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Anyone can make a Webcomic Name comic, all it needs is blobs doing silly things and an “oh no” punchline. They can be as mind-bogglingly creative or as mind-mushingly bad as you like!

I will select some favourites to be official Webcomic Name updates, and a winner will receive a special prize!

The competition ends on 22nd March 2017, winners announced soon after.

Send entry as an image file to ohnocompetition[at]gmail[dot]com

I look forward to seeing your creations! <3

‘i hate writing female characters’

- or ‘me rambling about being a bad writer’

ive been considering myself a feminist for most of my life, but ive only recently identified a big issue i had when writing stories. i genuinely, honest-to-god, really hate creating female characters, like 99% of the time.
it was a weird realization.

when i was a kid, most of the stories i made had an equal amount of female and male characters, all equally fleshed out (as fleshed out as possible for a kid).
when i entered teenagehood, i started writing more female characters and had a lot of fun doing so.
they werent exactly diverse, but they were enjoyable and relatable.
but then, progressively, starting from highschool, i stopped making any new female characters and wrote mainly male characters, with stories centered around them and them only.

my writing didnt change that much, it was just the gender of my characters.
strange. female characters and male characters arent that different, are they? sure, there are some gender-specific experiences people can have in life, but personality traits arent inherently gendered, so what the hell is going on?

because writing female characters seemed like such a pain, i started asking myself questions about it. why are men more interesting? why are women so boring? and of course, the answer to both was “theyre not”. i looked at my favourite shows, webcomics, podcasts, cartoons, etc, and the overwhelming majority of them have male protagonists and/or a male supporting cast.
a real sausage-fest.

and so whenever i read a very compelling, interesting and in depth character description, i kinda felt like it could only be describing a male character, because no female character would ever get so much personality and backstory. so here we are now. even though i know for fact that female characters can be just as enjoyable a male characters. so what to do?

recently ive noticed that to unblock situations in which i need more female characters but struggle to write enough of them, i just take male character concepts and decide theyre female now. then i can work with good starting material for every character and then write further, knowing some of these characters are female. 

its not a perfect, durable solution, but the more i do that, the easier it gets to write female characters right from the start. its hard unlearning the shit i saw in so much of the media i love but i hope ill manage it in the future.

Movie night! 

Sooo.. I started this some days ago and then I noticed someone else had already done an awesome movie-night fanart w these dudes (click the link to check it out its real cute),, but I finished this anyways so have these two gay nerds all cuddled up and stuff,, :> they’re from my current favourite webcomic @longexposurecomic by @smokeplanet

Please don’t remove my caption!

Most plans are critically flawed by their own logic. A failure at any step will ruin everything after it. That’s just basic cause and effect. It’s easy for a good plan to fall apart. Therefore, a plan that has no attachment to logic cannot be stopped. The success or failure of any given step will have no impact on the macro level.
—  Red Mage (8 Bit Theater - #942: Cross-eyed Traffic)

…и еще один арт моего любимого ютубера, я не успел его сделать к юбилею, прости ДжонТрон!!!))

… and another art of my beloved YouTube, I did not have time to make it to the anniversary, I’m sorry JonTron!!!))

inktober day nine - the magpie

@mckayandgray’s webcomic the magpie, featuring, rather predictably, a magpie, but not in the way you’d expect. a lovely comic with some incredible lore and world building that has me so concerned about my children on a daily basis but I love it anyway

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Hello Bikkuri and Rem! Just wanting to say hi and Devil's Candy has been my favourite webcomic so far, both art and story wise! Do you have any tips on managing/balancing so many characters for a comic? I'm writing comic myself and so far this is the greatest hurdle > < ;;;; thanks!

The most important thing is to keep the reader in mind at all times. This includes giving them what they want and denying them what they want for a bigger payoff later. How often you update and what kind of content you include in those updates is key as well. I think it’s very important to consider your delivery method when you make a story, even if you have to make changes to your original idea.

