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BTS reaction: gf/bf/crush back hugging them while they’re brushing their teeth

ranmin10: BTS reaction when they were brushing there teeth in the morning and there GF decided to back-hug them sleepily and touch there stomach ?i think this shit is SUPER CUUUTTTEEE!!!!!!

Such a cute request *-* Thank you! - admin Evv


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He wanted to make a surprise for you. Jin left dance practice early. On his way to home, he went to buy flowers and something to eat, all for you. He was happy that, finally, he’ll spend some time with you, alone, without his members, your friends or any other random eyes on you. He quietly opened the door. When he found you sleeping on the couch, he felt disappointed somehow. He was planning all day what he’d cook for you and what you two will be doing this night. But he couldn’t blame you that you fell asleep. He took you into his arms and carried you to your bedroom. A little bit disappointed he went to the bathroom to prepare himself for sleep. The last thing that he had to do was brushing his teeth. Still thinking about you, peacefully sleeping, he looked at the mirror. Your   little body showed in the mirror. Jin was curious as to what you were doing so he just stood there and he was looking at you. When you came and only back hugged him, mumbling something about fairies and unicorns, Jin smiled widely and let you hug him till he’ll finished. It was the cutest thing he ever saw. His little, cute y/n. All his disappointment disappeared and all his love that he has for you fulfilled him inside. This small gesture assured him how he wants to spend rest of his life.


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Their comeback is coming soon so he’s staying up till morning hours, always working on songs. This time he came back to home after 3 am. You were already asleep but you heard when he was closing door, even though he was trying hard to not wake you up, you heard everything. You decided to go to sleep, it was normal for you that he was coming back that late, so why should you care? But his heavy steps made you worried. You stood up and went to the bathroom. Yoongi didn’t notice when you walk in. When you saw his reflection in the mirror, your heart stopped. He looked like a ghost or zombie. Dark circles under his eyes which you didn’t notice earlier. Yoongi was tired, it had already been already 2 weeks that he was preparing everything for their comeback. You were half asleep but you wanted to comfort him so you lumber to him and back hugged Suga. At first he was surprised by your acting but after few seconds he started to be more and more relaxed because of your touch. The only thing that he wanted to do now, was going to the bed, lay down all night and all day with you in his arms. He would turn to you, give you a soft kiss and take your hand into his, walking straight to the bed.


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It was a morning like others. Hobi woke up first like always. He knew that you liked to sleep in, so he wouldn’t wake you up. Before getting out of bed, he gave you a peck on the forehead and looked at you, thinking how beautiful you looked sleeping. Finally, when he took his eyes away from you, he went to complete his morning routine. He was happy and already hyped; the weather was nice, birds were singing, this day seemed to be great, and the most important thing: he woke up next to the person that he loves, which made his day perfect. Brushing teeth is boring. Hobi was dancing and trying to enjoy this activity. Then he felt someones hands playing with his shirt and his stomach. Similar touch made him laugh from happiness. He turned to you and gave you the most beautiful of his smiles. He made you lean back against the wall next to the washbasin. You didn’t know what was happening, you just woke up and you weren’t in contact with the world yet, so you didn’t pay too much attention on what your bf was doing. Hobi took your toothbrush and asked you to open your mouth. When you opened your mouth without hesitation, he laughed again how cute you looked when you were still half asleep. He put the toothbrush into your mouth and started to brush your teeth for his own. He was enjoying it to much, tbh but he didn’t want to hurt you so his moves would be really soft, he would treat you like a porcelain doll which can break after one bad move.


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It was a very special day. Your 5th anniversary. You started dating before his debut. This relationship was going really good. You understood each other like no one else. You could talk about everything, laugh together and cry together.
You two set up to meet in your favourite place, the park where you first met each other. But you had different plans. You called Namjoon to wake him up and say some cute words but the truth was that you were already outside his dorm. Jin let you in their dorm, he took all of the boys to leave you and Joonie alone.
You were listening to every his move because you didn’t want to him to find out that you were there. Breakfast was already prepared by Jin, you only had to prepare roses, candles and all romantic things that came to your mind. Namjoon wanted to look perfect this day (like he doesn’t look like this every second). It took him awhile to prepare himself. Clothes, hair, jewellery, a gift for you. You were already tired of waiting so you went to look for what he was doing. Namjoon was in front of the mirror practising weird speeches. You didn’t know what the speech was about, but you randomly came up to hug him and said “yes” like he was proposing to you. He looked at your reflection in the mirror, smiling and showing him dimples. Namjoon wanted to act angry at you, that you came into bathroom without any permission, but he failed; he was just too happy and excited for today.
Nj: Can I brush my teeth now?
Yn: Yeeees - you said in the most cute way you could. Namjoon started to laugh because of your cuteness. You were so adorable.
Nj: so, would you let me go?
Yn: of course not, I won’t let you go. I want to stay like this forever.
He didn’t mind it. He liked the feeling of your touch on his skin. This anniversary would be special, he knew this


