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Favourite anime summed up in a sentence

Of course there will be spoilers, so proceed at your own risk 😁 also this is a joke so please don’t take it seriously 😂

Fairy Tail: Magicians blow up their guild multiple times

Boku no Hero Academia: Cinammon roll eats hair and gets superpowers

Tokyo Ghoul: The poor boy just wanted a date, not a new diet!

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: MakoHaru vs Rin Haru Civil War

Gintama: A samurai, immigrant and pair of glasses can’t pay their rent

Yuuri on Ice!!!: Failing skater gets coached by successful skater and falls in love with him in the process

Haikyuu!!: Chicken nugget volleyballs with friends

Gurren Lagaan: Cool robots fight each other and a coward becomes badass

ReLIFE: Sure, this probably illegal drug doesn’t look suspicious! Let’s take it!

Kuroko no Basket: Skillful Skittles angrily play basketball

Fruits Basket: Strong female protagonist moves in to live with a bunch of animals

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Girl loves oblivious shoujo writer who fails to notice every attempt of a confession she makes

Attack on Titan: Screaming teenager fights big monsters with the help of a hot, clean freak captain

Special A: Miss second place is clearly second place when it comes to recognising her childhood friend likes her

Inuyasha: Pet commands are the strongest weapon

Noragami: God of war collects five yen coins for a living

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Rules: list ten (10) of your favourite characters from ten different fandoms in no particular order and then tag ten others to do the same 

Exclusively anime fandoms because I just have waaay too many of them so here we go, also beware possible spoilers!

1. Yuuri Katsuki from Yuri!!! On ICE - his power to strive for the things he wants, even with crippling anxiety constantly nipping at his heels, is what the world needs and also what it deserves right now; his lifelong dream to stand beside his idol is made a reality thanks to himself and his dedication, even if he gave up after a self-proclaimed failure, with the right motivation he is right back at it again and with more strength and determination than ever and even gets the love of his life in the process

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2. Shirayuki from Akagami no Shirayuki-hime - She’s independent, strong, confident, caring, gentle, knowledgeable, hard working and a fucking royal pharmacist which she became after demonstrating her skills and gaining the trust and admiration of various people, even ones who viewed her only as an object or prize before; if that ain’t impressive idk what else to tell you honestly

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3. Hidenori Gotō from Samurai Flamenco - the voice of reason in a city full of people who think they’re superheroes bc they wear costumes and have catchphrases; sweet baby jesus he’s the best human with strengths, flaws, personality, character and backstory I’ve ever seen in a show and he will always remain on top forever and ever

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4. Sunako Kirishiki from Shiki - she’s a shiki aka corpse demon who got turned against her will as a child and now just wants to live a normal life in a world where her mere existence is reason enough to kill her; she asks the right questions about life and what gives others the right to decide who lives and who dies

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5. Yakumo Yuurakutei from Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu - also known as Kikuhiko or Bon in earlier years - his whole life story is full of ups and downs and honestly he’s got a lot on his plate; yet seeing how he overcomes hardships and deals with grief, sorrow and guilt and is still surviving and living and having a family, even though it’s an unusual one I’d say, is really inspiring and a motivation for life to come

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6. Katsuhira Agata from Kiznaiver - he doesn’t feel anything, he is literally incapable to do so, so he gets bullied and taken advantage of a lot, but he doesn’t care because he literally doesn’t care about what happens to himself other than dealing with the least amount of trouble possible, but because of the kiznaiver project his pain is shared with others to feel and he begins to discover himself and his feelings anew; even if he seems like a lost cause he still finds friends and love and continuously becomes a better person through trial and error and learns from his experiences

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7. The Count of Monte Cristo from Gankutsuou - aka Edmond Dantès - having been betrayed by his closest friend and forced to serve a prison sentence he doesn’t deserve he now embodies a demon named Gankutsuou giving him the power to get revenge on everyone who wronged him; his really interesting past makes his actions even more despicably yet fascinatingly genius and thriving on glamorous pettiness he plans so far in advance and plays with fate it breaches insanity 

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8. Fremy Speeddraw from Rokka no Yuusha - aka The Six Flower Killer - Being the famed killer of heroes who are supposed to save the world she cannot trust easy or let her guard down at any given moment in fear of falling victim herself, yet she is branded to be one of the very heroes she detests; yet as time goes on she is forced give up on her old ideals and team up and even unwillingly starts to trust in others, going as far as falling in love and genuinely wanting to strive for happiness for herself

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9. Makoto Sunakawa from Ore Monogatari!! - a stonefaced prettyboy who’s second to his best friends lovestory, the best supporting character I’ve ever seen; his friendship is strong and genuine so he’s rejecting girls proposals if they talk badly behind others backs, supporting his friend with his newfound love-troubles, and would even give up his own needs if it meant others get to be happy instead, and yet he still has to learn how to rely on others for support in his darker hours

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10.  Tsumugi Inuzuka from Amaama to Inazuma - with her bubbly, happy and energetic nature she makes friends easily and just wants to eat delicious homecooked meals so she slowly but surely learns how to do so with her family and newly aquired friends

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100 Day Anime Challenge - Day 1 - Favourite Anime

For most people this would be hard, but for me it’s extremely easy. No such anime has been as much fun to watch as Baccano!, anime like Durarara!! and School Rumble have come close but they just don’t have what Baccano! has and that’s why it gets my top spot.

I mean, who doesn’t love gansters, immortality, and train heists in the 1930s?


I just watched the last episode and I’m actually crying so much ;w; like that moment when they started playing the very first ending !! omg I can’t talk about all the emotions I’m feeling atm. I already knew the end because of the manga but to see it animated was just so amazing !! The hole season 3 was so awesome !!! The onlx thing I’m a bit sad about is that they didn’t gave Kise the shirt with his name on it on the picture Kuroko gets from Momoi like in the manga..