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My beautiful, wonderful friend, @inacatastrophicmind sent me this! AND IT ARRIVED TODAY ON MY BIRTHDAY. I am crying this is so damn wonderful. I’m feeling so sick today and dfkahjgkadhg i’m sad that i’m sick. But this just omg. My mood has instantly brightened. I can’t believe you did this for me, i’m so touched and happy to know you and that you spent the time to do all this, im gonna cry again lmao. 

I’m keeping this forever. Everything. Confetti and all. Thank you so much, Mara. You’re the real gift here. Bless you /furiously squishes/

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OMG I requested the princess daughters :D I love them <3 Can I please request something for them as teenagers? They are so sweet!

Ah, I’m so glad you loved them as tiny tots- and thanks for coming back for more LOL! <3 Sorry it took so long to get back to you btw- I didn’t realise how many request were flowing through and I just lost track of it all and… well yeah anyways, here it is! :D Also, since writing those, I have established my own OC as Cor’s daughter called ‘Kari Leonis’ xD So that will be the name that I use in the Cor drabble (which by the way, got out of hand which explains the length of it)! :) Here’s the link to the princess daughters if ya’ll haven’t checked that out yet!

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Cor: Cor frowned at his daughter- well, not at his daughter per say… it was more her outfit that was the problem. Kari stopped in her tracks, looked down at her clothes, and then proceeded to heave a dramatic sigh of exasperation.

“Papa… I am not changing into something else. I’m going out on a DATE for Six’s sake! I can’t wear my uniform out-”

“It’s Gladio, he’ll understand.” Cor cut in, his voice a deadpan as he lifted his cup of tea and sipped at it. His steel blue eyes bore into his daughter’s own striking eyes with intensity and authority, but Kari stared right back with defiance.

“You’re being so uncool right now!” Kari rolled her eyes at her father and walked towards the fruit bowl to grab an apple for the road. Cor’s eyes trailed up and down in a critical manner over his precious princess’ outfit, and he couldn’t help but snort slightly. This drew Kari’s annoyed attention. “Oh my Six, what?!”

Cor shook his head, amused. “Nothing. Just… I know you. You’re going to be wishing you wore some pants outside. You can’t stand the cold and you’re wearing a skirt. And sandals? Not practical dear. Also, that blouse is not going to keep you warm- did you pack a cardigan into that small clutch of yours or…?” Cor trailed off, fully grinning now at his extremely annoyed fifteen year old daughter. Kari groaned loudly, before gazing down at her outside and letting out a short scream of frustration.

She immediately turned on her heel, throwing the apple directly at the legendary marshal’s head (which he caught, obviously), before darting up the stairs of their modest home towards her room. Cor couldn’t help but chuckle at his daughter’s cute antics- why was she trying so hard to impress Gladio? He’d already seen her at her worst when she had yelled rather scarily at Noctis in the Citadel one day for stealing her phone and running off with it in jest- the prince had been reduced to tears and apparently Gladio found that attractive at the time. Go figure…

Kari soon came down the stairs, wearing a simple ensemble consisting of dark blue skinny jeans, high-top leather boots, a simple white tank top and a studded leather jacket. Cor nodded in approval, taking a sip of his now cool tea. “Much better Kari.”

“Shut up Immortal.” Kari seethed, before softening her features when she detected her father’s expression change slightly from amused to hurt in a matter of a short moment. Kari shook her head and sighed, feeling embarrassed and terrible at the same time. Her temper… she’d inherited that from her mother. Cor loved that about his daughter, but there were times when she crossed the line and said things that really hit him where it hurt.

“You should go now. Gladio’s waiting.” Cor spoke up, his voice level and low. He stared at his daughter with an impartial expression on his face. Kari’s face immediately fell as she realised she screwed up. Immediately, Cor’s little princess fished her phone out of her back pocket and sent a text to someone. She looked up from her phone with a sorry smile on her face before taking a seat on the dining table right next to her papa. Cor regarded her with a raised eyebrow. “What? Go. You’ll be late.”