For some examples of “character management” from Devil’s Candy… we were at our limit on how long we could wait to introduce Clarence and Yahgie into the story. We wanted to wait a bit, but another chapter would’ve been too long. Hitomi isn’t in chapter 5, so it was really important to give her a cool part in chapter 4. Taking the narrative away from Kazu was valuable, but we had a “time limit” on how long we could carry the story on without him. If Gyro had been featured in 2 and 3, his return in 4 wouldn’t have been as fun.

If you have a webcomic with fairly slow updates like ours, you can’t divide it between too many characters, so you have to decide which ones are the most important. Since every character is someone’s favorite and I love all of them myself, I want to do what I can for them within the framework of the story that needs to be told. Some I can’t work in, but usually I try to think of cool ways to bring supporting characters back into the story.

When I say “keep the reader in mind,” that doesn’t mean that you should bow to every request. It’s still your story. You’re going to get completely insane and contradictory things that fans want, anyway. You can’t make everyone happy, but you can think of an “ideal” reader and try to work from their perspective. That way, your story is still yours, but it isn’t self-absorbed. You’re still making it for other people to read.

I’m going to get off subject if I go any further, but I hope this perspective is at least a little bit helpful.


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If you don't mind me asking, what canvas size do you use when making Ghost Lights? I've been super into it and I've been inspired to want to make a comic of my own and I really like the long page style. p.s. keep up the great work, it's my favourite webcomic I've found and your style is so beautiful <3

omg i’m so happy you like it so much, thank you!! and you want to make your own?? that’s so great 💕 it’s a lot of work but it’s really fulfilling

do you want to draw a webcomic / webtoon, or do you plan on printing it later, too? as far as i know webtoons are drawn with big panels, huge spaces between them, big speech bubbles, artists use the reader’s scrolling as pacing, and it’s read mostly on mobile apps

if you plan on printing your comic like i do: there’s a lot of freedom how to do it but the easiest is the “usual” comic/manga layout, more panels per page, normal sized speech bubbles etc. i chose to sacrifice a little of my already finished pages so that it’s more readable on mobile. i cut off the sides and the pages appear slimmer, which is probably what you mean with long page style!

the actual canvas size depends on what the printing company requires. they cut around the pages and they need a bit more space for where they bind the book in the middle. make sure not to draw any important things in that space. but that’s fine bc the sides get cut off anyway for the upload… you feel

so before you start you should decide what you’re going for and which size you want your physical comic to be in case you want it to get printed and then you can set your canvas size (i chose something not too big and not too small, similar to japanese doujinshi… maybe a bit like the US letter size, it’s called DIN B5 in Germany). your resolution should be at least 300 to 350 dpi when you want to print something. aaand yeah i think that sums it up 🌸


Things sure move fast. I’ve been running a mirror of Experience the Magic of the Legend! at Tapas.io, which is a few weeks away from completing its run. Yesterday, Tapas added a controversial Right of First Refusal clause to their ToS, which kicked up quite a Twitterstorm, and prompted a number of creators to leave the site. Several hours later, in response to creator’s concerns, Tapas rolled back the change and removed the clause.

The top image is one I made for an announcement that I was preparing to leave Tapas after the strip had run its course. The second was for when I decided I’d be sticking around after all.

If it’s more convenient for you to read strips at Tapas.io (including EtMotL!), then please continue to do so. But the first run* of my strips will always be at my home site, FavouriteCrayon.co.uk. For best results, subscribe via RSS, or stay tuned here or on Twitter for update announcements.
*Patreon subscribers can see hi-res strips ahead of the standard release.

**Tumblr now hides posts with external urls from searches, so none of the urls in this post are active; this means re-blogging is more important than ever. My comics and art reblogging side-blog is at SquareEyedStories.tumblr.com if you want to tune in.

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This is a weirdly specific thing to ask, but a while ago I found a short comic (it was linked to tapastic) about a guy going to kill himself but this really nice ghost soldier stops him and they start to get to know each other/help each other and it was really sweet and ahhhhhh I can't find it! I've been looking for a while now but can't dig it up. Can you or someone else here help me find it? It'd be very appreciated.

At Ease, by Joanne Kwan! She’s great and does some of my favourite webcomics.