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Tina: What if we have a daughter and she wants to get her ears pierced?
Newt: Irrelevant. We’re not having a daughter.
Tina: Okay, what if we have a son? And he wants to take dance classes while all his friends are playing quidditch?
Newt: He can dance if he wants to. He can leave his friends behind…  BECAUSE HIS FRIENDS DON’T DANCE AND IF THEY DON’T DANCE THEN THEY’RE NO FRIENDS OF MINE! S-S-S-S-A-A-A-A-F-F-F-F-E-E-E-E…

Scrubs; Season 5, Episode 3: My Day at the Races

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favourite ability: no longer human (人間失格)

“Death at the claws of a mad predator does possess a certain appeal… but sadly you cannot kill me. My power allows me to nullify the gifts wielded by others merely by touching them.”


Benedict touching/using his lips appreciation gif set <3

Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent Van Gogh in “Van Gogh: Painted with words”