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Article from Polish TV Guide about Season 4 - Sherlock Holmes: Big return of a brilliant detective and a charming sociopath

Highlights (some minor spoilers):

  • Mary is described as an ex-spy and a killer
  • John is described as Sherlock’s only (!) friend who can tolerate him and who writes a blog to cope
  • Sherlock is describes as a sociopath *smh*
  • The first episode of S4 takes place some time after S3 and John and Sherlock are back to solving crimes together
  • In this season Sherlock will ask Mrs Hudson to say “Norbury” if he gets too haughty to remind him of his past fuck up. And Sherlock will apparently make some major mistakes in the first episode
  • All rumours that this will be the last season are false
  • Tumblr is mentioned as the favourite site where the fans hang out

This is my favourite post on this site bc this really shows these ppl know nothing I’m dead… if we changed ally to closeted.. that’d be outing urself if you interacted with the lgbt community… closeted ppl still wouldnt have access… im dead

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Hi Pots! I wanna start by saying how much I absolutely love all the art you do. I'm also really sorry to hear you were feeling pressured about your old blogs, but I just wanted to let you know that your blogs and your art inspired me to post my art now! I'm so happy to see you're still drawing and I will keep supporting you no matter what it is you choose to draw! Thank you for being my favourite artist on this site! -kujiraaa

starspun-dreamer submitted:

Just wanted to say thank you so much for creating this blog!! So clever and funny, one of my favourites on the site :D

I especially love these two, so I wanted to draw them for you! I hope you like it!! Thanks again!! <3 <3 <3

((thank YOU! that means so much to me how you seem to care a lot about these dorks as much as i do. i’m so happy to be one of your favorites :> ))

Civil agree-to-disagree discussions are my absolute favourite. No real anger, no backbiting, just “I think this” and “But I think that” and even when you finish and both look at each other, simultaneously thinking “They are so amazingly wrong, damn,” that mutual respect just makes me really happy.

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I just discovered your blog (through @aubscares, one of my favourite blogs on this site), and I just have to say thank you so much for your godly testimony and obvious graciousness to everyone with whom you interact. I've been encouraged just being here. God bless you!

Aww, thank you so much! ^^ I’m really glad you’ve found your way over here and find my little corner of the tumblr a source of encouragement~!

30 Day Non-Monogamy Challenge Day 25

25. Your favorite Non-monogamous blog/tumblr/site/book?

I have not read The Ethical Slut, Opening Up or More Than Two but I have heard of them. I may read them some day but really have not been much into reading non-fiction lately. 

My favourite blog/tumblr/site are just tumblr blogs and I’ll list a few here but I’m certain I’ll be forgetting some (I follow MANY great non-monogamous blogs)! 

(in alphabetical order and not relevance)







































Favourite Places for TS2 Lots?

Hi guys; what are your favourite places/sites/blogs/etc. to download houses and buildings for TS2? Right now I’m looking for mostly residential buildings, but I haven’t really ever gone looking for other players’ lots until fairly recently, so any type of lot would be a cool place to start. Please suggest and feel free to self-promote! <3