“I told him I’ll meet him some other time. Sorry papa, I didn’t mean to bring that up…” Kari trailed off, her breath hitching as her shoulders shook. Cor sighed and let his own shoulders slump at the sight of his sweet daughter breaking down beside him. Wary of the studs on her leather jacket, Cor wrapped his strong arms around his baby girl and pulled her into his chest as she wept sorrowfully at the thought of hurting her one and only papa.

“It’s okay sweet heart. I know you didn’t.” Cor pressed his lips to the top of Kari’s head and pulled her closer into his chest. Kari sighed as she breathed in the familiar scent of her father, and she smiled through her tears.

“I’m so mean to you papa.”

“No you’re not. You’re just going through puberty.” Cor responded light heartedly. Kari snorted through her sobs in mirth before snuggling into her father’s warmth.

“I love you papa bear.”

Cor smiled, not having been called papa bear by his daughter since she was seven years old. “I love you too, my baby bear. Now… if you’re feeling better, you should probably go see Gladio. I hear he got paid yesterday and he wanted to take you to your favourite diner for some grub.” Kari’s eyes lit up as she pulled away and stared up at her father with wide eyes.

“Really?” she asked, excited. Cor smirked and nodded.

“Really. Get going now, before Gladio opts to take the boys out instead. I hear Noctis is fond of the fries there…”

Kari immediately bolted up, not forgetting to peck her father’s stubbled cheek, before racing out the door. Cor’s eyes landed on the fruit he’d caught from Kari’s projectile attack on him earlier.

She’d forgotten her apple.

Noctis: Noctis is the type of dad who spies on every little thing his teen daughter does because he’s worried about her welfare. She’s a real princess after all- who knew what kinds of shady characters were hanging around her, trying to use her to get into a role of power and influence amongst the Lucian Royal Guard. Noctis hides behind pillars, watching his daughter interact with the people of the palace, as well as visiting dignitaries. He often gets caught by his Queen, who merely rolls her eyes at him and goes on about her own duties. After all, someone had to do the duties for the day and it sure wasn’t going to be Noctis given that he was pre-occupied with stalking his own daughter around the Citadel.

Noctis is also the type of dad who complains about how fast his daughter is growing up. There was one particular incident where the princess of Lucis had to wear some sheer pink lip gloss because the cold, cry winter had made her lips dry and chapped. The moment Noctis had seem the simple balm on her pink lips, he had lost it and begun an unofficial inquiry around the Citadel asking for information about who exactly was the one who had supplied his precious baby girl with makeup at the tender age of fourteen. The Queen had been the one to diffuse the situation, quite literally by throwing her glass of water in the King’s face during lunch.

“Your majesty, shut the hell up. I gave her the lip gloss- she felt uncomfortable because of her chapped lips so I lent her mine!” Noctis had been quiet after that, but he was still concerned. Especially when he spied one of the youngsters in his Glaive eying his baby girl as she walked by in her simple black gown, her lips glossy and pretty and pink.

That night, Noctis wept into his pillow because he was beginning to realise that he wasn’t going to be able to protect and oversee his baby girl’s movements and activities forever. Some lucky horn dog was going to win her over and he would just be the guy who was once the man his princess adamantly insisted would be her husband.

That title… would soon be passed on to someone else. And that very thought, was terribly depressing.

Prompto: When Prompto’s daughter was little, he didn’t mind dressing up for her pretend tea parties with all her god sisters. As a matter of fact, he had revelled in those moments. Those were precious times where his baby girl would giggle and scream in delight at his silly antics, and those loud cries of joys still remain in his heart, even in the present as he laid a fancy table out in his quaint back yard full of Ignis’ baking and other goodies. His daughter had requested a real tea party as a rite of passage, much like her other god sisters, for her fourteenth birthday.

While Prompto was of a common background, Noctis and the others had graciously lent him and his wife their own resources to make his daughter’s tea become a reality. Noctis had even offered the Citadel’s court yard as the tea’s venue, but Prompto had to say no to that. He wanted his baby girl’s birthday to take place at his own home where he had assumed she would be comfortable.

That was his first mistake.

