favourite songs 2012


all im sayin is that if they debuted now new gen kpop stans would be all over them hypin them up

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I still don’t know what my favourite song off RED (2012) is... I can’t decide, I’m like oh it’s treacherous, no it’s I almost do, oh wait I love state of grace, but what about etc etc will I ever be able to choose?? Probably not??? Anyways, how’s life madie?

this is the biggest mood of all time honestly. i’m doing well, listening to the best album of all time, you know how it goes

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Coldplay for the ask?

Yay thanks for requesting!

If I know them:

I do know Coldplay but I dont regularly listen to them and I also don’t have full albums saved or anything.

How long have I listened to them? - Wow I think like since they became well known, but I think I have put their songs in my playlists since like 2012

Favourite song: Charlie Brown, when I listen to that song soooo many memories of 2013 or something come into my head lol, also Christmas Lights haha

Least Favourite song: A Sky Full of Stars, Something Just Like this and all their other shit new songs and shit collabs with dance artists (I’m sorry if you guys like those, not trying to offend anyone)

Favourite Album: Don’t really know albums but I guess Mylo Xyloto

First song I’ve heard from them: Viva La Vida.. I think? Or Clocks

Have I ever Seen them in Concert? - Nope

Any merch I posess: Nope

Favourite recorded concert, If available: I don’t know

Favourite Single/Music Video: Paradise!

Favourite Member, current: I guess Chris Martin

Favourite Former member(if available) - dunnooo

Thank you :))

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First Aid Kit

Favourite Songs 2012

#2 First Aid Kit - Emmylou

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I’ll be your Emmylou/And I’ll be your June/If you’ll be my Gram/And my Johnny too.’ It seems faintly absurd that these young Swedish sisters, Johanna and Klara, could produce such a classic slice of country music, but here it is, achingly redemptive, worthy of Emmylou and Gram themselves, as romantic a piece of Americana as you’d care to hear, all peddle-steel sweetness and sublime harmonies, where mention of bitter winds only makes the music warmer, the loneliness keener, the (wished-for) surrender deeper. 

Beach House

Favourite Songs 2012

#1 Beach House - Myth

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Materialize/Or let the ashes fly…’ Inevitable really, obvious even, but from the first time I heard it I knew this was going to be hard to beat. And so it proved. It moved through the year’s music like a Spanish galleon through trawlers and tugboats. In fact it wasn’t even in the water, it was sailing across the night sky, torch-lit, masts and flags rippling in the breeze. From cowbell start to piano fade-out everything in between is majestic and mysterious, suitably mythic, suffused with feeling. It could attach itself to any number of emotions, embrace them for you, without ever being specifically sentimental, just Victoria Legrand’s siren-voice floating through you, over you, around you.