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Me watching:
  • Porn: *feel nothing*
  • Naked chicks: *feel nothing*
  • Naked guys: *feel absolutely nothing*
  • Joker in Suicide Squad being fucking insane and leaves his girlfriend for dead in a car under water when he knows she can't swim, and simply just being crazy throughout the whole movie: "SOMEONE FUCK ME RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW" *drools*

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Random question: Who's your favorite Superman villain? and why? or if you can't pick, top 3 favorite?

oh man man man you came just in time anon I’m going crazy because DC is bringing back my most favourite Superman villain of all time and I’m sweating here WORRYING if they don’t do him justice I’m gonna die D IE

so yeah, my most favourite Superman villain:

(god i hate it when they draw him hot)

some of you might go Manchester Black? Manchester? the dude in Superman vs The Elite??? i thought he was an anti-hero???!!!

nah the day he decided to target all people that are close to Clark, gave intel to Luthor about who is Superman, tortured Lois and gave Clark a hologram of her dead body i already counted him in villain category.

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Sketching cartoon villains continues!

High-priest Tzekel-kan from The Road to El Dorado is actually my favourite villain of all time. I don’t exactly know why. He’s got it all. Power. Charisma. Sexy tattoos. Knack for dark magic rituals and sacrificing people to the gods.Or maybe because he’s so ridiculously sexy but also makes such derpy expressions all the time? Anyway, enjoy! XD There will be some more of him next week XD

Final Thoughts on Lord Dominator

Well…finally here people, at the endgame with the series finale of Wander Over Yonder with “The End of the Galaxy”, and I think an update is due. For those who remember my last thoughts on Dominator here http://hsrw101.tumblr.com/post/142935418391/further-thoughts-on-lord-dominator We finally got the last set of episodes so I figure its time to give my own say on her. Cause let’s just say my feelings are…mixed.

Not saying the episode was bad, quite the opposite, it was awesome, but this episode did make me question Dominator’s character as a whole. But I’ll get to that. I TOTALLY called on Dominator reaching that dilemma about succeeding in her goals but then would realize there is NOTHING left for her to do. But of course that all changes when Wander unintentionally reveals that there is one planet left. What I didn’t expect was them building up as to why she is the way she is, and that was indicated best in “The Night Out”. Aside debunking the theory about her having a symbioitic unison with her ship and showing that it is indeed clothes that make the superman, we see Dominator cutting loose outside of her conquest for destruction outside of her ship. She enjoyed being around others like Sylvia, but doesn’t understand the concept of friendship thinking that they’re beneath her unless they immediately obey her like her robots. Then in “The Flower”, we see just how petty she is as she’s trying to destroy the flower Wander and Sylvia are trying to save as a means of crushing their hopes. Then finally in the finale just shows how much she LOVES to torment others, especially Wander, just to see him cry. Then when defeated we get the BIG revelation of her motivation…sort of…but I’ll get to that, so Dominator as a villain…

Well she totally lived up to being a threat as to why we wanted to see more of her, and in the finale we see her going cuckoo for coco puffs, getting sadistic glee as she torments everyone around her. But then as we soon learn…all she wanted was to be with other people and not be alone…YOU KNOW THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO TRY AND GET PEOPLE TO LIKE YOU YA GOBLIN QUEEN JACKASS!

But that’s just what I would say as a character cause I’m a snarky bastard like that. But yeah, Dominator is all alone, so her ways to be with others is to act like a bully in elementary school. In fact…, Dominator was acting more like an immature child in later episodes as if she treats everything around her like toys for her to destroy. While not understanding the concept of friendship and as seen how she rejected Wander’s help…I had this revelation…Dominator’s entire motive is EXACTLY like The Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask!

Both are alone due to tragic events (though unexplained on D’s end) they get powers and use it to bring mischief to others, especially enjoy making them suffer for fun, and finally their ultimate plan is to destroy their respective worlds all because they can. And yet all they wanted in the end were friends. Hell, I can make another similar comparison to Dominator with Puppetmon from Digimon.

