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A Painter, a Baker, and a Boy who Never Took Sugar in his Tea - katiac - Chapter 8: Clear and Simple
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OMG, this story is the death of me. I think it’s official now. It’s my favourite Hunger Games fanfic ever - it is more than just a fanfic to me. I like it more than I liked the bookseries itself.

Honestly, no fic moves me like this one. No fic is as real as this one. katia deserves so much more praise and adoration for this story, than I can ever give to her. So please everyone, go and tell her how brilliant she is. How brilliant this story is.

More words have left me. I need time to process this. And then I’ll reread.

So, I ventured into a sci-fi collectors shop today and left with this

6 Favourite Things About Katniss Everdeen

I was tagged by @papofglencoe for this, and I’m very much on board with the idea of a Katniss Saturday and an overall Everlark weekend. 

1. She’s an archer. I know that’s kind of an odd reason to like a character, but I’ve always loved the bow and arrow (took archery classes myself once) and my first movie star crush was Orlando Bloom as Legolas, so I’ve always had a soft spot for archers. She uses it to feed her family and protect the people she loves and it’s such a wonderfully practical weapon to know how to use. The way she associates it with her father and with providing for her family, I dunno, it’s nice to have a female character associate with a weapon or a tool in a positive manner. 

2. Her weird/dark/awkward/witty sense of humour. Peeta’s funny, but I underestimated the number of times Katniss made me chuckle with her blunt thoughts. She speaks her mind sometimes without a filter and her words aren’t always the most charming, but they are certainly entertaining to read.

3. She’s resourceful. I respect the hell out of that. For someone who lives near the forests and the mountains, I wouldn’t have a clue on how to survive or manage without 50 different things on hand. She knows all the tricks to stay alive in the wild and provide for herself (and others) and she does it with enough struggle for her to not be perfect, but with enough skill for you to really admire her. 

4. She has a deep, unflinching sense of love. She doesn’t limit family to blood first off, and the love she has for them is almost unconditional; she’ll do anything to keep them safe. She can bring herself to love even someone who mocks her, butts heads with her, and is a self-loathing, self-destructive wreck like Haymitch. The way she’ll do anything for Prim, deny her nothing. Speaking as both an older and younger sibling, it is nice to see positive examples in popular media of siblings not being dysfunctional, but just taking care of each other. Even the other Victors, people who would be her enemies in the Quarter Quell, Katniss sees some of them as people she would be naturally protective over, that they are people she would just want to help. For someone who tries to keep people away, who claims to not have any faith in the world or humanity, she loves and takes care of people in a sense that is really under-appreciated by many fans. 

5. She’s flawed. Being a blank slate is bad enough for a character, but to be perfect is even worse. Perfection is boring. No one is perfect and I don’t want to read the thoughts of someone who is. Katniss has flaws just like the rest of us. She can be judgemental, mean, quick to withdraw, cynical. She isn’t a great public speaker most of the time, she can be standoffish, and awkward. And that’s fine. I love those things about her. A character feels so much richer when you know they can be just like you in a lot of ways, that they have negative qualities. Katniss has much more good in her than bad, but I love that so many of her thoughts are so unapologetic and flawed in so many ways. It divides people on her, it makes her  target for hatred amongst this fandom to a degree that shocks me (and angers me), but I love it. I think if you can love a character at their worst, then you know that this character is a very well written one. 

6. Her bond with Peeta. It isn’t easy between them in the least and for at least half a book one of them views the other as an enemy, but they always find their way back to each other. And I think Katniss deserves as much credit for that as Peeta does. She fights for him in a different sort of way, but she tries to do her best by him. She intends to sacrifice herself at the Quell to save him. She risks her life by kissing him in the Capitol streets, doing so to try and bring him back from the brink, to keep the hope that he can be him again. Half of her revenge on Snow is almost based around what he did to Peeta. She can be so much more selfless than people realize when it comes to him (as he can be for her). In addition to that, I love that Katniss appreciates so many of the gentler qualities Peeta has. So many people in the mainstream media or casual fans mock Peeta for his interests and skills. I love that Katniss doesn’t look down on him for those qualities, but instead sees beauty and hope in them. She admires that side of Peeta as much as he admires the Hunter side of her. 

No one to tag really. @shinrinnoyousei, I wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts. 

I’d be content to spend the morning alone with him, but after about an hour and a half, someone puts his arms around me from behind, his fingers easily finishing the complicated knot I’ve been sweating over. Of course it’s Finnick, who seems to have spent his childhood doing nothing but wielding tridents and manipulating ropes into fancy knots for nets, I guess. I watch for a minute while he picks up a length of rope, makes a noose, and then pretends to hang himself for my amusement.