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You were spending holidays in his parents house in Busan. His family loved you. They saw how much in love you two were and how much support you were giving him. His mother already treated you like her daughter-in-law. You were happy that they accepted you, same with Jimin.                                                  It was your first morning here. You woke up first but you were too busy looking at Jimin and playing with his hair to get out of bed. He woke up, looked at you and quietly said “good morning” and pressed a soft kiss to your lips. Finally Jimin stood up first. You were bored alone so you decided to go with him. Feeling your hands massaging his abs and your breath at his neck, he felt himself melt inside. Love filled all regions of his body. He gave you the sweetest smile that you ever saw from him. When he finished, he did the same thing with you. He just back hugged you, playing with your shirt and kissing your head. Jimin was really glad that he had someone like you by his side. Just small gestures you are making, smiles or words, were giving him much happiness. This moment didn’t last for too long. Because how long can someone be washing themselves for? Jimin told you to come back to bed. He went to the kitchen and prepared the best breakfast that he was able to make. He tried his best for you. He brought breakfast to you and you two ate in the bed. You were planning your time in Busan and even your future.


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You two weren’t a couple, actually you two were friends, really close friends. You acted like a couple, but no one took the  first step to ask the other one out. You were scared to dating a famous idol, and Tae didn’t want to destroy your friendship.
It was the first time for you to stay over for a night in his dorm. You had a lot of fun. Playing games, watching movies, shopping online and gossiping about everything and everyone. This was perfect. You fell asleep next to Tae and he didn’t mind, so he just laid next to you and went to sleep too. He woke up first. Your face was snuggled in his neck and his hand was around your waist. He spent  a few minutes looking at you, but he needed to solve his physiological problem, so he quickly stood up and went to the bathroom.
You noticed it when he left your side, but you didn’t say anything. After a few minutes you felt alone; you felt so good, safe and loved in his arms, you wanted to feel like this again. So without thinking, you went to the bathroom where Tae was. He was in front of the mirror, all smiley and happy, like never before. He was there only with his body, his minds was in a different place. He was remembering last night; your smile, your laughter, your face when you were focused at the game. He got a little bit scared when you back hugged him. He felt like the luckiest boy in the world. You told him that you wanted to cuddle with him because you felt good in his arms. Tae’s heart pounded like crazy. It was the first time he didn’t know what to say. He felt good in your arms too, and he didn’t want to be only a friend for you. He turned to you and hugged you tightly. He said “I love you” in the deepest voice, straight to your ear. This quick back hug just ended your friendship and started something new, something filled with love, care and a lot of cuddles.


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You two spend all night watching movies, playing games and just enjoying being together. You were awake till 4am. Maybe you would stay even longer but Omma Jin told you to go to sleep. The boys had a free day so you could spend all day together and sleep for how long you wanted.
It was 2 pm and Jungkook woke up. All of the members already left the dorm to enjoy their free day. Jungkook wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t wake you up. You refused to get out of bed, so he decided to kick you out of there later. He woke up in a very good mood. He was singing, dancing and enjoying his bathroom routine (this sounds so weird). Jungkookie sang your favourite song which was “Butterfly”. When you heard his beautiful voice, you wanted to hear it more clearly. You went to the place where your bf was. He saw you; he just smiled and continued to singing with the toothbrush in his mouth. You came and hugged him from behind. It make him feel happy. Jungkook felt loved and he realized how much he loved you. It was only a hug and it made him the happiest person in the world. He was still singing, he took your hand, slowly pulling you to stand in front of him. You closed your eyes, enjoying his voice. He lifted you up, put you on the washbasin. His voice started to be more and more quiet. Suddenly he kissed you. It was a soft and mature kiss. After the kiss, you two just stared at each other. Words weren’t needed. Both of you knew what the other thought and felt.

When We Collide (Part 5)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

”No way! Seriously? They really kicked you out of college?”

You rolled your eyes and glared over at Nicole for being the gossip snitch, something she had been her whole life but you really had wished she would have kept this to yourself just for a while. It was, after all, pretty humiliating when you thought about it.

“You sound like you’re surprised, Joey.” You commented with a glimpse in the eye and lifted your beer up to your mouth, letting the taste explode your senses and cool down your pre-sweating forehead.

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To expand on that reincarnation AU where Enjolras remembers but Grantaire doesn’t:

  • They probably met at some martial art or self defense course. (My first idea was ‘library’ but I don’t think they’d be going to the same Uni, and if their respective universities have their own libraries, which they probably do, why would they bother going to a public one?)