“Daddy, Uncle Noctis called up and asked me to ask you if you were sure about not having my birthday in his gardens. Why did you say no in the first place? Everyone would have been so impressed!” Prompto sighed and shook his head, smiling softly at his daughter.

“That’s not our home sweet pea- this is.”

Prompto’s daughter huffed and rolled her eyes, breaking Prompto’s heart a little with her actions. “I wish it were my home… this place is a drag.”

The blond Crownsguard placed the last of Ignis’ sandwiches onto the table and turned to his daughter- still smiling. His wife looked on at Prompto with pity in her eyes- he was always smiling for his little girl. Even when there were times she didn’t seem to deserve it. She could be cruel, but it wasn’t her fault. She was just trying to fit in with the crowd she’d known her whole life. Unfortunately, that crowd was the Royal Family itself, and that meant that standards for teen girl life were inflated substantially.

Prompto and his significant other really tried their best for their daughter with what they had, but it sometimes felt like it wasn’t enough for their little girl. Prompto was alright with that- he somehow understood. He knew that it wasn’t actually his little girl being difficult- she just didn’t want to be so different from her childhood friends.

The blond father hated taking help from Noctis for things to do with finance and providing his daughter with what she wanted. Prompto felt like everything given to his daughter should be within his capacity to provide… but his capacity to provide didn’t quite sate his girl’s wants. And that broke his heart- he felt like he’d failed.

The tea party had gone fine, despite that small fall-out between father and daughter earlier in the day. The girls had all come by, gushed about his daughter’s small garden that she had kept since she was a little girl, and they all enjoyed Ignis’ five-star tea food. When everyone had left, and all good byes were said, Prompto found himself tucking his daughter into bed. She always insisted he did because despite being grown-up and independent, she was still afraid of the dark, and of the monsters that were said to lurk in the dark not so long ago.

Pressing a kiss to his precious girl’s forehead and then cheek, Prompto smiled yet again at his baby. She smiled back up at him, albeit a little sadly.

“Daddy… you don’t have to smile all the time. Especially when I make you sad. I’m really sorry Daddy. I love you and you’re the best Daddy I could ever hope to have. I’m older now so I’ll try to be more understanding and appreciative of all the stuff you do for me. I love you so much Daddy.”

Prompto grinned at his daughter’s words.

“For you, I’ll smile no matter what because from the moment you came into my life, you became my darling sunshine and you’ll always be my sunshine no matter how bratty you get. Now go to bed, you must be pooped.” Prompto’s teen daughter giggled and snuggled into her covers with a content sigh.

“Thanks Daddy. Nighty night.”

Prompto’s sky blue eyes glazed over as he was overwhelmed by love for his precious baby girl. “Nighty night sweet heart.”

Gladio: Gladio frowned at the boy sitting opposite him at his dining table. He ignored his fifteen year old daughter’s sharp elbow digging into his side as he stared down his daughter’s so-called-boyfriend with hard amber eyes. The boy was visibly covering, but he still maintained eye contact with the King’s Shield. That was a good sign.

“So, boy- what are your intentions with my daughter?” Gladio started off strong with his interrogation. He ignored the gasp and hard slap from his daughter on his bicep, staring straight at the young man who as opening his mouth hesitantly to speak. He looked like a bean pole. There was no way he was good enough for his daughter. No way…

“My name is Angus-” the boy began, only to be waved off by Gladio.

“I don’t want your life story, I want to know what you’re doing to my daughter. Are you banging her or something?” Gladio grunted as his daughter slapped him upside the head. Hard.

“DADDY YOU’RE EMBARRASSING ME!” she screeched, absolutely mortified. Gladio shook his head and shot a glare at his baby girl.

“No, sweet pea, I am protecting you.” Gladio corrected his girl before turning his gaze back towards the young man. He ignored his daughter’s frustrated groan and watched the young man sweat in his seat.

“Um… no, we’re virgins. Well, I am- I don’t know about her…” the boy trailed off, unsure. Gladio raised his eyebrows at the boy.

“Are you calling my daughter a slut?” Gladio deadpanned. The boy immediately spluttered and shook his head desperately to right his wrongs. Gladio didn’t notice and amused smirk on his daughter’s face at her boyfriend’s slip-up. Sure, she was embarrassed BUT the whole situation was pretty hilarious in her humble opinion. She sat back on her seat, resigned to having her boyfriend interrogated, and decided to just watch the proceedings.

