favourite show opening ever

This last episode the animation was quite good, I like how they included amusing filler scenes and the some of the scenes with Gildarts, and holy crap Natsu’s seiyuu’s voice this episode was making me feel things I’m not kidding

The Natsu and Lucy scenes having a fun time catching up made me so emo and the scene where Natsu sees her map is immediately when I started tearing up. I FUCKING LOVE that they used Masayume Chasing in the last scene omg I did not expect that it’s my favourite opening of any show ever and the parallel scene to the first episode ;_; The montage of all the characters and guild settings and the original FT theme in the end really wrapped up the nostalgia feels.

On to a new adventure, and the manga is crazy right now and is top-notch like always. I am sad there won’t be any weekly fairy tail episodes to look forward to each Friday but I am immensely excited at the new animation project with Mashima at the helm because I know it’ll be really great! Bye for now Fairy Tail anime you’ve been deeply loved!