  • So, self-defense course. I don’t know how common is this, but when I was fencing the majority of the group used to go out for a snack and a drink after class. I suppose this group does it too. The first time Enjolras joins them is the day Grantaire first trains with them.

  • After that they stumble across eachoter in other places too - like for example they both sometimes study in cafés or out in a park, and when their timetable changes with the semester they find out that they actually share a favourite place and the reason they never met before is that they didn’t frequent it at the same time periods.

  • Enjolras’ method of befriending R largely resembles the courting rituals of those birds that collect pretty things to woo their mate, but instead of flower petals, shiny stones or bottlecaps he keeps sending him interesting news articles and horrible puns.

  • He usually talks like any other young person in the early 21th century would, but when he’s tired, upset or otherwise not in complete control over himself he slips back into 19th century dialect.

  • R finds this both amusing and endlessly puzzling. What kind of person gets posher the more out of it they are?
NCT Favourite place to go on a date

Taeil: Something classic for Taeil probably he would probably like going to see the movies with you so he can sit close to you and then dinner to talk. It may be classic bu really sweet. 

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Johnny: I think Johnny would like to got to the beach maybe if you lived by one I suppose. You could have cute picnics, go swimming or build sandcastles like you can do a lot of things at the beach.

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Taeyong: Taeyong wouldn’t need to go anywhere fancy you could just cook something nice together at home and that would be his favourite thing to do with you. Also, it would be more private that going out with him in public so he could stop fans from getting near you.

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Yuta: I think his favourite date spot would be somewhere you didn’t go a lot such as a concert. It would be so exciting and fun it would be something you could enjoy together. You could go and see one of his fav bands like One Ok Rock.

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Doyoung: I think Doyoung’s favourite date spot would be the place you first met or the place you went on your first date wherever that was because it would hold a special meaning to you both.

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Jaehyun: Jaehyun would like to go somewhere fun and exciting where you can bond. aka the theme park. You would have fun together going on the different rides and eating sweets.

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Winwin: I think Winwin’s favourite place to go on a date would be somewhere quite unusual and but secluded from fans such as strawberry picking. Strawberries are one of his fav foods and it is something cute you could do together.

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Mark: I think Marks favourite place to go on a date would be the ice skating rink because honestly, that is just a cute date always. 

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Haechan: Haechan would like to go somewhere fun like the carnival so you can go on rides and he can prove his manliness by winning you a teddy at one of the stalls. Also, carnivals have candy floss and who doesn’t love that?

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Celebrating Your Birthday With Diana Prince Would Include...

anon ask : Hiii, so i wanted to request a headcannon ‘Dating Diana and its your birthday would include’? or something like that(i didnt know what to call it so u can change the title xD)

A/N : hey there!! so at first i was confused what this request meant but now i understand and im sorry this took some time and its really short and crappy but i hope you like it anon

Masterlist / Ask me

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  • at first you thought that she didn’t even know your birthday 
  • bc you never told her and the topic never came up 
  • but somehow she didn’t fail to surprise you on the big day 
  • well to start off, you woke up to a room full with flowers and balloons 
  • at first you were so confused?? 
  • then diana popped up out of nowhere and scared the hell out of you 
  • “what the fuck is going-”

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My Special Place - Josh Pieters

Request: Hello love!! I’m in love with you writing! And i was wondering if you could make a josh imagine for me?? About a party and josh pushes you in the water and you get angry. And he makes everything alright with allot of kisses and a lot of fluff.

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it!


“Shot! Shot! Shot!” Conor yelled from across the room. 

Your best friend, Rachel was having a party and you couldn’t not invite the boys. Although you moved to London for work, travelling back home to Manchester was one of you favourite things to do. It was always nice to go home and revisit memories with the people you’ve grown up with. You’ve known Rachel since you were little and ever since you can remember, her parents have always been very wealthy. Their house was unnecessarily huge and with the amount of rooms there were, you could easily get lost. 

Out of the whole house, the backyard was your favourite, simply because of how you could be in the pool and look out towards the whole of Manchester. At night, it was one of the most beautiful things you had ever seen. You and Rachel would usually spend your nights in the pool and just enjoy the view. Even though Rachel was very spoiled, she never took any of it for granted and that’s what you liked most about her.

“Josh, come here.” You said, pulling your boyfriend away from the party.

When you told Josh about the party, you were most excited about showing him your favourite place in the whole world. You and Josh met through a mutual friend in London and have been inseparable ever since. The minute you saw him, you knew he was going to shake up your whole life and he did; in a good way.