“No sir, gods no! I just meant that the topic never even came up. We’ve been talking about other things because I advocate for abstinence sir. As a matter of fact, I think sex is gross!” Gladio almost laughed out loud at how desperately the boy was trying to gain his favour. The kid was alright. A little odd, but alright. Gladio leaned back and crossed his arms across his chest, mirroring his daughter’s posture unknowingly.

“What are you? Twelve? How could you think sex is gross? Sex is a man’s lifeblood. It’s our pride, my boy. If you’re gonna go my girl, she better enjoy herself.”

Gladio’s daughter gasped and slapped her father again, scandalised.


“What, you want to never experience a real orgasm in your life? Ask you mother, it’s probably the best thing she’s ever experienced in her life!” Gladio’s daughter made gagging noises and promptly stood from her seat and made her way around the table towards her terrified boyfriend.

“Come on Angus- this man is not normal. Let’s go have dinner elsewhere. I have an uncle who lives not far from here- Uncle Ignis might have some leftovers we could have or something…” As Gladio’s daughter pulled her boyfriend out of the house, Gladio smirked and called out after them.

“Hey- I’ll call your Uncle Ignis and have him give you guys ‘the talk’- he’s really good at it too! He has diagrams and videos and educational pamphlets about STIs. You’ll have a blast!”

The last thing Gladio heard before the front door shut closed was a frustrated scream from his baby girl. Gladio loved being a troll dad.

Ignis: It’s one in the morning when Ignis hears the front door open and shut gently. He hears his daughter’s tell-tale feet shuffling on the tiles in their home and he sighs in exasperation, pushing himself off the sofa he was idling on, waiting for her to arrive back home from her ‘date’. Ignis straightened himself before he cleared his throat loudly, earning a sharp gasp from his seventeen year old daughter.

“Papa… I didn’t know you were still awake,” Ignis hears his daughter’s uncharacteristically dull and sniffly voice call out to him from where she stood frozen near the front door. It was then that Ignis knew that something was up. There was something wrong with his daughter, and he wanted to know exactly what it was. Berating her for being late home past her curfew could wait till later.

“Dearest, how was your night?” Ignis asked, careful to make sure his voice didn’t sound accusing or harsh. A sharp sniffle from his daughter startled him slightly and he stumbled his way over to her trembling body, unable to see her, but feeling her distressed presence in the room.

Soon enough, Ignis had his arms protectively around his daughter’s frame and his precious girl absolutely melted against him, tired, broken and absolutely miserable. Ignis noted that her hair was tangled rather badly and smelled of cigarette smoke and alcohol. He didn’t ask though- he didn’t want to sound accusing.

He just wanted to know what had caused her so much distress. He wanted to know why his daughter was hurting so badly. And so he just ran his hand through her hair the best he could and patted her back as he rocked her side to side in his arms protectively until she calmed down enough to talk.

“Daddy… he was horrible. I said I didn’t want to go in that place but he said he’d only be in there for a minute so I followed him in. It was so disgusting and there were so many people in that place. They were all dancing on each other and there was so much drinking and smoking and it was horrible. And then he grabbed me from behind and he… he…” Ignis fought the urge to clench his fists as his daughter dissolved into another fit of tears. Vague as her explanations of the night were, Ignis got an ironically clear picture of what had gone down with his daughter and her good for nothing boyfriend.

“Did he touch you inappropriately? In a manner that hurt you? In a manner that warrants special attention from the Royal Guard?” Ignis whispered, absolutely seething as he gently soothed his daughter’s hair.

“No… I kicked him where it hurts and ran back home. I lost my shoes on the way but… I’m safe now. I don’t ever want to see that man again.” Ignis’ darling daughter cried quietly. Ignis nodded and sighed into her matted hair.

“You won’t have to see him again. I promise you. And well done- you did good sweet heart. Now, let me check your feet for any injuries.”

