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13x02 The Rising Son - Favourite Scene

Ugh this scene! Despite the clunkiness and the white dude sausage-fest, with a side of the threat of sexual violence, which is the Bucklemming trademark, this scene was a masterpiece of subtext, via the medium of Jensen’s ever-talented micro-expressions. 

Sam: “If you and I are going to do this, keep Jack on the right side of things, then we have to be on the same page…”

Dean: “That’s the problem Sam, because we’re not on the same page, like, at all…”

Sam: “Alright, I know what’s going on here…”

Dean: “Oh, you do, well please, tell me, what’s going on here…”

“You, thinking that Mom has gone, and Cas has gone, and Jack can’t be saved.”

(Dean’s face - yeah I lost my beloved, the dork who made my heart skip a beat, the angel I didn’t get to tell that I loved him back).

Sam: “Dean, after everything we’ve gone through. We just lost people we love. People who’ve been in our lives for a long time, everything’s upside-down, I get it.” 

(Dean’s face - I don’t think you do Sammy. I just lost my demon ex-lover, who I still had a place in my heart for, and the angel LOVE OF MY LIFE).

Sam: “But we’ve been down before, I mean rock bottom…

(Dean’s face - You have no idea do you, Sammy. This is about 60,000 feet below rock bottom. This is, I just want to lay down and die, right here and right now.) 

Sam: “And we find a way, and we fix it, because that’s what we do….”

(Dean’s face - there is no fixing this Sammy. Thanks for our usual pep-talk but right now I am floored by the kind of grief that rips out your entire guts and flings you into a black hole).  

(NB: Of course grief for Mary is in there too). 

This scene was a masterpiece of brotherly miscommunication. Sam being a beautiful soul with the best will in the world, but not getting how much his words are hurting his brother. And Dean, unable to express the crushing weight of grief pressing down on him.


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