favourite scene of the bby

Finally caught up on 10+episodes of Haikyuu!!

Favourite part #1And I want to share my favourite parts because why not

(Really long but beautiful screenshots please look at them all the bby)

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a CS one-shot based on the marriage scene in POtC in 'At World's End'?

I had far too much fun writing this.


The sound of metal colliding with metal exploded in the air, clashing swords ringing out past the continuous drum of heavy rain that pounded the ship’s deck. Wind wrapped everything aboard the Jolly Roger up in its unyielding embrace, hair and clothing lashing everywhere as the men and women spun and dodged and fought. Thunderous black clouds loomed overhead, the aftermath of a recently unbridled sea witch: and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

A cavernous whirlpool carried the triad of ships, the three distinct battalions easily identifiable by their flags and the colours they wore: the Evil Queen’s men clad all in black; Rumplestiltskin’s followers, distorted and mutated beings that resembled anthropomorphic creatures more than anything else; and the Pirate’s Court, the misfits distinguished by their fighting style and lack of common features.

The Jolly Roger and the Queen’s Brigade were locked side by side, grinding together like two pumice stones, the creak of both ships loud enough to break through the barrier of rain and fighting. Ropes were strewn across each deck, both filled with a mixture of black soldiers and dirty scoundrels. The Dark Horse, Rumplestiltskin’s beloved vessel, was closing in from behind, the tattered sails somehow pushing the ship forward nonetheless. It wasn’t long before the derelict vessel was near enough for the disfigured soldiers to board the Jolly Roger.

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