favourite pilots


twenty one pilots phone wallpapers

favourite pics of tyler

(no photos mine, I only cropped and edited them)


i just wanted to draw a flustered keith with lance showering him in cute spanish pet names~  if anyone knows how to properly end this let me know?  

Lance translation: “my favourite pilot; the most beautiful~, most wonderful~; my darling~, my sweetheart…; my little pastry!; my dear Keith.

translations also captioned

this is so sappy im sorr yy jsadfgkas


honestly, the effect that dw has on my mood is absurdly tangible

i had this huge spike in anxiety last week that’s been Not Fun to deal with but this magic and fun and energetic optimism of this show never ever fails to make me feel better

My fav parts of every song from the Blurryface album (by Twenty One Pilots)(+Heathens and Cancer)

You can listen to the official Blurryface playlist here. Heathens Cancer

Heathens: car sirens, background harmony, “watch it,” the talking in the background that give the illusion of voices in your head.

Cancer: the bass that run though your whole body, the sadness in Tyler’s voice, “turn away,” the way Ty says “agony.”

Heavydirtysoul: the weird sounds at the beginning and when the drums start, they way Tyler’s voice sounds in “death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit.”

Stressed Out: the little “oh” between verses, the “yo” at the end.

Ride: “I know, it’s hard, sometimes,” the little popping sounds at the beginning, “help me,”  “So I’m taking my TIIIIIIIMMMMEEEE, OH! YA!”

Fairly Local: the bass, synth, and “Ah!” at the beginning, “eeh eeh eeh,” the “YEEAAAAHHHH!” and the background screaming of “good people now.”

Tear In My Heart: “But my taste in music is YOUR FACE!” “oh oh oh oh ohhh, ooh ooh ooh ooh” before “you fell asleep in my car…” and the quiet, emotional, “Than I’ve ever been,” at the end.

Lane Boy: the “boing boing” (synth) noices at the beginning, this song makes me want to violently rock my car seat back and fourth to the beat while my mom yells at me while driving lol, the low “ Will they be alive tomorrow?”

The Judge: the WAY TOO LONG opening that everyone hates but secretly loves, “na na na na oh oh,” “Set me FREEEEEE” and “JOSH DUN” near the end.

Doubt: the “please” at the end of the third verse, and “heeeyy heeeyyy” at the end.

Polarize: reminds me of the vine wheres someone throws a bowl of rice down the stairs, “da da da da dada da,”  “ You’ll have to come and find me, FIND ME!” scream, and the chill “yeeeaaaahhh.”

We Don’t Believe What’s on T.V: -little ukulele stums- “Yeah yeah yeah!” -violent ukulele strums-, the little whiny “ohhh!” in the middle, and “oh oh oh oh oh (yeah yea yeah)” at the end. The little “yeah  yeah yeah” at the end are so friendly they make me smile.

Message Man: “Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!” “beep beep beep beep beep beep beep boop,” and “my people singing.”

Hometown: every time Tyler sing high notes (they are particularly good in this song), when Josh does the drum thing that sounds like the beginning of “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley, and the “ooh ooh,” throughout the song.

Not Today: “Don’t you test me though, just because I play the piano,
Doesn’t mean I am not willing to take you down, (I’m sorry)” and “ Buh buh bah, buh buh bah,” at the end.

Goner: “DON’T LET ME BE!” the scream part of the chorus at the end that abruptly lowers at “you,” and the hard smashes on the drums during the scream chorus. I also love the sound of piano and I imagine Tyler showing Josh this song for the first time and Josh being like “shit dude you’re sad af give me a hug.”

I will do one for Vessel, Self-Titled, and Regional at Best if you want me too. I can also do one for Tyler Joseph’s solo album when he was a sad lil teen boy.