Especially considering how both of them were defeated the same way. What they didn’t have were positive reinforcements, the very thing that the heroes had, FRIENDS. And as we’ve seen too, even after Wander saved her life and opened her eyes to the possibilities of being kind to one another, she refuses and storms off claiming she “didn’t want to destroy their stupid galaxy anyway!” ala Emperor Awesome from “The Party Animal”. Thus showing she’s no different than Hater and Awesome as being a very moody teenager…you know…as a villain…this revelation kinda makes Dominator a more pathetic bad guy in the end…

I just know anyone who knows me or likes Dominator would give me that exact same look, but hear me out. In the beginning she was much more menacing because she barely begun her plans and we barely knew her, until it was fully revealed in “My Fair Hatey” that she plans to destroy every planet in the galaxy…and yet she never had any after thought about what would HAPPEN when she did succeed. Even her robots suggested moving to another galaxy start over (like the fans theorized) but Dominator groaned at that claiming she’d have to start all over again, showing her lazy side along side her moody nature. Combined with how petty she was in “The Flower” much like a bully trying to destroy a kid’s science fair project. And yet under all that she’s a lonely bitter person who longs for companionship but her unknown origin and questionable addiction to blowing things up makes it hard for her to admit her problems due to her tremendous ego and pride. Its easy to say she’s more tragic that way, but considering they wanted to keep her as a threat (which is understandable) with no possible redemption, it kinda clashes with the end goal since until we get a 3rd season, to me, Dominator’s character is not truly realized. We got the menace, but we started to lose that when we saw her little to vague reason as to WHY she’s like this. And with this being the end of WOY, it only hurts Dominator’s character more.

But in retrospect, I don’t want to sound unfair. I get they wanted to keep the analogy simple for kids since this entire concept would appeal to them and was made for them. And its easier for them to understand the bully aspect than a more complicated villain. I think its just in some ways I was spoiled by other more menacing Disney villains who are even MORE unredeemable. Like Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls or one of my all time favourite Disney villains, Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Dominator as a character is STILL very enjoyable, but as a villain…my thoughts made me realize that she’s not that great as a villain as I thought she was. Sylvia made me think on that when she realized that when dealing with the survivors as to why Dominator was able to take over the galaxy so easily. Maybe its because I’m more used to the big epic clashes of good vs evil that we never saw much of in the show, hell, the one who came the closest to beating her and eventually did was Lord Hater. He was the only one apparently who was CAPABLE of taking Dominator on. And considering Dominator’s true nature once you take her powers away and expose her for who she is, she’s kinda lame as a villain. Then again, until we get that backstory, I’ll believe THIS as the reason why she’s like this http://tooneyd.tumblr.com/post/143908304023/the-super-secret-origins-of-lord-dominator

But who knows, that’s why I am HOPING that we can get Disney to renew WOY for a third season. Not only to see our fave characters back to more adventures, but to also see some more insight to the character that help rejuvenate the viewership in WOY, Lord Dominator. And to get a reminder as to why we fell in love with her in the first place.

And until then, we’re stuck with this cliffhanger…

My God! Caesar from Planet of the Apes has invaded WOY and apparently he’s radioactive! THAT CAN’T BE GOOD!

Personally, I think the key to a good villain is the calmness. Take Jim Moriarty for example. He is portrayed so perfectly, the way Andrew Scott had the perfect balance of calm and creepy, no emotions shown in his face to psychopathic facial expressions, movements and speech. Speech is also a key part, you’ve got to talk the part. Like Dylan O'Brien did when stiles was possessed by the Nogistune, the slow speech and the slowness of his actual movements, it’s perfect. The calmness though, back to that, see, when they’re calm and collected, talking slow and showing how much they truly don’t care for others, it shows how bad they are. You know from the second you see Jim Moriarty on your screen, nothing good is going to happen, he strikes you as bad because the way Andrew Scott portrays his body language, carelessness, calmness. And moving slow, that’s another thing. We’re going to -again- use Moriarty, (he’s my favourite villain of all time though for real) he does everything slowly, the walks slowly, his hands in his pockets, his movements are slow, you’re on the edge of your seat awaiting his next move. He wasn’t predictable. And he’s scary. He’s scary because all of those things, because even when he’s threatening Sherlock, he is calm and cool and it’s terrifying. In conclusion, if anyone even wants to portray a bad guy, go to Andrew Scott, he knows how to do this thing, be s l o w.

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I was watching the clip from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frollo’s villain song, ‘Hellfire’, and noticed that Frollo bears a striking resemblance to Pitch Black, in terms of facial structure.

Then it hit me…

Struck me…

Hijack Notre Dame AU? Hiccup is the heavily scarred 'beast’, Jack is the attractive gypsy boy, with an exotic bird called Babytooth. Pitch is Claude Frollo, and soon gains an unhealthy obsession with Jack after the boy’s seductive dance. In place of the Captain…North? A friend of Hiccup’s? Someone who visited the church some time ago and noticed the boy?

If this gets some likes/reblogs, i.e people show interest, I will immediately begin research on Notre Dame, the book, and Paris. Seriously, I am so inspired right now. Hunchback of Notre Dame is my favourite Disney movie of all time. Frollo is my favourite Villain. Quasimodo is my favourite under-appreciated hero!




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4. Would you like to have a Disney themed wedding? If there is a concrete movie for it, tell me which one it is!

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