As Ignis ran his fingers gently on the delicate skin of his daughter’s feet, he was overcome with wonder at just how grown up she was. His daughter couldn’t hold back a small giggle at the ticklish feeling on her feet, and Ignis was relieved to know that some things still remained the same.

He gently massaged his daughter’s sore feet with his hands and leaned down to press kisses adoringly on the feet he used to kiss playfully when his daughter was still a little baby. The young female Scientia gasped and pulled her feet away, laughing in embarrassment.

“Papa, I’m too old for that now!” she cried out quietly. Ignis smiled and shook his head, patting his daughter’s calf in acknowledgement.

“I know- it’s a shame. You used to scream in delight when I did that- you were such a cute baby. You’ll always be my cute baby. And I’ll always protect you- even with my disability.” Silence met Ignis’ ears before he heard his daughter shuffle towards him on the sofa the y had re-located to. He felt her place her arms around his waist and he returned her hug gently.

“Thank you papa. I love you.”

Ignis nodded into his beautiful daughter’s matted hair and sighed. “I love you too sweet pea. Off to bed now- my lecture on the importance of punctuality can wait till the morning.”

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what's your favorite season and food(s)? :)

@veryhappyvegan omg an ask from you?!?! omg omg!!!

uhh favourite season would probably be anything but winter haha! I love spring, summer, and fall all for different reasons. I guess if I had to choose probably fall because of the pretty colours and apple picking! 

Favourite foods? Literally anything unhealthy and vegan haha vegan chikin burger or poutine or donuts or mac and cheeze or deep fried anything lmao Doomies is a very dangerous place for someone like me hahaha.

THE ROYALS SENTENCE STARTERS ( contains spoilers )

S03E01  →  ‘ Together With Remembrance of Ourselves ’

  • ______, you hideous little snake. Open the door.
  • I thought I smelled you — the Queen’s personal bouquet of spite and vagina.
  • Long live King/Queen ______!
  • Maybe I could arrange a little service call for Your Majesty.
  • The people decided and justice was served.
  • Is this a bad time to talk, or should I text you?
  • You can endorse condoms, or lubricant. Perhaps a firearm.
  • Your Majesty, the pig has left the pen.
  • This place is weird.
  • Whatever you’re doing, I’m here you know?
  • Don’t freeze me out, you dork.
  • I’m holding /you/ responsible.
  • Is this what passes for romance these days?
  • Well, you can’t spell passion without ‘ass’ can you?
  • That smells like a whore house the next morning, and one of the whores has a yeast infection.
  • Well, I’m not their role model or their personal stylist. I just do what I do, and they should, too.
  • People look up to you. They like your style, your confidence.
  • I’m not that confident.
  •  I’ve decided to forgive you.
  • Have some Froot Loops. They’re the gateway drug to Apple Jacks.
  • You really are a hideous little backstabber, aren’t you?
  • No, I’m more than happy to stab you in the front.
  • Jeez, if looks could kill, you’d be your mother.
  • Unzip me.
  • I suppose I should ask you in advance if there’s anything you won’t do, anything you dislike.
  • I’m at Your Majesty’s pleasure.
  • I like a take charge sort of guy/girl — rough me up a bit, don’t be shy.
  • Hiding below ground like vermin. Appropriate.
  • This is the home of the Royal family, for Christ’s sake. How is it that people just gallivant about as if it’s a god damn free for all?
  • I’m the King/Queen of England. I don’t do my own wet work.
  • Every man has their price.
  • I didn’t bring you here to strike a deal. I brought you here to poison you.
  • But you got dressed, waited for me to ask you out — which I did — and now you’re telling me that you have plans?
  • “ Don’t give up on me.
  • I won’t. Ever.
  • It’s not everyday that royalty greets you with their presence, even if they do look like shit.
  • You should see the other guy.
  • Clothes are life. Clothes, shoes, bags, makeup — it’s all life.
  • People like you, Princess/Prince. People like you and… so do I.
  • So, a pack of wild dogs dragged you through the streets? That’s what you’re going with?
  • I thought about you a lot, and I should have done more for you.

It was really fun omg even if I’m not really happy with the result but hey I had a good time ♡

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