“Welcome to paradise.” You opened the doors to the backyard and a giant smile appeared on your face. 

Since being in London, you’ve definitely missed this place. You placed your hand in Josh’s and brought him further outside so he could fully enjoy the view.

“Wow, this is amazing.” Josh pulled you closer to him and the two of you enjoyed the view together. 

“What are you thinking about?” You asked him, after minutes of silence.

“Just how easy it is for me to get you wet.” You knew Josh had a few beers but you didn’t think he was that drunk. Yes, he would occasionally make dirty jokes but he was never this up front about it.

“Okay…wow.” You said, laughing.

“But I mean, seriously.” He said, turning to face you. “It’s so easy.” You looked at him and saw a smirk on his face but before you could do or say anything, Josh was pushing you into the pool.

“Josh!” You screamed as your head came out from the water. “You absolute asshole!” Normally, you’d be fine with it but the party had only started and now you were going to look like a hot mess for the whole night. “I can’t believe you did that.” You said, angrily as you came out of the pool.

“Come on babe, it was just a joke.”  

“You want to see a joke?” You said, beginning to push Josh into the pool as well. However, your joke didn’t go as well as his. He ended up grabbing your arm just as he was falling in causing you to fall back into the pool.

“I’m sorry.” He said, pulling you towards him. You wrapped your arms around him and stared out into the view. Your special place. Your special person. Nothing could ruin the moment. Josh pressed his lips against yours and you couldn’t help but get lost in the kiss. And just as things started heating up, you were rudely interrupted.

“POOL PARTY!” Conor yelled as he jumped into the pool, splashing both you and Josh. He was followed by a number of other people so your steamy make-out session with Josh would have to wait.

One of those days (Tbjzl imagine)

A/N: Hey so i wrote this one for my best friend Kay @sdmntrxsh and she said it was good, so i thought i would post it:) I’m sorry it isn’t the second part to the charity match but i had forgotten that, that was on my laptop😅 It’s gonna be up tomorrow tho! I promise🤞🏼

Do you ever have those days where all you want is to be alone? And if anyone interrupts your piece and quiet you’re angry for the rest of the day. You also feel a special kind of way, it’s hard to explain but if you know it, you know it.

My boyfriend of 3 years always knew when i was in of these kinds of moods. At first he thought i was being sad and interrupted my day with things to make me happy. Of course i got angry, but i couldn’t be angry at him for long. As soon as i saw his puppy eyes i forgave him and we cuddled a bit before i returned to my state of not wanting to talk to anyone.

Today was no different.

“Hey, i’m going out shopping with Josh, is that okay?” Tobi asked, he always asked you this, as if you had a problem with him being with his friends.
“No, it’s okay! You don’t have to ask for permission” you laughed.

Tobi knew this, but he had a plan and it was important for him to make you think that he was out shopping.

In reality Tobi was going out with Josh, but they weren’t going shopping. He had made plans that involved you staying home and that you were in the ‘i don’t want to talk to anyone’ - mood.

“Did she buy it?” Josh asked as soon as Tobi closed the door behind him. “Yes, she has no idea” Tobi smiled, today it was finally going to happen.

While you read your books and daydreamed, Tobi visited your favourite place in the whole city, the place you and him had met.

It had all been set up, you knew Freya, Josh’s girlfriend and she had made you go on a blind date with him. For you it was love at first sight. His smile that lit up the whole room, his charming attitude and overall amazing personality had made you fall for him faster than you had ever fallen for someone else. You were still together 5 years later.

Tobi remembered the day just as well you, which is why he picked the place to ask you something important.

Once he got home again after his quick trip with Josh, just to make sure that everything was still in place and order according to the plan. He walked over to you, hiding some of your favourite flowers behind his back.

“Hey Tobes, are you already back?” You asked him, a bit tired, you had just had a nap. “Yeah i’m back, now i know that this isn’t a special day or anything” he answered, whilst pulling the flowers to his front, “but i was wondering if you would like to join me to dinner at our place?”

You blushed at how beautiful the flowers were and how sweet he was. “Yes of course i would like to join you for dinner! Let me just get dressed up” you were suddenly out of the rather solemn mood you had been in all day.

Later in the evening, after you had had dessert: you had chosen a brownie with hazelnut and he had had a lemon sorbet. You were having the time of your life, every date with Tobi seemed like the first, you never ran out of things to talk about.

Suddenly he stood up though, making quite the scene in the little restaurant. “Tobi! What are you doing? Please sit down” you whisper yelled, quite embarrassed about the whole thing.

“I will babe, in just a second. But first there is something that i have been meaning to ask you for quite a while and tonight seemed like the perfect opportunity,” he said and then proceeded to go down on one knee.

