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TG: what

Johndave week - Day 1: Favourite interaction!

Haha okay god. Like, there are just so many good interactions it was hard to choose…. but I think this one from the Paradox Space book was pretty good. John always seems to go to Dave first, and he’s always willing to help him out.

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Hey there hope youre having a great day! Can you list the simblrs who inspire your builds and decorating and simblrs that are similar to yours? Im kinda new here! And I really really love your style normal houses bore me and your pictures are so bright and colourful your sims must be happy!

Hi :3

I’m not entirely sure if there are many blogs like mine - that sounds really conceited but ,, yikes moving on… - but I’ll list my some of my favourite blogs because tbh they all inspire me even if you can’t tell and even if we’re not the same ~style~ of simblr!

@simsao / @ceiuu / @ohare-lane@sixamsims / @meisiu​ / @cocooni

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nct + 10, 12 & 19 ^^

10. My favourite era for this group ; Either Without You/The 7th Sense or My First and Last I’m not really sure which one I prefer because both were so good

12. My favourite picture of this group ; is Hansol included because if he is then,,,, it’s probably his selfie with the Elsa cutout or his selfies with Ten at the cafe that same day 

But if it’s only the debuted members it’s probably Doyoung’s Limitless teasers or Jaehyun’s Firetruck teasers

19. The member I most relate to ; Maybe Donghyuck/Doyoung because I roast every single friend I have but I also am soft af and love them all, but also Hansol because he’s a shy anime lover and tbh same

Send me a Kpop group and a number~


another meme i won’t finish | [2/5] favourite actresses: alicia amanda vikander

I vividly remember watching women in films when I was nine or ten, picturing them being what I’d be like as an adult. I had these real female crushes on certain actresses. And I’d watch them thinking, one day I’ll be that.
                 One day I’ll be a woman. (x)


(The top picture is the only super recent one tbh sorry) I’m Sarah and I’m a 16 year old gay little princess from the uk ✨ I love drag queens, writing, nature, and music. My favourite bands are The Front Bottoms, Modern Baseball, Catfish and The Bottlemen & Arctic Monkeys 🌻 I also play guitar, piano, and sing 😊 I feel slightly weird like I’m selling myself but at the end of the day I’m just a cute little indie gay and want to meet new cute people for friendship and possibly more 😇 stay cute and stay optimistic, and message me at; @wakeupbrave