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The group from theclacenetwork decided to start a shadowhunter week challenge.

  •  How this works? - We’re going to make gifs/graphics about shadowhunters for each different day of the week.
  •  When it starts? -  next week 03/02/15 
  • Can I join it? - YES anyone can join it!

 Here are the days:

  1. Monday - favourite characters
  2. Tuesday - favourite scene 
  3. Wednesday - favourite shadowhunter family
  4. Thursday - favourite downworlder 
  5. Friday - favourite quote  
  6. Saturday - favourite villan 
  7. Sunday - Free day 

Thank you and let’s have fun :)

Ps: Post your edits with the tag #shadowhunterweek so we all reblog it

Day 4:

Favourite villian
So I’m torn between the Master and daleks. But because there is a “Favourite Master” section, Imma go with the daleks for right now.


Because everyone at some point meets the daleks and it’s not always the worst experience ever but then they come back later and it’s like “HAHA EXTERMINATE MOTHERFUCKER” but also there was Human Dalek and he was awesome and then on Doomsday with the Daleks and the Cybermen.

External image
External image

External image

Emotional scene:

External image


Hey guys!! I decided to start a new owari no serah challege and I thought that It would be nice if I share it with you so here it is “20 days with owari no seraph”:

Day 1:Your favourite male character
Day 2:Your favourite female character
Day 3:Most attractive character
Day 4:Favourite villan character
Day 5:Character that deserves more attention
Day 6:Less favourite character
Day 7:Favourite Supporting Character
Day 8:Favourite Squad
Day 9: Favourite Cursed Gear
Day 10:A moment of dedication
Day 11:Scenery
Day 12:A funny moment
Day 13:Family
Day 14:Reunion
Day 15:Favourite Quote
Day 16:Favourite moment
Day 17:Favourite Hiiragi
Day 18:Favourite Opening or Ending
Day 19: Favourite Relationship
Day 20: Reasons to love Owari No Seraph*updated*

Feel free to take part in it! I personally will use this tag #20daysons so If you take part just use this tag so I can see your creations and reblog everything!It will mean so much to me! If you have any questions just ask me!!

All the love xxx