You were shocked to say the least and started to tear up. You knew this was coming, you had joked about it for a while now along with everyone else. Yet it still came as a surprise when you realised that he was actually going to do it!

“Y/n, i have now had the honour of calling you my girlfriend for the last 5 years and it all started right here at this table. The first time i layed my eyes on you i knew that i would marry you one day. So this is the reason that i’m sitting on one knee, getting all of the attention from the surrounding tables, i will hopefully only have to ask this once but y/n will you marry me?”

You nodded, tears streaming down your face, you couldn’t believe it! This day had just been an ordinary one, nothing special about it, just a regular thursday night in the city that you both loved.

He shakingly found the ring and put it on your finger, he had been so nervous even though he knew you would say yes. The feeling of love between you was overwhelming, just like it had been for the last 5 years.

anonymous asked:

I love the way you portray the kuroshitsuji characters and the way you write is simply beautiful, I always look forward to reading more of your writing ^^ I was wondering if you could write about how Lau and Sebastian would react to realizing they've fallen in love with someone who they know they can never have or someone who won't love them back (is that the same thing?). Keep up the great work! d(^_^ o)

What a wonderful compliment you just gave to me, I’m melting! ♥ I feel so flattered now and it means a lot for me to know that my portrayal of the characters isn’t making them ooc, it’s rather important for me. Thank you!

Now, bring all the angst!


  • He will be frustrated, to say at least. Not only it is rare for him to fall so much for somebody, but not being able to simply be with his love interest will be harder for him to stand than he would want to admit. Of course, the first stage of this realization will be denial, not believing that this impression of you is going to last forever and it will eventually vanish, just like you will with the passing of time, nevertheless it will quickly transform into a bitter grief, as soon as he will finally accept the fact that he won’t get rid of you from the mind for the rest of his immortal life.
  • Sebastian has always been perfect at everything he did so it will greatly annoy him that he will be easily distracted by the thoughts of you and therefore may oversalt a meal or two. It will motivate him to quickly solve this problem before he will bring himself some kind of calamity and he will even consider forcing you to be with him but won’t try to do it in any way, prefering to be adored by you, not feared. Obviously, this conclusion will lead him nowhere and he will continue plotting a great plan to win your heart. Not really cleverly, he will try to seduce you, becoming more surprised everytime he will hear that it is not possible for you two to be together and he will need to feel completely sure about it to finally stop trying and realizing that it won’t succeed.
  • He will observe you for some time after the last convarsation you had, partly because he will be curious about whom he lost to, partly because he will want to know if you are truly happy. Sebastian is not a fool, the perspective of living a life with demon is clearly too dangerous for you and as much as he won’t want it to be this way, he is aware of this truth. He will be glad checking on you from time to time, protecting you when you won’t be looking, helping if needed, scaring off everyone who may intend to hurt you, watching you become adult and grow old, noticing the first white hair appearing on your head. In the end, the place where you met will be his favourite on the Earth and he will always come back to it, even hundred years after this particular day that changed his life.


  • Every person surrounding Lau could tell that nothing is wrong. He will be calm as always, smiling and quite entertaining to be around because of his innocently comical behaviour. However, his mind won’t be present wherever he will be at this time, constantly thinking about you and any possible ways to make his dream come true - to be with you. What should he buy to make it possible, whom should he talk to, what should he do? All those questions and various new ideas will be floating through his head but never bringing any rational answer, leaving him more and more confused, doubting his own possibilities.
  • He will be more active with his work than he usually is, catching up with some stuff he didn’t do before, considering at least few new hobbies to start (suddenly thinking of the history of the dance the art of clay modeling and as truly fascinating) and being more detached from reality than always. While being outside and walking through the city, he will unknowingly look for you in the crowd, still mistaking you for some other people and feeling his heart to beat faster everytime, only to be brutally squeezed when the truth will hit him again and again.
  • Eventually he will come back to the normality, being comitted to his job and responsibilities, but he will always keep one specimen of your favourite flower in the vase, in case that maybe one day there will be an opportunity to give it to you and so he will want to be ready for that. However, it will change when he will eventually want to stop constantly missing you and will come back to China.
Fred Weasley/Reader- Birthday Surprise

Originally posted by oblivia8

A/N: This Fic was inspired by ‘Magic Works’ By: The Weird Sisters. If you want you should totally listen to this song because it just makes my heart happy and it wouldn’t be so bad to add to the atmosphere while reading this.

Fred Weasley was your boyfriend of 1 year today, and today just so happened to be your birthday. You were so excited to spend your special day with your special boyfriend Fred. Today was already so exciting anf fun for Fred surprised you with fireworks spelling out 'Happy Birthday (y/n)!’ in the Great Hall.

