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We’ve been working on an animated typography project in college for the past two weeks, so I went with one of my favourite TAZ scenes; Angus’s first magic lesson. I had a lot of fun with it, even if it did turn out a little plain! Enjoy?

EDIT: Just realised I have like 20 seconds of dead air at the end and i dONT KNOW HOW TO TRIM IT

Happy thursday everyone and happy new episode day! Yay!. Finally the long wait is over, who is anxious here as me? 👏👏
As I told you yesterday I want to make a drawing of my favourites scenes of tbbt, my second one is for the fantastic Dr Hofstadter, a funny husband and a better friend. Who didn´t laugh with this hilarious scene? You´r a naughty carrot Leonard, you really are!

Hope you guys like it too 😘😘

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Bones was the first show that i ever fell in love with! Even though i haven't seen a new episode in a long while... i still remember the 100th episode tearing me to bits. What are your favourite episodes/moments/scenes from the show?

Ahh the 100th! That episode is brilliant. Definitely one of my favorites. “Aliens in a Spaceship” is my ultimate, and “Verdict in the Story” and “Judas on a Pole” are way up there too (I just ranked my top 25 so basically… those are my favorites? It was a painful process but I stand by my decisions).

As for moments/ scenes… oh no this is so long

  • The moment near the end of Aliens when the music starts and Hodgins offers Brennan a handshake and she pulls him in for a hug instead, and then Booth sees the blast and just takes off running, is my favorite moment of the whole show.
  • Dancing to “Hot Blooded” in Two Bodies in the Lab
  • Singing “Keep on Tryin” together in the diner in Killer in the Concrete
  • Brennan turning to find Booth behind her on the docks in Boneless Bride (”Everything happens eventually”)
  • B&B’s first kiss in the 100th. And then Brennan saying Booth would never have regrets if they slept together. Magic.
  • The last scene of the 100th too, gutting as it is
  • Jasper the pig!! from the end of Blonde in the Game
  • In Verdict in the Story when the verdict is about to be read and Booth leaves the courtroom to stand outside with Brennan 
  • “There’s more than one kind of family” from Judas on a Pole (thanks David Duchovny)
  • Sweets telling Brennan in Doctor in the Photo that he considers her one of his closest friends and she’s not alone in the world
  • Brennan’s speech in Devil in the Details about how the sun keeps rising and she finds it reassuring to know that every effect has a corresponding cause, even if she can’t see it 
  • Angela knowing which way Dani went in Skull in the Desert, and Brennan just saying “okay” even though there’s no evidence
  • The last scene of Secret in the Soil, when Booth says sometimes this job ends in “someone else’s pain and screwed-up life” and then he and Brennan try to define their relationship as “we’d have coffee”
  • “Bones, you are the standard” from Predator in the Pool
  • The moment they say “Thai food” in unison in Girl with the Curl
  • Booth and Brennan’s first undercover scene at the boxing gym in Woman in the Sand
  • Karaoke in Wannabe, but before Booth gets shot 
  • Brennan and Booth sharing with Sweets at the end of Mayhem on a Cross
  • Booth sitting alone outside his birthday party in Con Man and Brennan joining him
  • Hodgins saying he’ll just have to take up piano in Blackout in the Blizzard
  • Brennan giving Booth the thumbs up after his marksmanship test in Dwarf in the Dirt
  • The Almost Kiss at the end of Night at the Bones Museum
  • Cam telling Brennan at the end of Proof in the Pudding, “You’re a good person. I will never forget what you did for him” 
  • Arastoo’s speech about how his religion was hijacked from Patriot in Purgatory
  • The last scene of X in the File!! It’s such an X-Files ending
  • Hodgins leaving the rose on Angela’s desk at the end of Boy in the Shroud

Benedict touching/using his lips appreciation gif set <3

Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent Van Gogh in “Van Gogh: Painted with words”