favourite villain of all times

Me watching:
  • Porn: *feel nothing*
  • Naked chicks: *feel nothing*
  • Naked guys: *feel absolutely nothing*
  • Joker in Suicide Squad being fucking insane and leaves his girlfriend for dead in a car under water when he knows she can't swim, and simply just being crazy throughout the whole movie: "SOMEONE FUCK ME RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW" *drools*

anonymous asked:

I'm surprised (and a bit disappointed) that you don't have Gray in your top 10! o.o. I thought both Lucy and Gray would make it, not just one over the other haha.

Gray is one of my favourites. Or, rather, he started out as one of my favourites and now he’s like a favourite but not a top tier favourite. I just happened to end up preferring other characters over him? Lucy only just slid in there to be honest. She’s one of those characters that I enjoy in waves of I love her so much and she’s great but she’s not my fave. 

There are just too many characters??? I tend to prefer the villains, too. Or the anti-heroes. My favourites change all the time. Especially in a long manga like Fairy Tail where the characters just grow and change so much.

The only thing that doesn’t change is that I feel nothing towards Natsu. I know I’m supposed to care about him but he’s just kinda there for me. I neither like nor dislike him. He’s the walking definition of learn to take your own advice. xD

The Disney Tag! | Toxic Tears


I did the Disney Tag!:D Suuuper silly thumbnail, but it was fun to make.:’) Check it out if you get a chance, I’m going to pop the questions below, so feel free to Reblog and fill in your own answers to the questions, I’d love to read them!

1. Mention a character, which first you did not like, but you took a liking to it at the end of the movie

2. What do you prefer: CGI or hand drawn animation?

3. Which story/tale would you like to see as the next Disney movie?

4. Would you like to have a Disney themed wedding? If there is a concrete movie for it, tell me which one it is!

5. Which character did/do you have a serious crush on?
6. What is your favourite Disney Villain song?

7.  What disney girl is the prettiest?

8. All time favorite disney soundtrack?

9. Scene in disney film that makes you cry?

10. First disney film you have seen?

11. What is a animated non-disney movie that you like?

12. If you could be any Disney Princess who would you be?

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