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King and Queen (Draco x Reader x Harry part.4)

Originally posted by infp-soup

Terribly sorry for the long wait! I was so unsatisfied with this chapter-*shakes fist* but I’m glad I finally finished it since now I can move to the more important things - dates.

 Hope you enjoy it D: sorry there’s not much romance, but plot haha… *shifts awkwardly* 

[1] [2] [3] [5] [6]

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The Best Of The Endings

You and Sam give up hunting and start living a normal life.


Words: 1100

Warnings: Blood, fluff, and a lot of tears

I want to thank @nemesris and @asparkshinesbright who read this this morning and their replies made my week. Also, thanks to @abaddonwithyall for giving me the courage to post this and being so freaking nice to me :)


Originally posted by yaelstiel

After hunting all your life, you never thought you’d be so happy. You never thought Sam would be the love of your life. You never thought on giving up hunting.

When The Darkness arrived, the brothers and you decided to drop out hunting. You moved from the bunker to a pretty house with blue windows in Kansas.

You remembered Sam proposing as it had been yesterday. He took you to your favourite place in the whole world. Where you met: a park near the bunker. That was where he saved you from that vampire who was trying to kill you. Where your eyes first met. It was also the place where you had your first kiss and started dating.
When you were there, it was like one of the stories your mother told you as a child. He knelt in front of you and said a few words. Obviously, you accepted.

As for Dean, he was so happy for you. He even made a bachelor party for Sam. Surprisingly, he sent you messages every 10 minutes to tell you all was well with Sam. You told him to let go, and not to worry. You wanted both of them to have a great time, and that wouldn’t happen if Dean texted you every 10 freaking minutes.

Hunting all your life made you lose all your friends, except for the Winchesters. So, you spent your bachelorette night watching Game of Thrones on your own on your shared bedroom with Sam.
Neither Sam nor Dean came drunk that night. Although they went to a bar, they didn’t get drunk. Dean wanted Sam to arrive to your house safely, and Sam just wanted to get home and cuddle with you. It was actually one of the cutest things he had ever done for you.

The wedding day arrived. It wasn’t the wedding you dreamed as a child, but Sam was there and you couldn’t help it but smile. At the chapel, Dean was the best man and Cas married you both. He wasn’t a priest, but he was an angel, and it was more special… Kind of.
When you were a child, you dreamed with an enormous wedding. Full of people, in a big and beautiful church, and a chic, white dress. But now, you had your wedding at a local chapel, with a simple white dress and your 3 favourite people in the world. And it was good. It was enough. It was lovely. Sam was holding your hand from beginning to end as Castiel’s smile lighted his face. Dean was holding the rings and weeping.
Yep. He did.

You were happy. You finally were. After all those years hunting things, you were satisfied with your life. Sam got a job as a teacher in a primary school and Dean was a mechanic. You all had dinner in your place every Saturday night. Even Cas was there.
Everything was perfect. Perfect house, perfect friends, perfect family…

Until that happened.

 It was 4:23 AM when your phone rang. Stretching your arms, you felt the right side of the bed empty. Sam wasn’t beside you, but maybe he was calling…

But he wasn’t. It was Dean.

“Dean, what the hell? It’s 4 in the morning,” You said hoarsely.

“Y/N,” Dean cried. He sounded agitated… and scared. “It’s Sam”

You got up as fast as you could and began to put your shoes on. “Where are you?”

You never liked driving. You only did it when you had an emergency. But you were driving right now. Roads were never your thing, so you grabbed Sam’s GPS before you left your house in a hurry. Dean told you where to go, but before knowing what happened, you hung up and grabbed the car keys. You didn’t want to know. You couldn’t. You prayed for Sam to be fine, to be back home.

An old barn. “So Winchester,” you thought. But you were scared as hell. Running, you opened the door, gun between your fingers, and walked in. Dean was kneeling on the floor when you saw him, looking at the floor by his left.

“Dean?” you asked. He strained when he heard your voice. “Where’s Sam?”

“Come here, Y/N,” he said. He didn’t turn back. You ran as quickly as you could. When you were beside Dean, you saw him.

Sam was on the floor, offering you his hand. His chest was bleeding badly, and you could feel tears already falling down your face.

“Sammy, honey… What…” you started, but Sam interrupted.

“Come here, Y/N, come.” He said as you took his hand and knelt beside him.

“You know…” he whispered, “We couldn’t stop hunting.” A smile grew on his face, but suddenly faded. “Werewolf. Dean killed it but… It was too late for me.”

“No! It’s not late, baby, it’s not… Please don’t leave me” You said, crying.

“I guess I had to tell you this but… I was protecting you, keeping you safe. But please, Y/N, forgive me.”

