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Maeno Tomoaki, Masuda Toshiki, KENN

(Mission WM was a radio show hosted by Maeno Tomoaki and Masuda Toshiki for the otome game/drama cd maker Rejet. This episode’s guest was KENN, and the series they were focusing on was Ken ga Kimi in which KENN and Maeno voice two of the main characters)

KENN: Right?! *laughs*
Maeno: That’s right.
KENN: It’s Ken ga Kimi!
Massu: KENN-san?
Maeno:KENN’ ga Kimi, isn’t it?
KENN: It’s not my ‘Kimi’ at all.
All:KENN’ ga Kimi!…

Massu: …And this is (the setting for) Ken ga Kimi. The cast are Tsuzuramaru, CV Ono Yuki-san.
Maeno: Yes.
Massu: Kei, CV KENN-san.
Maeno: Kennnnu!
Massu: *laughs* Kuroba Saneaki, CV Maeno Tomoaki-san.
KENN: Tomoaki!
*all pause*
Massu: Enishi, CV Okiayu Ryotarou-san. *KENN laughing in background*
Maeno: Okiayu-san!
Massu: Sagihara Sakyou, CV Hoshi Souichiro-san.
Maeno: Pappi-senpai!
Massu: Suzukake, CV Ohsaka Ryota-san.
Maeno: Ohsaka-kun!…

HQ Kareshi (Osananajimi): Kunimi Akira part 1

Kunimi: Sorry for making you wait

Kunimi: On a snowy day like this you don’t have to wait for me

Kunimi: If you caught a cold mom would get mad at me

Kunimi: Not to mention I don’t want you to catch a cold because of me

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A shelter from the rain (part 1) (manga by Chupiarare) 

A shelter from the rain series: [part 1] / [part 2] / [part 3]  

(translation + typeset: konekojita / cleaning: nerd that cries over Erwin Smith + konekojita / QC: heichoustoilethumor)

This is one of my favourite Eruri stories ever. Written in the style of children’s books the mood goes from sweet and fluffy to dark and melancholic.

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Favourite Outfits from The 1989 World Tour

[3/5] I Know Places / All You Had To Do Was Stay

(surprise bitches, i’m posting the third one when i already just posted the second one ten minutes ago)