favourite scene!

This was my favourite scene in last nights Supergirl.

•Fighting like a married couple
•Chris and Melissa actually shining through because she looks like she’s trying so hard to stay in character 😂
•Calling each other on their bullshit
•Mon El stopping mid rant
•"Hi Dana"
•The Daxamite part, “say it Kara, he’s a daxamite” 😂😂😂
•Also how no one is finding it strange that Kara and Mon El are having a yelling fit in the middle of the DEO. They’re just like “same old same old”

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(1) Hey Elise! I watched the "Barricade" Musical a few days ago and my favourite scene was when Marius was rambling about Napoleon and asked "what could be better?" and then Combeferre jumped in and sang "To be free". I grinned from ear to ear. Also there were many scenes from the book, for example Marius lived next door to the Thénardiers after Courfeyrac found a room for him and even Gillenormand got a few scenes.

There was even a song were Bossuet and Courfeyrac were singing a song with Marius about saving France and the rest of the world in Marius new room. I just didn’t like the actor who played Valjean because he was so overdramatic and not so modest as Valjean usually is. Also there was no Grantaire so Enjolras fell from the barricade and died on his own which broke my little heart. Sorry for my long messages but I thought you maybe want to know :) I hope you have a nice day :)

Don’t apologize, I love knowing stuff about staging! Oh my god they kept the Marius roast, I cannot believe :’) You’re so lucky to have seen it! It’s always fun to have a new take on the musical!

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*asks for fanfic writers* 21, 24 & 25! 🙂

21. Least favourite character to write?
Hmmm. That’s hard, cause I literally only write Callie and Arizona and I love them both. Maybe Lucia Torres though – she makes an appearance in one of my fics and I struggled getting her tone right. She was also just kind of a bitch.

24: Favourite scene you’ve ever written?
Ooh! The wedding dance scene in “Well Maybe What You Want is Right Here”, at the very end of chapter 19. Funnily enough, there aren’t actually that many words – but that scene was so much fun to read, and to this day, I can just picture it perfectly in my mind.

25. Favourite line you’ve ever written?
Okay so it’s technically two lines…but they go together:

“Brown eyes met blue and held them for a long moment, and suddenly the realization of what they were doing slammed into the brunette like a tidal wave – pizza in bed, soft conversations at two in the morning, absentminded touches that felt completely second nature to both of them. The memory of a moment just like this, a night just like this nearly nine years ago rolled through her mind in the brightest living colour and she swallowed hard, dropping her hand almost as if she’d been burned.”

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The favorite CQ scenes list was terrific. Can we get your least favorite CQ scenes? I guess not counting the terrible hug and smothering.

Sara (@carriemathison): The end of “Why Is This Night Different?” when Quinn rests his head on Carrie’s shoulder as she’s bandaging him up. Also in the next episode when she fully tousles his hair in plain view of Jonas. Why, Carrie??!

Frangi (@frangipaniflower001): Can there be a least favourite CQ scene? But it does bug me when their timing is not in sync and they end up missing each other. Especially after Q’s confession for the Javadi murder; he is so hopeful for a moment when he sees her outside, but she’s only there to ask him to help her clear Brody’s name. I love Q in that scene and understand Carrie… but I don’t like the outcome.

Ashley @ascloseasthis: I’m just gonna jump right in and state the obvious. My least favorite CQ scene would have to be the phone call at the end of 4x12. Carrie: “I’m not saying no!” Quinn: *goes to Syria, ruins everything for everybody including (if not mostly) himself*

Cynthia (@lange-c): I loved the kiss itself but the chit chat leading up to it was absolutely cringe-worthy for me. I bury my head in a pillow whenever Q says, “it feels good.” The dork factor was WAY OTT for me.

Zeffy (@zeffy001): The absolute worst CQ scene for me is “I’m here waiting for you” from 5.11. Carrie’s cheesy monologue just makes me cringe. 

Laure (@laure00001): I didn’t like “the kiss”. The light was bad and you could see all of Quinn’s wrinkles. Yep. I’m a bad person.

Sydney (@snqa303): The scene towards the end of “Halfway to a Donut” when Quinn is in Carrie’s apartment after Saul’s failed rescue attempt. I REALLY thought that would be the moment of their first kiss, so I was disappointed when it didn’t happen. Quinn should have tried to comfort Carrie, which would have lead to kissing and all sorts of other wonderful things. At least we got that nice shot of Quinn’s tush when he leaves the apartment!


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