“Don’t talk as you were going to die, Sam, don’t… Please!!”

You felt how your heart wanted to escape from your chest, beating faster than ever, trying to fix this in your mind, somehow.

“Cas” you said, looking behind you at Dean. “He can fix this, he can save Sam, can’t he?”

He stared at you, nodding no with his head, as Sam squeezed your hand, making you turn at him.

“Y/N, no… Don’t do this.” He said, coughing blood.

“But you can’t die, Sam, please, don’t” You pressed your forehead with his, begging. “Please don’t die, not like this.”

“I’m sorry” his voice was fading.

“Sammy, you can’t leave me… Us. I’m pregnant, Sam. Please don’t leave us, and be a father…”

“I love you, Y/N” he said. “Make sure our baby never hunts. Ever. Please.”

You nodded, as you smiled and pressed your lips with his. It went through your mind if at any moment you would be dry from both mourn.

“Thank you” he said, with his last breaths.

“Why?” you answered cupping his face with both hands.

“For giving me the best of the endings.”

As a smile rushed on his face, his eyes closed. You felt your heart skip a beat.

Screaming, crying, kicking. That’s all you could do. Dean tried to stop you, but he couldn’t. You hugged Sam’s body as you screamed his name, sobbing.

You had just lost the love of your life.

But for him, it was the best of the endings.

Control Freak

Word count: 530

[A/N] A short drabble, as always beta-ed by my favourite person Jasmine.


Dan had always thought that he liked being in control. That was before he’d met Phil. Nowadays; his favourite place was up against a wall with Phil’s hands holding him there. He no longer felt the need to control everything and he felt like he could give that part up when he was with his boyfriend, he could just relax and let it happen.

It was freeing, and something he didn’t know he needed until he got it.

It was no surprise that the night of their fifth anniversary found Dan in that exact position as soon as the two of them stepped inside their apartment. Phil shut the door with his foot as they attempted  to ascend the stairs and get the others shirt over their heads simultaneously.

Dan nearly slipped and fell, but eventually they made it to the top of the stairs, where Phil immediately kissed Dan again and pressed him up against the nearest wall.

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Someone New

IT’S MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! so here is Dean and Cas and birthdays and stars.

read it here on AO3!

Dean never ran out of gas. He never ran out of gas. He’d criss-crossed the country like a spider building a web and never once, not even once, had he ever run out of gas before.

He could feel Cas watching him from the passenger seat, the sunset blushing red with embarrassment over the wide, open fields around them. There were no buildings in sight, no people; not even a large and conveniently-placed full can of gasoline by the side of the road. Ten minutes ago, Dean had been smiling out at the spread of space around them, the peace of the road resting like a softness over the corners of his soul. And Cas had been talking quietly about something scientific and strange, and his voice had been so gentle, so familiar, and it hadn’t mattered at all that Dean had barely understood a word.

And Dean had been thinking of nothing, only aware of his hands on the wheel, and the sun in his eyes, and Cas sitting next to him with his hands moving like a sculptor’s and his voice falling in time with the beat, the beat, the beat of the thrum of the road.

And then with a cough, and a shudder, and a misfire – the Impala’s engine had sighed to a gentle stop. Dean had guided them to the side of the road as best he could with the momentum they had left, and put on the handbrake.

“Uh. Well then,” Dean said now, frowning down at his hands. Cas shifted slightly next to him, and Dean thought he could see the warmth of a repressed smile out of the corner of his eye; the knot in his chest loosened a little. “It seems we’re fresh outta gas, Cas.”

