favourite scene tbh


You asked me today if I proposed to you because I thought you might be dying. I want you to know the answer to that question is ‘yes, I did’. We might have to do things faster than other people… but I’m so madly in love with you,  and I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to marry you someday. Someday just came sooner than I thought.  

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favourite episode : 10 bc im in fukcing tears its a wild ride aND VICTOR AND YUURI ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED

favourite character : every one of them hmm well victor nikiforov slightly more than others

favourite song : yuri on ice, partizan hope, in regards to love : agape, HISTORY MAKER AND YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE (obviously)

favourite ship : victuuri is a given, of course and i really love yurio x otabek and emil x michele

favourite scene : the whole show tbh but  if i had to choose, the kiss in ep in 7

favourite thing about the show :
how EVERY single character from minako to otabek have their own detailed stories and just the fact how groundbreakingly amazing it is


This scene is so important and sweet, it’s always been one of my favourites. 

Please remember that this Erwin Smith is the same man who simply just wants to raise a family and return humanity the freedom to live a comfortable life outside the walls. The way he smiles and speaks to Eren in this scene is so kind and genuine, because Eren is just a child to him. But he’s a child who has gone through so much trouble already, and Erwin respects his strength to keep moving forward. And just look at how happy Eren is to hear it! The same little boy who was grinning widely at the return of the Scouting Legion, the same little boy who wanted to become a titan-slaying machine just like all of his heroes, just got praised by the commander! What an incredible thing that must have been for Eren to hear. Erwin could have left Eren to die at the hands of others, but instead he decided to save him and put his faith into this child. I think this is a really important scene, and the relationship that these two have is often misunderstood, but it’s clear here that there is a mutual respect between them.