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Two, four, six, eight. Who did we annihilate? -  Badass female antagonists of Leverage

  • Person: omg he's my favourite psychopath!!!
  • Me: *eye twitches*
  • Person: omg I love that villain, he's such a psychopath!
  • Me: *neck turns slowly*
  • Person: this is my list of top 10 psychopaths-
  • Me: THAT VILLAIN IS NOT A PSYCHOPATH. DO YOU KNOW WHAT A PSYCHOPATH IS???? Half the "psychopaths" you love aren't psychopaths, they are sociopaths. Stop. Calling. Every. Villain. A. Psychopath. Research what a psychopath is before you start putting every villain that murders people under the label of a psychopath. Self educate.

My favourite movie/TV psychopaths

I’m a little bit late but I got netflix during the weekend because I was sick and bored. And then I watched the first season of American Horror Story in two days. And then on the third day I watched Stranger Things. I NEED MURDER HOUSE SEASON TWO YOU KNOW?? It’s been 6 years but now that I’ve also watched Asylum and started Coven, Murder House was the shit for me.

Also Tate is lovely. This is not a one-time thing, I always feel attracted to psychopaths in movies and books. I probably shouldn’t because holy fuck. I had a crush on Hannibal Lecter in middle school. Yes, I had a crush on Anthony Hopkins as a freaking cannibal.

I have been doing so many of these ask things recently, and I am so sorry if you hate them.

@angelofmysteries tagged me, so thank you!

  • Relationship status: Single. Oh so single.
  • Favorite color: Purple, or turquoise
  • Lipstick or chapstick: Neither! I hate wearing anything on my lips.
  • Last song you listened to: I’m currently listening to ‘For Forever’ from Dear Evan Hansen, but the song before that was Michael In The Bathroom from Be More Chill, which is a brilliant, relatable song that I recommend to everyone.
  • Last movie you watched: God, I can’t even remember. I don’t watch that many films. Does the new series of Unbreakable Kimmy Scmidt count?
  • Top 3 characters: Because I am Harry Potter trash: Harry Potter (he is oddly underappreciated, but I love my oblivious little bean); Tom Riddle (everyone’s favourite psychopath); and the last one is tricky…. ooo! Katsuki Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov (I can’t choose between my babies!) 
  • Top 3 ships: Tomarry, Victuuri, and Hannigram
  • Books you are currently reading: The Seven Basic Story Plots, and Tess of the D’Urbervilles
  • Top 5 musicals: Only 5? XD Hmm… Hamilton, obviously. Heathers. Legally Blonde. Spring Awakening! And Waitress. Although I’ve really recently started getting very into Dear Evan Hansen and the Great Comet, too. (Too many musicals.)

I really loved journal three and this is my favourite spoiler free part as well as it doesn’t add directly to the plot and it’s not encoded or anything.
I just love how the constellations tie together.
I mean we all know that the ursa major contains the big dipper. This is adorable but a fairly common favourite constellation even if it does represent how much attention he gives Dipper in comparison to the rest of the mystery shacks residents for his 6 episode tenure.
“William” which is more commonly known as the triangulum constellation and I assume the eye is actually the triangulum galaxy. Also incredibly cute with how he probably got convinced by everyone’s favourite psychopath, Bill to call a constellation by his name.
So with two of his favourite constellations linked to two characters that were given a lot of attention by him. Even if Dipper hasn’t been introduced to Ford at that point in his life it would be a bit strange if the third wasn’t linked to someone.
Orion is from the Greek legend dealing with Artemis and Apollo, it mostly involves Apollo being an ass and betraying his twin. So it could deal with a memorable event as opposed to a person as it deals with betray between twins and well Ford still resents Stanley when he writes journal three.
So Ford would represent Artemis and Stan would represent Apollo, the perpetual motion machine/Fords scholarship is Orion. However the sabotage wasn’t intentional on Stan’s part. But Ford doesn’t know that however if Orion represents someone who would it be?
It could represent Fiddleford. In this scenario Bill Cipher would play Apollo and Ford would play Artemis. It’s shown that Ford placed a lot of trust in Bill only for that relationship to break after Fiddleford’s incident with the portal. Fiddleford’s decent into madness could be considered a form of death as he continously erased his memories. Which are essentially what makes someone them. This is triggered inadvertently by Ford who’s had his strings pulled by Bill.

This was actually just supposed to be me gushing about how adorable Fords favourite constellations are. Orion is not a cute constellation, it’s depressing.

Goodness Can Survive Too | There’s Still Good People

Once I started thinking about it after re-watching episode 5.15, I just couldn’t stop thinking about a possible future meeting between Deanna and Beth, and how Beth could help Rick come out of his wild “married woman creeper” state.

Hear me out peeps.

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