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Boyfriend Jungkook

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  • oh maan .. he would be a hard one to handle (he seems to have an abstract personality)
  • on days, he did be cold as fuck
  • it would feel like he is giving you a cold treatment but in actual fact it is him being HIM
  • despite that, he would never fail to look out for you
  • he would’t probably initiate skinships on these days
  • but if given a situation when the both of you are in a crowded place, he would make sure you are in his line of sight.
  • he would pull you to walk in front of him with his hands on your shoulders (steering you like a car in the crowd)
  • when the both of you successfully got out from the craze he would probably fix your hair/beanie or anything that seems a little out of place to show that he still cares (to substitute his lack of skinship & talk talk)
  • on days when he feel like he can’t control himself (hyperactivity)
  • he would probably drag you to places that he knew you wouldn’t like 
  • like he would force you to take a roller coaster knowing that you hate them and on the ride he wouldn’t take his eyes of you, amused by you who is consumed by your fear of heights
  • in short, he loves to see you suffer
  • but afterwards, he would definitely make up for it
  • he did be the type who would call you at odd times just to hear your voice
  • on the other line he did be like “ hello? “ and when you answered him he would giggle & be like “ ok bye “ unknowingly disconnect the line without further explanation
  • he would text you lame jokes and questionable facts 
  • and from there, the both of you would probably have a discussion regarding that certain jokes/questionable facts that he send
  • and at the end he would crack a cheesy line before saying good night
  • there’s a high chance he would give you that call just to hear your voice again
  • he did be playing ps4 (WWE) and be like “ fight me “ 
  • ????? “ fight you “ and he would say nothing but hand you the controller over
  • he would put up a bet “ loser goes down to the convenience store for ramen “ 
  • when you lose he would crack up and do rolls on the floor before shooing you out of the house to buy the food 
  • he did feel bad and catch up with you afterwards and you would probably end up having a convenience store date
  • talking about the first time you guys meet and what would it be like if something happened on that day and the both you end up not meeting
  • he would go as far as buying you a bunch of plain tees for your birthday just to see the “ what the fuck? “ expression from you
  • and he will be like “ NOW WE HAVE LOTS OF COUPLE TEES ! YAY ! “
  • in short, he may have a thing for your dumbfounded/terrified moments for his own amusement
  • when he sees you studying he would approach you giving you that “ i care for you “ vibe as he took a seat beside you
  • “ do you need my help ? “ you would probably nod hoping that he would help
  • but instead he would close all your books and mess the table up and be like
  • “ there you go ! this calls for a break, let’s go “ before he pushes you out of the house to get fried chicken together with him
  • he expresses his affection differently
  • he seems like the type who wouldn’t get you some fancy ass gift on valentines/your birthday
  • even though he don’t seem like the type to give handmade gifts, he would definitely come up with something
  • or if he can’t come up with a thing, he would simply bring you down to the place you guys first met/ to your favourite food place
  • from a third pov, others may not guess that the both of you are together
  • the fact that he loves to tease you, when the both of you walk side by side it may seem like “a bully and a victim” situation going on
  • sometimes he might do things that are definitely out of the ordinary like .. brushing his teeth with two toothbrushes? 
  • every time he does, it will definitely catch you off guard but seeing him act in that way is a norm ??
  • and he would probably suggest a secret code between the two of you
  • like a handshake or a secret password 
  • he did be like “ you know in case i got into an accident and suddenly our beautiful memories together goes down the drain thanks to a reckless driver .. do you want to have a secret code so you know at least i know that we are legit? “ 
  • you would probably look at him weird but he made it sound convincing enough “ our beautiful memories or the memories of me being a victim of your sick amusement? i would like to suggest me kicking you in the nuts as our secret code “ 
  • hearing that he would give you that “ are you serious ? what did i do wrong? I’m tired of your shit, but that seems like a good idea “ face

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I’m Always A Slut For Youtuber AU’s
  • I’m a youtuber doing a video about ______ and you’re featured in it did I mention how cute you were yet?
  • We’re both famous youtubers who have never met but our mutual fans ship us v. hard and now i see why
  • We’re both famous youtubers I love your videos and we should totally collab sometime
  • You’re my favourite youtuber and we just met at a weird place and holy crap
  • I’m your favourite youtuber and wow you’re really really cute
  • We’re best friends who do a show on youtube and everyone ships us but we totally can’t see why oh wait at least i can

Some shots from today’s Second annual (and last) RocketMan Triathlon. The bike portion of the three-leg race took place on the secured grounds of the Kennedy Space Center, riding around the Vehicle Assembly Building, Mobile Launch Platforms, LC-39A, and other sites at the Center. 

The run portion took us on a different course this year; we ran past the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum and its historic collection of aircraft.

This is the second year KSC hosted the triathlon (for coverage of last year's inaugural event, click here), although the course was modified significantly. Entrance was via the NASA Causeway, and we did not get to ride our bikes to Pad B, around the Launch Umbilical Tower or former Orbiter Processing Facilities, nor by the Mate-Demate device. Regardless, it was an incredible experience that combines my two favourite passions - cycling and space. Unfortunately, I was not able to capture the experience on my GoPro as I had last year. 

This is likely the last year the race will take place; it’s extremely difficult to ‘open the gates’ and allow the general public in to KSC for a sporting event such as this. Additionally, wildlife impact was greater than originally projected, and increased fees made it harder for the organizers to justify a third year. It was an incredible honor to ride the race the last two years. It gave me a new perspective on a special and favourite place, and I met some incredible people along the way. Something about riding your bike on the seemingly-endless miles of undisturbed, traffic-free NASA roadways, surrounded by launch pads and technological marvels, really clears your mind and reminds you just what it is you live for in life.

And of course, what race wouldn’t be complete without a celebratory lunch with George Diller?