO tour. Chloe’s in the bathroom of the hanger where the after-show party is being held, touching up her makeup.

Chloe furrows her brow as she thinks she hears voices coming from outside the bathroom door. She places the lid to her lipbalm back on the stick and steps towards the door. She smiles as she hears the distinct muffled sounds of Beca and Fat Amy arguing:

Fat Amy: Go on! She’s in there right now!

Beca: I know she’s in there right now!

Fat Amy: So what are you waiting for

Beca: Nothing! Because I’m not going in there!

Fat Amy: You are going in there!

Beca: I’m not!

Fat Amy: You are! You’re gonna go in there and tell her how you feel and face the consequences once and for all.

Beca: I don’t want to!

Fat Amy: But you do want to! It’s all you’ve been talking about for weeks!

Beca: I don’t even know what to say!

Fat Amy: You’ll spew out something. Look, I’ll stand in front of the door so nobody comes in and you…just…

Chloe swallows nervously and steps back to the mirror as she hears some scuffling outside. Suddenly Beca is shoved through the door and into the bathroom, looking slightly perplexed as Fat Amy slams it behind her. Beca clears her throat, clearly flustered.

Beca: Umm hi…

Chloe smiles nervously. She doesn’t know what Beca needs to talk to her about, but she kinda hopes it’s what she thinks it’s about.

Chloe: Hi..

The two women stand nervously in front of each other, smiling awkwardly.

Beca: Listen I…have something I’ve been meaning…to say…to you…for a long time now. Like, a really long time…actually…

Chloe takes one step forward towards Beca.

Chloe: Oh?

Beca: Yeah its…I mean it’s no big deal…I just…ever since we graduated and…well we had to share that bunk in Copenhagen and…

Beca pauses, looking into Chloe’s eyes and screwing her face up.

Beca: I like you. Like…really like you…

Chloe’s mouth drops open slightly and Beca becomes noticeably flustered the faster she rambles.

Beca: …and I know there’s some rule out there somewhere that says if you’re in love with one of your best friends then you really shouldn’t tell them because then you ruin a perfectly good friendship and things get weird and I don’t want things to get weird. But God this trip has been so so difficult for me watching you with that marine dude and not being able to tell you how I feel because there’s no way you could feel the same way about me too and now I feel like a complete idiot for saying something because…I don’t think I can handle never seeing you again because you’ll freak out and run off and-

Beca’s sentence is cut off by Chloe, who lunges forward, cups her cheeks and kisses her hard. When Chloe pulls apart from Beca, Beca is stunned, but Chloe is smiling at how sweet she looks, whispering:

Chloe: I love you too.

Beca leans forward and kisses Chloe again, flinging her arms around her neck as Chloe pulls their bodies together by the small of Beca’s back. They part again after a few moments, smiles on their faces.

Chloe: Was there anything else you were wanting to say?

Beca: Um…yeah something about getting that things are complicated because we’re friends and…well we live so far apart and…I’m unemployed…and you’re starting vet school in September and…I dunno there were loads of reasons why I thought you’d hate the idea of us getting together-

Chloe cuts Beca’s sentence off with a kiss and Beca mumbles:

Beca: but I can’t really remember what they are now…

And they kiss again before Chloe mumbles:

Chloe: It doesn’t matter…because I want this…us…more than anything…

And the two best friends begin heavily making out in the hanger bathroom. At one point Fat Amy opens the door to see how things are going, grins when she sees the successful result, and quickly closes the door again to stand guard.

For @octobersky22 who’s not feeling too well atm. Feel better soon dude!


Women’s Appreciation Week | Day Two ♀ favourite female driven show